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Poem Details | by Key V. |
Categories: autumn, december, february, funny, summer, weather, winter,


I hate the cold weather, whether to say the least,
the cold weather hates me, i slipped and fell last week,
plus the warm weather's better, i'd rather sweat than freeze,
put the ice in my drinks not in my socks and sleeves, 
the reason i feel this way, stems from two things, 
maybe i'm a fall guy, with wants to see some leaves, 
or i just miss the summer days with vitamin ray beams, 
either reason or way my thoughts remain oblique,
because i hate the cold weather and cold weather hates me.

Poem Details | by Paige Kostyniuk |
Categories: autumn, fun, funny, halloween, holiday, humor, october,

Vlad the Vampire

There was a vampire named Vlad. 7
The Village all thought he was bad. 7
But the true story. 5
Just wasn't gory. 5
It turns out Vlad was just sad. 7

October 23. 2019

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, autumn, business, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, fear, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, hate, health, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, love, on work and working, pain, parody, people, relationship, retirement, sad, satire, school, social, stress, success, sympathy, time, work,

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Poem Details | by Diane Lefebvre |
Categories: autumn, humor, silly,

Tony's Torrid Toga - For Contest

Tony wants to teach Mary some yoga, While dressed in a short, little toga He bends over the mat, Where she just then had sat. From jail Tony cannot now teach yoga.

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, children, funny, giggle, halloween, humor, urban,


Tiny goblins running 'round
Some in mother's dressing gown.
Witches cackle with delight
Was there ever such a night,
In this hallowed little town.

Poem Details | by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: autumn, funny, humorous, october,

The Pumpkin Show

Down in the meadow
where the pumpkins grow,
God is putting on an extravagant show.

Bright orange pumpkins
lying all around…
Little pumpkins, middle-sized pumpkins,
and giant pumpkins can all be found.

Hundreds of pumpkins
waiting for the day,
when they’ll be loaded
on a truck filled with hay.

To market, to market,
and then to the store,
Soon they’ll find a home
by someone’s back door.

Then Grandma will cook the pumpkin
and turn it into pies,
And that’s why God
rains pumpkins down from the skies.

Poem Details | by Elisabeth Sheaffer |
Categories: autumn, environment, humorous, nature,

Leaf It Alone

As I watched the rain pouring into the drain
I reflected on just how perverse
Was the Summer we had, with the weather so bad,
And the future can only get worse.

Now that Autumn is here, bringing with it some fear
Since the drains are blocked up with leaves
Which are crimson and yellow, so pretty, so mellow,
And they're also blocking the eaves.

As the weather gets colder, the leaves get older, 
Black and dirty, and's the thing!
The council won't clear it and therefore I fear it
Will leaf us at risk till the Spring.

Poem Details | by Jeff Green |
Categories: funny, parodyautumn,

Shall I compare thee to an Autumn day

Shall I compare thee to an Autumn day?
Thou art more windy in the afternoon.
Old leaves of gold October throws away
Can never match your bottom's lively tune.
The scents of fruits are sweet at harvest time,
While scent of you can make a strong man cry.
Much beer and curry serve to fuel your crime
For saving scent of harvest I must sigh.
Each year the sweetness fades to winter rain,
When mud and grit are mixed with diesel fumes,
Your pungent stench appears whene'er you strain
Eternally we know your rank perfumes.
    So long as beans are served and you still live,
    You'll have a complex mix of scents to give.

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, best friend, body, halloween, humor, humorous,

Halloween Friend

Here's to the skeleton within
That slinks about in our skin.
As a Halloween treat
Let us thank its two feet,
For not letting us bump our shin.

Poem Details | by Mel Brake |
Categories: autumn, black african american, black love, cute love, funny love, i miss you, romance,

Love Like A Rose

Love is like a rose
Like the fibonacci frequency
Perfect geometry in all its curved lines

Love is like a rose
Like the shape of the heart
Filled with satisfaction and passion and love

Love is like the sweet smell of the rose
Like a romance that said what is the good smell
When your car needs to be cleaned

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: autumn, cat, humorous, moon, night, september,

Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel
rising with the moon and stars
suddenly stops
but hey diddle diddle
almost jump over the moon

Poem Details | by Michael Smith |
Categories: art, funny, nature, seasons, autumn,

Autumn to Winter

Come October He strokes away the greens To touch mosaic Upon, the now of autumn trees November next And amidst set breeze Leaves of paint chips scatter And from on high, let a harrowing slip sneeze Lastly to December Branches, canvas bare When He's decided... To shake away the dandruff, from right out of His hair

Poem Details | by Lee Ramage |
Categories: funny, seasons,

Autumn Splendor

Horizons painted orange and red and yellow and gold, Means there will be added garbage bags to fill and fold. Temperatures cool and people begin to move inside, Soon Influenza is at its peak, you’ve no place to hide. Flu shots may help, but you seem to get sick anyways, Rainy wet weather, dull and dreary, much shorter days. Doesn’t sound like splendor - outstanding and grand, But I still think its the best season, please let me expand, There’s good things and bad that comes with autumn, The splendor for me, is more clothes to cover my bottom.
Written by Lee Ramage September 8, 2012 For Russell Sivey’s contest “Autumn Splendor”

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: america, angst, autumn, humorous, night,

Lake Ontario

urban noise. . .
2000 mile drive
to Lake Ontario
dreamless sleep in tent
till generators charge

Poem Details | by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: autumn, birthday, february, for her, humor, innocence, missing you,

Happy Birthday Rachael

Through the wee hours of the dawn
On a cold autumn night of 
February. The harmattan harsh
And dry breeze blowing

I overhear the leaves weepy-scratchy
Noise. Still but almost conscious,
Generously, her angelic face
Came, flashing, over my memory

And those valentine that passed, 
One whom cannot be forgotten.
Smiles as tender, Rachael,
Emenaha says "all the best".

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: autumn, endurance, funny love, grandfather, lust, natural disasters, sensual,

Pinch An Ear

O help me!  I've fallen
And I can't get it up!
I'm stuck here acrawlin'
Up a Double-D cup

Now don't let us dicker
I am over the hill
Just be a mite quicker
Slipping me that blue pill!

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: friendship, funny, holiday, nature, autumn, halloween,

The White Pumpkin

Thank you, Ma’am, for the pumpkin.
I am not distressed in the least.
Though it’s not of my preference,
It’ll suffice for a Halloween feast.

Mother Nature could have mixed up her seeds.
That could explain why the color is bland.
One might think Jack Frost didn’t finish his work,
Or, Autumn is making a political stand.

I am so glad you came with this pumpkin.
Come on in Ma’am, and stay for awhile.
No, I don’t mind it isn’t bright orange,
Though it isn’t the most popular style.

Please, have a seat as good company should,
And quit the uncertainties filling your mind.
Don’t doubt my plan for sweet pumpkin pie,
As giving me this ugly, white pumpkin was kind.

Poem Details | by MD ALZHRANI |
Categories: arabic, autumn, dance, first love, funny, romantic, song,

A new song

In the following rain
will make friendship with the sun.
I will  open my feelings ..
Anything could happen !
The four seasons will dance with trees.
Anything will takes the warmth of poetry.
Maybe ..
 I live with a new light.
A new rose.
A new star.
A new song.
The darkness leave me , forever.

Poem Details | by Franklin Price |
Categories: autumn, spring, time, travel,

Changing Time a Funny Thing

 Changing Time a Funny Thing
By Franklin Price

Changing time a funny thing
A lot to think about
Easily an oddity 
We need to figure out

In Spring an hour forward
In the middle of the night
When two A.M. turns into three
The timing could be right

Whatever we have started
As the clock's at one five nine 
Will easily end after three
For bragging rights is fine

In Fall when time is turning back
And two returns to one
Depending, what was started,
 Could end before begun

I see the wheels are turning
As you finished up this rhyme
In Spring or Fall your scheduling
Makes the best of daylight time

Poem Details | by Phyllis Babcock |
Categories: autumn, humor,

As Autumn's Breeze

Autumn's breeze picked up the delicate snow flakes
She tossed them until they turned to ice crystals
She recently put away her autumn colors
Now stirred Jack Frost into a frenzy
So upset he asked North wind to blow
in with a blizzard
North wind obliged and skated in with
a smooth glide
Showing Autumn breeze that her strength 
was waning
She twirled away giving North wind
and Jack Frost a cold shoulder.


Poem Details | by Brenda McGrath |
Categories: autumn, humorous, weather,

Images of Fall

Fall is here with its brisk, exhilarating air. 
Southern girls wear boots and jackets with a distinctive flair.
It's fun to pick a pumpkin, and rake a big pile of leaves. 
But one good thing for the frugal, is no need for heat or AC.

Poem Details | by Stephen Parker |
Categories: funny

Autumn Day on the Lumpkin Country Farm

Frothy exhaust curdles the Lumpkin 
Hard Cider breath exudes from 
every male bumpkin
Screamin kids Crab apples into 
melted taffy dunkin
Uncle Leroy's flabby *** into 
shredded bale sunken
Aunt Polly on the sagging porch 
swing drunken
Cousin Marie on sawdust kitchen 
floor corn husks shuckin
Baby Liza in corn pone crib goat's 
milk from RC botttle suckin
One-eyed Grandpa Moses up at 
Bear Cove spelunkin

Poem Details | by Josette Key |
Categories: autumn, food, holiday, humor, november, thanksgiving day,


Let's bow our heads and pray
Today's Thanksgiving day.

Poor old turkey got the axe
Bet he wished he'd never been hatched.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams
Consume mass quantities but never ham.

Eat too much and pop your zipper
"Hey Honey, where's the Alka Seltzer"?

Josette Davis Key   2013

Poem Details | by elijah zmuda |
Categories: autumn, fantasy, funny, halloween, holiday, kid, religion,

Halloween Fun

Halloween comes once a year;
Children run for fun in fear.
It's a celebration for witches;
Spells cast on treats taste delicious.
On crystal clear or stormy nights;
Q1e might see a bat in flight.
Fallen leaves of autumn's breeze;
Whisper chants of forgotten trees;
Honey bees are sleeping in their nest;
While flies are roaming, being pests-
If you truly know God's only begotten son;
Halloween could be a lot of fun.

Poem Details | by Annie Lander |
Categories: beauty, dedication, devotion, happiness, humorous, love, autumn,

What's In A Smile : Beauty

He captured her charm Serenity and intelligence image Frequent glances From the canvas then back to her face Asking her not to smile Was like asking her not to breathe. Patience isn’t her best trait ^ What’s in a smile? Beauty And everything! Apparently Such a shame it wasn’t image of a young woman In her prim, The one whom Everyone got to know and love ^ Her strong features, her openness, Transcend the warm of a morning rose bulb, Blooming openly in the spring, ^ He paint the colors of an autumn theme Instead of a warm spring; The shape of her face, The curve of the lips Strong feature, Yet, so inadequate To be future queen