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Poem Details | by Brian Magness |
Categories: animals, funny, nature

Bass Grin, Amen

I go to church and say amen once a week
But in my boat and in my spot
I am much more patient, quiet, and meek
I toss my line it’s just the right shot!!
Again, I will say amen as the bass does grin a lot.

Written for contest Anagrammatically Speaking  
Brian Magness

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: fun, funny, giggle, humor, humorous, mother son, mothers day,

Pamela Bass

mothers day pilot pam bass

feeling a bit bored and crass

flew east in a wink

right into the drink

losing her sons boarding pass.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: funny,

Bass Akwards

Words are strange when first letters are switched Such as “bice noobies” our life is enriched Sing along with “Bony Tennet” we resort Wearing “Talse Feeth” and “Shockey Jorts” If I lost you along the way, I'm a “bon of a sitch”

Poem Details | by Mike Hauser |
Categories: humor, sad,

Bass Ackwards

Everything now is bass ackwards
Nothing is the same
Up is down, in is out
Early is now late

Where we end at the beginning 
Right out the starting gate
Tomorrow is the day before
And the day before was yesterday

All that's left in what was right
Is not so clearly seen
What was once considered outside
Is now the in between

What used to pass for happy
Now comes off more than sad
And every day of the week 
Is like a Wednesday night gone bad

We could talk about it
But what is there to say
When everything is bass ackwards
And it's sure to stay that way