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Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: angst, dark, fear, fun, humor,

Clowning At The Abyss

Is it better to weep, helpless
before the dawn of never
or to don my comic trousers
and tap-dance to forever? 

Should I stare, bare-faced, at Death
and cower before his scythe?
Or should I put on my crazed face-paint
and hand him throwing knives?

Yes, I could whimper for the end
before the end is even here,
instead, I shake my jaunty hairpiece
and blow airhorns at my fear.

You find me unevolved,
you see no depths behind my eyes,
but you are wrong. I’ve bendy thumbs!
I pelt the dark with custard pies.

1 March 2020
‘Clowning at the Abyss’ Contest
Sponsored by Kai Michael Neumann