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Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: abortion, gender, health, humor, integrity, psychological,

From Where We Stand

If only men could give birth to a child,
do you think and feel
early-term abortions
for healthy sustainable financial reasons
would continue to catalyze RightWing resistance?

If the Second Amendment were only for women
to own guns for hunting
and self-protection
primarily from men,
do you think and feel
banning military automated weaponry
and even the elegant hand gun
for domestic use
would rally patriotic protectors
of uncompromised and unregulated
freedom of autonomous choice gun sales?

Why yes?
And why not so much?

Poem Details | by Aaron Butcher |
Categories: abortion, adventure, friend, humor, people, simple,

I Decide

Wait, I'm going to slip by what you begin to feel. 
On one page, 2 pages,  on every word I deal. 
It's true I'm the sort that most despise, 
but believe me when I tell you that sh*t is all a guise. 
I've always let those who know me see one thing, 
I promise you I play the fool, while I let you be the king. 
The fact that missed and totally misconstrued. 
Is that this little pawn, is the reason you can be you. 
At any time I truly wish to chime in, 
Is the time I decide instead of mine, your mind will bend.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: abortion, food, humor, jewish,

Cook Me up a Jewish Dish

    Matzo ball soup, gefilte fish
      cook me up a Jewish dish
    Kneidels and kreplach, knishes too
      a bissele Chinese, egg yong foo… 

    Chopped liver and herring
      and if you’re so daring
    Grind the horseradish to bits
      serve mit red onion shpritz

    Nisht fargessen dessert
      rugelach and torts
    Roe v. Wade’s overturned ~
      it's kosher to abort