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Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: baseball, humor, murder, parody, satire, song, sports,

Ode to My Barbed Wire-Wrapped Baseball Bat

Take me out to the kill people game
Turn me loose on the crowd
Give me some kidneys and backs to crack
I don't care who it is I attack
Let me bash, bash, bash as they scream loud
If they don't die it's a shame
Cuz it's one, two, three strikes you're dead
In the old kill people game.

Poem Details | by shane solomon |
Categories: funny

Riddle me this Riddle me that the Amazing Riddles of Fraidy Bat

The " Fraidy" bat flew high away
The "Fraidy"bat said he hated night more than day
I asked him why things were so,
He told me of the time he was molested by a moth named "Bo"
My ears were so violated by what I heard, I didn't know what to say

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: animals, funny, people, cousin,

Some Conceited Bat

The rat to the bat: " Sir, up close 
      you look almost like a rat
            so, I'd want to call you cousin, 
                  if you don't mind being that."

The bat to the rat: "No way, impudent
      rodent, you're so crass
            denizen of the foul gutter,
                  you're without a touch of class,

" listen, presumptuous fool, I swoop, 
      you creep, you crawl, I fly
            in evolution's totem pole,
                  you're down below, I'm way up high

" I'm first cousin of the larks,
      you're brother of the ticks and gnats
            remember this, angels are to humans
                  as bats are to rats."

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy, humorous,

Again Off the Bat

Again Off the Bat

Again, another thought came off the bat;
Trump has truly become a spoiled brat;
What he wanted to him was always given;
Never desired poor behavior to be forgiven,
And both his body and lip sure seem so fat.

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn
Retired Soldier and Poet

Poem Details | by Daisy Ward |
Categories: humorous,


The bat searched around for blood
And ends up biting a stud
He became so cool
That he broke every rule
So, the bat king tossed him into the mud