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Poem Details | by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu |
Categories: africa, betrayal, humor, humorous, murder,

Apples On Our Rock

There once reigned a great king on our Rock
Who dared the West and defied their bloc
Dark shades, face of a frown
Short brute so wanted down
Down, oriental appples on our Rock.

Poem Details | by Clive Blake |
Categories: africa, animal, fun, funny, humor, word play, writing,


The zebra:
An optical illusion
That tricks your sight,
Not colour, not HD ready,
But just in black and white.

An African sales success,
Of great pride it’s the source,
Cleverly marketed as …
A bar-coded horse.

Poem Details | by Aby M'Baye |
Categories: africa, anxiety, desire, growth, humor, love, remember,

Feel Free

Make as you feel it 
In the sense of your feel
Without forgetting sense

Fais comme tu le sens 
Dans le sens de tes sens 
Sans oublier le sens 

Aby M.

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: africa, animal, funny, humor, imagery, imagination, nature,

Funny Haiku

head buried inside;
ostrich hates hearing
lions' loud roars

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, career, change, confidence, courage, humanity, humor,

Self Control

Self control 
When a man lacks
Self control 
He lacks 
Self pride 

So start from here 
If you ever think of 

Poem Details | by John Pen |
Categories: africa, america, giggle, how i feel, international, people, political,

Man With No Morals

Ask me not where, when, why or how
Because if I knew I’d be president now
Wait a minute, presidents don’t know that too
I never said they did, but I have morals. Do you?

Poem Details | by Xihluke Mlangeni |
Categories: africa, imagery,

The Funny Comedian For Kids

She's the funniest comedian who doesn't
make jokes
But always there as a clown
Her words are like golden Crown

When your mouth is closed with pains 
sHe shall be there to open it with Gains
She's the same comedian
who will kiss you in front of your friends 

Have you ever heard about the Puppy in 
the neighborhood?
>>>Yes that is you<<<
You are Mummy favourite Pet
Always there to feed your little tummy

Poem Details | by Iron Bender |
Categories: africa, anger, bereavement, depression, humorous,

Am the Owner

I have my life to lead
My own precious life 
If it’s my life,
Then you should know
Am the owner

The morning breakfast
The midday lunch
The night dinner
Concerns nobody
Co’s I am the owner

The owner of my life
Is really me, 
Understand and bear in mind
My destiny, my life
Am the owner.

Poem Details | by Roughneck Tsepo Malaza |
Categories: africa, forgiveness, friend, funny love, wisdom, write, writing,

Lonely Soul

Where is the one  i suppose to be with
No,i don't find anyone next yo me
Why,i feel so lonely
Because you are not here that name still exist
I don't think so,but so some they it's still exist,
I was looking for it
Since i was young,i've got plenty of people
In my life but still my soul,
My soul tells me that it's lonely,
Can i buy love? What am i suppose to do?
Nothing ,i rather be lonely,
What can plenty people have to with my
Life,my lonely soul stay focus

Poem Details | by Russell Grushco |
Categories: africa, flying, funny, humor, humorous, irony,

Drunk Pilot

The flight two-o-seven is three hours late.
Drunk pilot exchanged all the maps for his bail.
The lions and tigers will be more than just happy.
The plane has successfully touched Serengeti ;-D

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, encouraging, good morning, humor, power,

Am Alive Again

Am alive again
Am alive again

Here we go

Believe me

I swear 

If not

Am alive again.

Poem Details | by Matt Kindelmann |
Categories: africa, animal, art, funny,

Hemingwayesque Eating

I feel like a portly and bearded 
in a bulky fisherman's sweater 
after a bullfight when 
I ingest barbecued pork.

A bona fide man 
clutches the ribs 
with his creased 
and hard-working hands,
sinks his incisors deep
into the roasted flesh,
and with a quick 
forty-five degree 
snap of his head,
shreds the dead 
animal’s brawn
from its bone.

And like the full-bellied lion 
who rests in the verdant shade 
with gazelle blood 
dripping from his lips,
the man leans back in his chair,
rub his enlarged stomach,
while not realizing 
that he’s wearing 
a moustache of 
barbecue sauce.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: africa, food, funny, tiger,

Chuck Your Manners In the Ocean

Pardon me, Excuse me, I'm sorry
     Don't say these words on a safari
       Lions will eat you
       A tiger will too
     Real soon you'll look like calamari

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, humanity, humor, inspirational, lost love, love, truth,

Simple Yet Complicated

Simple yet complicated
Life is not hard 
Is so simple 
To live with love 
Yet so complicated 
Among humans of today

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, break up, cheer up, divorce, for her, humanity, humor,

The Last Word

The last word

For every end times
Too bad 
The heart bleeds
When goodbye 
The last word!

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, america, confidence, courage, humanity, humor,

Life Is Deep

life is deep
yet you are 

life is deep
yet you are 
in the hole of life
and the hole 
can't be available
with out you 
in it 

life is deep
so dig 

life is deep 
well how 
deep can 
you go 

life is deep 
yet in
it mysteries
lies the source
of our growth

life is deep
but we could 
be it deepness

life is deep
yet our soul
lives along 
with it energy

life is deep
yet the 
deepest part 
is yet to be 
a new beginning
in our creativity
on moral values
no wonder yet still
life is deep

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, courage, freedom, humanity, humor, strength, writing,

Let Your Heart Speak

Let your heart speak
Poets are the eyes
Of the world

A poet hearts
Is too large
Some times heavy 
Some times light 

Poetry is an act 
Of humanity
For those who are 
Of love

Poetry is my song
Poetry is my life
Poetry is my soul
Poetry is my spirit 

I love the gift of nature
When the pen 
Pens what the heart bleeds

So on poetry oh poets
Let your heart speak

Poem Details | by S. Abdulwasi'h Olaitan |
Categories: 1st grade, africa, allah, arabic, forgiveness, funny love, storm,

Broken Wings


I spread my wings
And feather
But I couldn't fly.

I open my ears
And heart
Yet I couldn't hear.

I open my mouth
And lips
But I couldn't talk.

I close my eyes
Alongside thine sunglasses
Yet I see.

I see my past 
And fears
I take to the wood.

My obstacles,
Experiences I espy
I take my leave and the halt.

I'm eager to fly
Yet, my wings are broken.

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, blessing, courage, humanity, humor, motivation, world,

Let's Make the World Great Again

Lets make the world great again

If we must live in peace
We must learn 
How to move along
Together with 
One another

So instead to make just
An empire great again

Lets Together 
great and small

Lets make the world great again

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, desire, hope, humanity, humor,

One Vision One Mission One Goal

One vission one mission one goal

How wonderful it will be 
If the world could be lead
By one vission in truth

How beautiful the world 
Will look like 
If we all live to survive 
By one mission in honesty 

How great it will be 
When we live 
With love
Just to achieve 
One goal called

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: adventure, africa, analogy, betrayal, cute love, humor, lost love,

Loving a Tall Guy

Loving a tall guy

Loving a tall guy is not easy
It is as hard as chasing a fox 
When you want to kiss the mouth
It is just the neck you can reach

When you want to see the head 
The clouds laugh at you mockingly
And when you move a bit far away
The wind blows dust into your eyes

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: africa, animal, fun, humor, poetry,

Planet Baobab

Odd Park

Poem Details | by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: africa, animal, funny, nonsense, silly, word play,

Zebra In M and S

A Zebra in M&S

I don’t suit these broad black stripes,
Said a Zebra in M & S.
Have you something in a spot?
I want to look my best.

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: abuse, africa, cheer up, dedication, deep, humanity, humor,

The War Against Ourselves

The war against ourselves 
The profit of wars 
Is a shame to humanity 

The out come of wars 
Is a wound to mankind 

The brutality of wars 
Is a calamity to nature

The wars that destroys nature
The war against ourselves

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, change, corruption, courage, humanity, humor, motivation,

Where the Dieing World Exist

Where the dieing world exist 
Devalued lifes
Full of shadows 
Of slaves
Where poverty live 
With out evacuation

So if you ever care 

Help preserve the third world where 
The dieing world exist