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Poem Details | by TheKidster, Billy |
Categories: funny,

Funny Category

I will never categorise any of my poetry,
under the category of "funny," 
well, maybe this once only,
since the poem title is "Funny Category". 
To do so would feel way too presumptuous of me.
One person's disdain could very well be,
another's most hysterically funny.

Poem Details | by Sarvida, Hugo |
Categories: happiness, humor, life, literature, love, woman,

How My Eyes Condemned By My Heart


In this solitude cold morning, 
I see you in stripe. 
With umbrella atop your head
And a pocketful of your hand, 
You walk gracefully with filmed legs. 
My two eyes were deep and mumble
My skin was warm against the cold wind. 
Then, you're nearing towards me
I just look to the horizon
When you smile. 
Time, you're passing by
I just close my eyes and imagine, 
That my eyes condemned by my heart. 

Poem Details | by Salmonson, Jessica Amanda |
Categories: car, happiness, humor, philosophy, silly, travel, words,


I wander and ponder
And couldn't be fonder
Of things I've seen yonder
Driving in my Honder.

Poem Details | by ALLISON, JAN |
Categories: baby, humorous,

WTF - not for contest

When Trudy Tickle gave birth to a girl I was shocked at the name, I confess She’s named after Trudy’s best friend The poor baby has been christened Tess! 06/08/23

Poem Details | by lawless, John |
Categories: humor, poetry, writing,

Oh, You little Senryu, you

Oh, you little Senryu, you
You mock the moment
Of the Haiku

Here’s a challenge
I dare with you
Try to write a Tanka too

When writing Haiku
Take a break
For all that counting
Makes the fingers ache

The answers are all overdue
As to what it is
The Senryu knew

Of syllables 
Of mythic mirth
Of those who walk
Upon the earth

So I shall continue
In my quest
For poetry
Ain’t no pass/fail test

John G. Lawless

Poem Details | by Rigoler, Maurice |
Categories: humor,

A Second Chance

People willing to give life a second try
are toying with double jeopardy.

Poem Details | by Rigoler, Maurice |
Categories: humor,

The Real Dumb Animal

I talk to my dog as much as I talk to myself –
the difference is that my dog listens to what I say.
It’s taken years but I now realize who 
is the real dumb animal.

Poem Details | by Rigoler, Maurice |
Categories: humor,

Dante would approve

The most suitable punishment 
with a Dantean twist 
for any scatologist –
if you think about it 
is having him eat his own s---!

Poem Details | by Rigoler, Maurice |
Categories: dark, humor,

Going Down in History

It’s certain Donald Trump will go 
down in history – that much I do know.
Better still if it’s through a trap door 
under his feet on a scaffold’s floor.

Poem Details | by Rigoler, Maurice |
Categories: humor,

The Cynics Wisdom

Life would be so much better 
if we didn’t live so long,
for living longer than shorter
our miseries only prolong.

Poem Details | by Wolf, Gershon |
Categories: anger, body, food, giggle, humor,

Angry Buns

  I watched 'Buns of Steel'
  'cos I wanted the real deal

    Did all the exercises
    Brooked no compromises

  But when I sneaked a little feel
  My hot cross buns began to peel

Poem Details | by Wolf, Gershon |
Categories: cute, giggle, world,

Which Way is It

  They say the world is upside down
    North is South and South is North
  I say it's more like East meets West
    'cos when they say it's upside down
       ~ they're walking back and forth

Poem Details | by Wolf, Gershon |
Categories: celebration, celebrity, food, humorous, satire,

At the Vegetable Pride Parade

  Celebrity Carrots shook hands with onlookers
    Barrel-chested Beets beat their chests like bass drums
  Soft-spoken Celery Sticks whispered soliloquies
    Mild-mannered Mushrooms spun themselves silly

           At the Vegetable Pride Parade
           Not even legumes left behind
           Rootin'-tootin' Green Beans
            ~ by blaring trumpets designed

Poem Details | by Hinshaw, Robert L. |
Categories: dance, humorous,

Heather's Feather

There was once a hot dancer named Heather

   Who for her act wore just a huge feather

      She fumbled her prop one night

         And much to her fan's delight

            Fled from the stage in her altogether

Poem Details | by Core, Soft |
Categories: forgiveness, fun, funny, funny love, games, humor, humorous,


Mujhay Lollipoop pasand hai,
Bhai tumhain kia pasand hai?
Note.Goli ya phir injection???

Poem Details | by Goldsmith, Paula |
Categories: best friend, celebration, day, humor, race, uplifting, work,

Working Towards Friday

Working day to day
Towards the end of the week
Friday's my best friend.
Date Written: 6/6/2023

Poem Details | by Rodrigues, Kim |
Categories: angst, humor,

and thats the truth

what’s my sign what a fool ‘kick my behind’ they thought me a tool scalped by the scalpel forsooth the sore truth the eyesore galoot the prophecy foretold as they pinned the tail-on-the-donkey hee haw the jokes on them as i was peeved they were pie’d this fool ain’t no fool fee-fi-fo-fum i one-upped ‘em as Edith Ann* rocks in her rocker with a raspberry roast “…and that’s the truth”* 6/6/2023
Edith Ann character of comedienne Lily Tomlin

Poem Details | by Singular, Bachelor |
Categories: betrayal, fire, humor, humorous, pashto, people, psychological,


Sab log apna apna bund bachao,
Gooli tekay ka koi bharosa NAHI,
Kab Kahan kis bund mein ghusay.
Note.apna apna diggi safe karo...

Poem Details | by Singular, Bachelor |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, hindi, humor, humorous, silly,


Ay kaash Mera bhi koi ashyana hota,,
Me bhi Zafar Khan ki Tarah sayana hota.
Note.zindagi ka Maza to kathay me hai..

Poem Details | by Singular, Bachelor |
Categories: funny love, i love you, i miss you, mental health, mental illness, nonsense, psychological,


Meri jaan Oyee Meri jaan,
Kaisay Bhool jaon wo din?
Zindagi kesay katon Tere bin?
(Judai or chudai me chay ka farq hai)
I miss you so much & love you too2...

Poem Details | by Flood, Terry |
Categories: humorous,

Yus M-lady

Yus M’Lady 

M’lud swung on the chandelier but then the roof caved in
The rubble all but buried him and came up to his chin
He said, ‘Can we abstain tonight?’ and flashed a noble grin
M’Lady said, ‘You get some rest… I’ll call the butler in.’

Poem Details | by Wise, Michael |
Categories: food, funny, humorous,

Ode To A Bagel With Cream Cheese

O delicacy born of
some cow's milk and dough
when toasted for breakfast
how I love you so

Whether topped with onions
or sesame seeds
or nothing at all
you fill all my needs

With texture from Heaven
the crunch and the cream
Mere toast cannot rival
this flavorful dream

Compared to your shapely
and sensuous curves
I'd never look twice
at a tray of hors d'oeuvres

You've stolen my heart
by now you must know
O bagel with cream cheese
how I love you so

© Mike Wise

Poem Details | by Singular, Bachelor |
Categories: cry, drink, drug, fun, funny, funny love, word play,


Bhai apna thermometer meri bagal me varu,
Check kar kay batao kitna bukhar hai 100??

Poem Details | by Singular, Bachelor |
Categories: abuse, fun, funny, nonsense, silly, sin, violence,

Bullet Babu

Bullet Babu Yaar aik sawal pochna hai kafi dair say ye sawal mujhay pareshan
kar raha hai tumhara kafi experience hai tum mujhay batao Ye Bullet or topa
Dik Head ye dono andar kyun ghustay hain andar ghusnay ka vajah kya hai?
Note.Sahi jawab dainay walay ko inam me lolipop milay ga prize is lolipop.

Poem Details | by Wolf, Gershon |
Categories: giggle, language, marriage, trust,

Forever Trusty

  Annie thought Ben would be forever trusty
    But Ben hain't been married nigh on two year now
       ~ 'haps he's jist a bit rusty

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