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Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, flower, funny, garden, hurt, summer,

sting bee

i knew a bee that could sing

it worked for a queen and king

but they preferred honey

and paid it no money

now it sings backup for sting.

Poem Details | by Gary Smith |
Categories: humorous, silly,

Daft- the Elephant and the Bumble Bee

On my walk I chanced to see

An elephant with a bumble bee.

It was such a peculiar pairing,

And they had ice cream, which they were sharing.

The elephant was holding the ice cream cone

For the bee was on his mobile phone,

I thought wow, this is really *****...

I never get a signal here !

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: humor, me,

Honey Bee

Honey Bee Honey Bee bring
by your charm. Your sweet
warmth from your swarm.
Makes us some honey as 
sweet as a flower. Pile the
hive full in your golden tower.
Pancakes and muffins, and
French toast. A million ways to 
eat it, I think I love your sweet
honey, the most.

Honey Bee Honey Bee I hope
you will always want to be here. 
I will wait for you with my plate
and fork and a smile full of cheer.
I'll guard and protect you as you 
weave and I hope you never ever
want to leave.

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: art, child, children, funny love, giggle, hilarious, love,

Little Bee

I've been given a fancy name for my illness
Clinically obese
It may be contagious
Never before seen in my colony
I can't work or lift a finger
Nice to see every one rally around me 
Even the queen bee is worried 
As what happened to me
Even sent the worker bees
All for one, hopefully one for all
Giving me a hand
I'm going to a special unit for unique bees.

Poem Details | by Jess Link |
Categories: flying, funny, happy, tree,

Busy Bee

The Happy Little Bee
Was Busy In His Tree

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny,

Macho Bee and Lady Bird's Jungle Fever

Macho Bee had a really big stinger.
Lady Bird, when aroused, was a singer.
When they heard her loud COO,
all the wood creatures knew
that first date must have been a humdinger!

For Line Gauthier's Bite Size Poem No.10 Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
Categories: children, funny,

Kids Funny Bee Buzz Poem

The fuzzy, wuzzy bumble bee
a fussy, hussy bee was he
because he lost his buzz you see
in a muggy, buggy mushroom tree

On mushrooms bitter, boggy black,
he planned an aerial attack,
but bouncing, pouncing skills he lacked
and failed to get his bee buzz back.

Now this fumbling, stumbling bumble bee
searched helter, skelter frantically
for a bigger bee to help him free
his bee buzz from the mushroom tree.

But no bee ever came around,
searched high and low, tree and ground,
but his buzz was never found,
a buzzless bee without his sound.


Liz Labadie-Reilly
October 18/2015

Poem Details | by Mckenzie Argall |
Categories: animals, funny, nature,

Buzzing Bee

My ears are buzzing
Carefully I listen
Keep still I say
Entangled is a bee
I chuckle to myself
Ending the life of the bee.

Poem Details | by Sylvia Coulstock |
Categories: funny

Bee-Witched, Bothered and Bee-Wildered

I've been buzzing around for hours
In and out of the flowers
Having a grand old flit.
I'm all covered in pollen
My legs are quite swollen,
But I do enjoy doing my bit.

I've been under the flowers spell,
Bee-witched by their colour and their smell
But I'm a bit bothered by what's happening to me;
My head's going round and round
Can't quite find the ground,
I'm bee-wildered,feel all at sea...
I'll take just one more dip.
Then I think I'll have a kip
Before I go home to tea...
Oo-er Ive come over all funny,
(Hic) never mind the honey
Think I'm a drunken bum-ble bee.

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: humor,

Bee Warned

One day when I ran out of money,
I knew where to get me free honey,
But forgetting one thing
That the owners do sting,
And black eyes from bee stings ain’t funny.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny

Buzzy the Bumble Bee

Buzzy the busy bumble bee
Has his sharp sting on aim at me.
"If you want my honey
Then show me your money.
Buzzy the bee does not work free."

For Carolyn's and John's bug contest

Tied for no.3

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: cute love, food, funny, happiness, insect, nature,

Mukbang- Asmr, With Little Bee

This poem is in conjunction with the video above. Mukbang Asmr- Little Bee Enter my little abode For a special event a “ Mukbang” So many things to eat Toastie with tea Doughnuts Chicken and chips with coke This is so amazing, So delightful, so tasty Melts in the mouth Crunching and munching away For a busy bee like me This is so good Look and enjoy and take your time To watch me eat my meal.

Poem Details | by Terri Cannan |
Categories: care, cheer up, depression, divorce, encouraging, funny, homework,


I'm changing my name to bee. I'm busy as a bee. Cooking meals, paying the bills and then there's the groceries. Floors to sweep, floors to mop and the laundry too. So much to get done, always on the run. I'm busy as a bee.

I'm busy as a bee. Doctors appointments and physical therapy. Wash the car and fill up with gas. Taking out the trash. Watching the clock, no time to stop. Gotta move fast. 

I'm busy as a bee. Takes my mind off of me. Life's too short to sit in self pity, so if I'm feeling down I guess I best get up and get busy.

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: anxiety, confusion, cute love, giggle, humor, humorous, silly,

Bee Buddy

once a young fellow named lee

liked to converse with a bee

one day in a store

it caused an uproar

sitting to chat on his knee.

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: funny

Bee Visitation

One Sunday in church came a bee.
Up my pants leg he sat on my knee.
I jumped from piano,
Tore pants from my torso.
Did striptease, where no one could see!

Poem Details | by G. Jay |
Categories: drink, funny, hope, symbolism,

Juvenile Spelling Bee

"Playing the other day, I behold this man
Sky was cloudy and grey, he could use a fan
Held a locket. I think he wanted to sell
To fill his wallet and pocket to excel
Listened to a small voice, this looks like a crime
I made a choice, found a coin and flip a dime
Putting faith and trust it landed on its head
These peeps will do good, nothing happened." I said
“Gee, what transpired next?” said Rupee
“See, was during a spelling bee
Teacher, Miss Miller called on me
Asked me speller the word reptile
Being a little juvenile
Said with the happiest smile
I gave the words in a fast spree
Saying, ‘assume’
She frowned, and my A is a D
And that is my hyperbole”

Updated 5/14/2019

Poem Details | by Alex Klugman |
Categories: funny,

My Wife Have a Bee Tattoo On Her Left Breast,

My wife have a bee tattoo on her left breast,
And on her tummy tattoo of a tiny flower.
The bee was flying to a plant with all it's power,
But, to reach the flower, it took  so many years.

Poem Details | by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: humor, nature,

Bee Scolds Sluggard

You tell folks you’re as busy as a bee,
but I’ve been watching you. Here’s what I see:
you, sitting on the porch with book in hand
and dozing off. Is this the “work” you planned?

When I fly by your windows, I peek in.
Neglecting dirty dishes is a sin!
I’m shocked to see that messy, unmade bed!
You’re busy—like me? This is what you’ve said.

When you compare us two, I feel distressed.
Thus, in the name of fairness, I suggest
“I’m busy as a sloth” is apropos
for those like you. Let this be your motto!

June 13, 2022
entered in the Bee Creative Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Matt Caliri

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Bee On Hibiscus

Bee on Hibiscus

Bee on Hibiscus
Proved to be promiscuous
Did dart in and out.

A fair assumption
After all his consumption
She is his honey.

Both were quite a pair
Nothing like a horse and mare
Who chores both will share.

Is one of them you?
Who makes all my dreams come true
Vote for sure must do.

James Thomas Horn
James Thesarious Hilarious Horn

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: humorous,

The Bee - Show Me Funny Contest

He sat there with a bee on his nose
Its his own fault this has occurred
Stuck his nose in the lavender
Now covered in pollen, looks absurd

His eyes are near crossed
As he looks at the bee
Thinking dare i move
Or will the blighter sting me

So like a statue the dog just sat
Dare i tell him the bee is a fake
Was put in the lavender as a joke
Will he hate me when from his nose i take.

Penned 9 july 2013

 Andrea's Contest  :Show Me Funny

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: animal, encouraging, giggle, happy, hilarious, humor, sweet,

Little Bee

Little Bee I've been given a fancy name for my illness Clinically obese It may be contagious Never before seen in my colony I can't work or lift a finger Nice to see every one rally around me Even the queen bee is worried As what happened to me All for one, hopefully one for all Giving me a hand I'm going to a special unit for unique bees

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: funny,

Constanza: the Noisy Bee

Gorgeous Johnny was barely three
and knew the danger of a bee
that was attracted to his fair hair!

He moved feet away, but the bee
slowly crawled up his big belly.....
and he started dancing in midair!

His red face turned completely white,
fearing  the noisy bee would bite,
" Almighty God, please don't let her! "

" Someone take this ugly bee out
out of my hair! " he begged with fright;
get that water hose and spray her! 

Poor Johnny screamed asking for help,
but the noisy bee bit his lip...
all because he ate an eclair! 

Gorgeous Johnny was barely three-New Poem

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: angst, funny, word play,

Spelling Bee

Locked in a tiny room like a thief
Doing hard labor beyond belief
Sitting on the throne
With a groan and moan
Concentrating on spelling relief

AP: 1st place 2020

Submitted on June 28, 2019 for contest HUMOROUS LIMERICK sponsored by TANIA KITCHIN

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: animals, funny,

Poet Bee

Butterflies flit to flowers
serenity in the shade
reclined adirondack chair
a buzzzz interrupts...

Ouch, bee sting "bites me", in pain, 
I run for the cortisone.
Impossible! metered buzzzz to find Cyndi!

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
for Linda-Marie's Bite Me contest
April 9, 2012

*Tag, Cyndi's it! I wasn't going to enter this contest, but decided I couldn't
miss out on all the fun.

Poem Details | by John Lawless |
Categories: flying, humor, nature,

To Bee Or Not To Bee

Y’know….you’d think…
Look out….here I come…
Bee careful, Bee safe…
Bee quiet…..
Tulips are easy
Just hit the middle of the cup
Like landing on a baseball diamond
But those damn Dandelions
Bright yellow spots
Dancing in the wind

‘Yeah, yeah… try it ace
I mean with pollen covered legs
An evening cross wind
And a bug-eyed crow ogling you.
And I wonder why I dream of being
A hummingbird.


Bee Creative Poetry Contest