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Poem Details | by Kiser, M. L. |
Categories: animal, cat, fun, humor, nature, poems, poetry,

We Are Cats; We Are Tabbies

We are cats,
we are tabbies;
chasing bats
through alleys.
Shadows alight
on full moon nights;
blending in with the black
we power-attack.
Yet our purpose, or course,
to connect with our source;
we help create balance,
while we entrance.
We are cats,
we are tabbies;
though like rats,
a bit shabby.
We do our dark duties;
you can kiss our patooties 
and if you’re anti-feral,
you’ll end up in rat peril.

Poem Details | by Tumanov, Vladimir |
Categories: animal, funny love, love, marriage, princess,

Snog Frog

To snag a prince, ambitious ladies
bet all their money on a snog
but as a rule they end up getting...
a frog.

Poem Details | by Sinha-Roy, Subimal |
Categories: adventure, analogy, humorous,

Curtailed Melody Croaked

There lived in bog a frog who was aloof,
croaked string music, his clan called him a goof.
Plunged in deep water for prey,
swam struggling, kept risk at bay,
seeing his friend, the fiddler on the roof.

The frog ate the prey, swam back steadily,
the fiddler strummed strings for him zestfully.
Lost balance, from roof he fell,
his forearm broke like eggshell.
The frog croaked his friend’s curtailed melody.


January 27, 2023
Syllable count : 10/10/7/7/10 (HMS)
Contest : The Fiddler And The Frog
Sponsored by : Craig Cornish

Poem Details | by Goldsmith, Paula |
Categories: friend, humor, music, night, song, star, voice,

The Fiddler and The Frog

The bow would let out a groan
the big green frog sang baritone
we had great home cooked food
with stars for the best mood
heavenly nights at the lily pad zone

Mr. Cricket the fiddler would play
on the lily pad by the bay
here we made a great friend
friends until the very end
how about another round Jay

Date Written:1/26/2023
Double Limerick

Poem Details | by Messina, Charles |
Categories: humorous,

Get Out Of My Face

Get out of my face, I holler 
Leave me alone, I scream 
Like spectators in a darkened arena 
Like a colony of ants 
Like stars in black 
Like overgrown grass, dead 
Like sand like coal 
Get out of my face... 

Poem Details | by Wolf, Gershon |
Categories: america, humor, patriotic, satire,

Pre-Game Ceremony

  The country's gone to pot
    Our politics is rot
  The climate is too hot
    United we are not

        PLAY BALL!

Poem Details | by pachecho, connie |
Categories: cute, humor,

The Lovely Women From France

The Lovely Women From France

The closest he got to France is from a broad
She said if he saw her home, he would be awed
Now their first date was just  fine
And yes he swallowed that line
Until she stoked  the Effiel Tower's facade 

connie pachecho 


Poem Details | by farihaa, farihaa |
Categories: 10th grade, fruit, fun, funny, joy, sweet, winter,



My dish
Yummy tasty
Need more

One more
One more
One more

So sweet
One more !

Poem Details | by Breese, Richard |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, fun, giggle, humor, jealousy, jobs,

fitters local

rawlin gosneys working fame
brought woodworkers daily shame
till census taken
one morning bacon
found his limbs joined to a frame

Poem Details | by Wolf, Gershon |
Categories: animal, cute, giggle,

Rodent for Sale

  When I chance upon a lone squirrel
    The vibe hardly approaches a thrill

  You think he's cute, waving his bushy tail
    Congratulations! Here's your rodent for sale

Poem Details | by Gorelick, Robert |
Categories: humor,

Taken For Granite

Good ol' dependable, hardworking Janet
Is shunned like a rock from an alien planet
With a heart of pure gold
She's a gem to behold
And will no longer be taken for granite


Poem Details | by Fowler, Linda Alice |
Categories: funny, silly, word play, words,

Needlework Footles


scratch mine
scratch thine

Straight Stitch


French Knot

tongue tied

Satin Stitch


Feather Stitch


Slip Stitch


Fly Stitch

Help me!
Help me!

Couching Stitch

stick in
the mud

Blanket Stitch


Poem Details | by cornish, craig |
Categories: humorous,

The Fiddler and the Frog

The fiddler arrived
with a wry froggy grin,
and the party was born
in the dance of the bow
'cross the taut and the tuned
through the shivers of time.

The lilly pads waltzed 
and the cattails all swayed
in a dream where the revelers
hopped the morning away,
while croaking the words
to their favorite song ~~

The bulls croaked their "jug o' rums",
and the tree frogs their "ribbits"
in chirruping glee until night
    became dawn...

Poem Details | by Draper, Julie |
Categories: humor,

Lost my Marbles

I seem to have lost my marbles 
I've looked high and low
Now I'm in a panic... 
Where did my marbles go? 

It wasn't very long ago 
That I thought I was switched on 
But I dropped the bag 
And now they have all gone 

I'm anxious to retrieve them 
If you see them let me know 
My marbles are important 
I'll reward a lot of dough 

What's that you say? 
A big reward I'd give to you? 
Have I lost my mind? 
Well... yes, I have - it's true! 

Poem Details | by Ward, Daisy |
Categories: humor,


In life he had lots of rued
That put him in a very bad mood
He hated others
Even his own brothers
It caused his life to be screwed

Poem Details | by Ward, Daisy |
Categories: humor,


In church he longed for the rood
Which forced him to act so rude
The crucifix he wants
In his thoughts he flaunts
To escape and not be pursued

Poem Details | by Hubbert, Courtney |
Categories: 1st grade, animal, childhood, cute, funny, humorous, nostalgia,

The Teeny Weeny Arachnid

The teeny weeny arachnid crawled up my dingy wall. Little did he know this would turn into a brawl. Then I grabbed a shoe held it high above my head. And the teeny weeny arachnid is now officially dead. *Nearly two years ago, on April 2, 2021, I decided to try ’30 days of poetry.’ This was day two and the prompt was: Read a nursery rhyme poem and make it your own. I was inspired by “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and decided to change the words to this childhood classic and make it a fractured nursery rhyme.

Poem Details | by Ibeh, Edward |
Categories: encouraging, feelings, humor, poetry,

How Do You Feel

               Uninvited, yet I came.
            How do you feel about it?
          'Tis payback, after all, YOU...
              Crashed my own party.

 Damn good, yet, you were picked last.
            How do you feel about it?
                Not taken seriously?
            You prove 'em all wrong!

      You've just been judged unfairly.
        No need to ask how you feel;
        A diamond shines within you.
            Keep your head up high!

How Do You Feel Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Mystic Rose Rose.
Date written: 01/23/23

Poem Details | by Fowler, Linda Alice |
Categories: cute, fun, funny, lost, lost love, love, valentines day,

Broken Bow

Cupid’s bow broken
	unrequited affection ~
		better luck next year

23 January 2023
Sponsored by Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Radice, Gary |
Categories: february, humorous, valentines day,

A Poem For February

I'd like to thank a roman priest
who died in two six nine
as he's the reason centuries on
we now have valentine

I like the verses on his cards
and how for just one day
he writes nice things about my wife
that I sign anyway
but I like his chocolate best of all
as it melts away the thought
of last month's resolutions and
that gym pass that I bought.

Poem Details | by Pathak, Aniruddha |
Categories: cat, humor,

She came in life, bend I had to

Not my wont to yield to others,
But understand her I had to.

A few things are not in one’s hand,
Tend to this pushy friend I’d to.

She came as if from nowhere land,
Made me mend my ways, and I’d to.

Lead of my band, I’d walked my ways,
But the way she wend I had to.

I never liked cats in my life,
On seeing her bend I had to.
Ghazal |25.01.2023| humour, she
Poet’s note: When a pussy cat became a pushy pat in my house.

Poem Details | by Ireland, Terry |
Categories: culture, humor, irony,


the aliens landed 
at half past three
right in the midst 
of day time tv
after viewing for two of hours
in rising dismay
they cancelled the invasion 
and went on their way
they marked earth on their charts
not worth the strife
no longer supports 
any sapient life

Poem Details | by Fowler, Linda Alice |
Categories: animal, cute, fun, humor, humorous, nonsense, silly,

Fiddler and Frog

the Fiddler played and sang a tune
all the while the sun became moon
	Sir Frog was dancing
	and sometimes prancing
but then the music died too soon

“Fiddler,” cried Frog, “why do you stop?
I’m still in mindful mood to hop!”
	Fiddler said, “Sir Frog,
	bring me honey grog
and I’ll play the night till you drop!”

22 January 2023
The Fiddler and the Frog Poetry Contest
Sponsored by craig cornish

Poem Details | by Spilchuk, Dennis |
Categories: food, history, humor, mythology,

Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean Salad

As I gaze upon the picture hanging on the wall,
of the Parthenon on Mount Olympia of long ago,
where history was made and mythology took roots
(and phalanx of hoplites conquered the known world)
while the gods ruled from the mountain top;
and bellowed obscenities from their mouths
and threw down lightning bolts upon the shepherds
and their flocks, non-stop, and I thought;
it must have been a relief to feel the breeze off the sea,
and to sit down and eat in peace,
a Mediterranean Salad with succulent sardines.

Poem Details | by Ireland, Terry |
Categories: humor,


I’m a new style hell's angel
I hate motor bykes
I tear up the town on my new
Souped up electric tryke
Burning up the pavements 
Finding litter bins 
Ands when no ones looking 
Putting rubbish in.
I don’t wear dirty leather
It’s so hard on my skin
And I aways smear the best
Aftershave on my chin
And I don't go with women
That just aint my way
For to tell the truth 
This angel's very gay.

I guess I’m just a rebel
Way ahead of the rest
But for a retiring chap 
I think my way’s the best
I’ll never lead the pack
Never wear the full kit
But I can do their mending
And show them how to knit.

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