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Check out these funny and hilarious poems that will make you laugh and make you smile. These are some of the best verses on the web full of humor. Everyone knows that amusement and laughter are fitting for the soul, and many famous poets have incorporated these elements into their famous funny poems. Humorous poems exude smartness, ingenuity, and sometimes sarcasm to keep readers chuckling or laughing out loud. There are certain types of poems like limericks, irony, and rhymes that many funny famous poets like Kenn Nesbitt, Shel Silverstein, Ogden Nash, and Edward Lear used to keep readers amused. If you need a good laugh, check out these poems.

Funny Famous Poets

William Shakespeare - Funny Poet
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Langston Hughes - Funny Poet
Shel Silverstein - Funny Poet
Rudyard Kipling - Funny Poet
Ogden Nash - Funny Poet
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John Keats - Funny Poet
Mark Twain - Funny Poet
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Dorothy Parker - Funny Poet
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Kenn Nesbitt - Funny Poet
Dr. Seuss - Funny Poet
Ivor Cutler - Funny Poet
Robert Graves - Funny Poet
Jonathan Swift - Funny Poet
Eugene Field - Funny Poet
Alan Alexander (A A) Milne - Funny Poet
Jan Twardowski - Funny Poet
Jean Paul - Funny Poet
Avraham Shlonsky - Funny Poet
Gelett Burgess - Funny Poet
George Bradley - Funny Poet
Baltasar del Alcázar - Funny Poet

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Humor and Poems

People like rhythm, rhyme, and laughing. Therefore, incorporating a sense of humor within your poem is often seen as an indication of having desirable personality traits. After all, the best poetic medicine is laughter.

Usually, when writing a poem, you write about your personal stories, and in every chapter, the stories are somber. Thus, writing a funny poem is a great way of cheering up somebody and some of the tips to help you in doing this are;

Subject – It is necessary to base your poem around a story as this ensures there exists one primary objective, and it flows. Typically, when writing a funny poem, you need to include something comical that you experienced. Additionally, you can choose to write about a place, situation, person, or thing that is hilarious. Therefore, it is not essential that you have a plot to show why something is humorous.

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Parody – This is when a current story or other material piece is made hilarious by changing its language but still maintaining how it has been written. It is a remarkable technique which you need to practice as it will undoubtedly broaden your kills of writing poetry. For instance, you can decide to make use of any of Shakespeare’s poems if you intend to use a similar rhyme scheme but integrate modern-day as well as comical words to convey your story.

Hyperbole – Making use of exaggeration and hyperbole is another excellent technique of making your poem more comical. These vivid and over-the-top descriptions are a fantastic technique to include in your poem’s rhythm.

Language – Funny words have consequently resulted in entertaining stories. Thus, you should think of phrases, words, references, pop-culture, sounds, and rhymes which make you chuckle. Likewise, do not hesitate to make use of repetition to achieve a more comedic effect and make your poem tongue-twisty or entertaining to read aloud.

Power Poetry – It is crucial that you enjoy yourself while writing your poem plus feel free to utilize your creativity. Therefore, you need to become adventurous, imaginative and ludicrous.

The Importance of Laughter

It Help You Keep Things in Perspective

Laughter helps you transcend yourself, which is vital if you might frequently take yourself too seriously. Usually, there stands a risk of you taking yourself, your life, as well as your beliefs too seriously.

Laugher Assists You in Remaining Positive

Laughter is a useful tool for ensuring your troubles are in perspective, thereby allowing you to realize things are not as bad as you think they are. Also, even when the matter turns out to be serious as we expected, laughter helps you create positive emotions and mind frame that allows you to handle the struggles of life. Whereas it does not solve any of your problems permanently, it does makes things, at least for a specific duration, more acceptable. Therefore, this eases your tension and polishes your concentration ability.

It Makes You Healthier

According to scientists, laughter, joy, and humor are all essential components of life. It is because it subsequently lowers stress hormones, reduces blood pressure, as well as increases muscle flexion. Furthermore, it results in an increase in the circulation of antibodies within the bloodstream hence making you more resistant to illness.

Humor Touches the Soul

Whereas laughter is physically good for you, it also is beneficial to the soul as it includes holiness within it. Typically, laughter makes you closer to others, and the coming together of people has something holy in it. Therefore, it does offer us a moment of grace because t happens unexpectedly and spontaneously.

Laughter is Loving

By being able to laugh at your mistake and those of others, it shows your acceptance as imperfect and flawed. Thus, by welcoming good-natured humor, you find humility, thereby see the stupidity of attempting to be perfect and the gift of enjoying loving laughter and smiles.

Funny: A Definition (What does it mean)

It means the ability to cause laughter.

Common Types of Humor

Slapstick or Physical

It is a type of humor which involves physicality and typically entails things likes funny facial expressions, mimes, clowns as well as someone tripping.


It is a type of humor which stand-up comedians often use by making themselves the target of their jokes and are subsequently rewarded with laughs. Additionally, this type of humor has further been popularized over the internet, especially with memes.


It is a kind of humor which incorporates illogical events, nonsensical themes, absurd situations plus can be somewhat weird. Likewise, it is plain silly.


It is a comedy which does not have a plan, and the individual makes ups these jokes on the spontaneously, thus making this comedy style impressive if appropriately done and funnier.


It typically is a play on words, and it entails the twisting of language around with hilarious outcomes. Pun falls into this category.


It is a type of humor which basis its jokes around trends or events. This kind of humor requires the comedian to have a comprehensive knowledge of daily events around the world such as pop culture and elections and the talent of incorporating a funny twist on it.


It is the kind of humor which has the capability of poking fun at everyday life.


It is the type of humor which deals with everything from fart jokes or other bodily functions. This divisive form of humor is usually popular among teenagers and men.


It is a style of humor which integrates some depressing and dark underlying themes but goes on and throws some unusual or comical situations in this particular setting.

Humor and Mental Health (Stress, Depression)

An individual with the ability to create a hilarious perspective is better placed to psychologically distance themselves from feelings of anxiety, depression, or being overwhelmed. Usually, humor can diffuse conflicts and difficult feelings when lifting the moods of an individual.

Humor plays a vital role in developing as well as maintaining positive feelings. Usually, sharing humor with friends and family, plus keeping a hilarious mentality in life makes your everyday struggles much easier and prevents the escalation of depression.

Humor does have immediate health benefits as it stops distressing emotions like anger, anxiety, and sadness. It, therefore, acts as an excellent coping mechanism to prevent tension build up as well as to relieve stress. It is because laughter results in a fall in cortisol, a stress hormone, thereby causing an improvement in your mental health.

Likewise, humor can alter your perspective when encountering different scenarios, thereby making things appear less threatening or severe.