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Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous, husband, i love you, mother son, wisdom, boxing day,


The time has come for me to say goodbye forever I am not brilliant at expressing my emotions But in the words of ‘Sealion Dion’ …. ‘I will always love you’ If you check in the filing cabinet You will find my portfolio of shares I have kept the Woolworth's certificate it may be valuable They may resurface one day …. That’s the wonder of Woolies! If you ever need a new sofa…. don’t forget these immortal words The DFS Half Price Sale starts at 10am on Boxing Day! Contest:- My Parting Gifts Sponsor:- Viv Wigley 02~06~16

Poem Details | by David Sollis |
Categories: fun, funny, humor, humorous, light, silly, simple,

Boxing Clever

Billy Bob King the boxer felt
entitled to punch below the belt.
Not because he was a cheating swine.
His lack of height, set a low punchline.

Poem Details | by Ray Gridley |
Categories: humor, sports,

Jim's Boxing Bouts

Jim's boxing opponents are scary
He enters the ring very wary
Jim's light on his feet
So when glove and chin meet
He goes up in the air like a fairy.

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: humor,

Boxing Mohammed

I once boxed Mohammed Ali. Then I knocked him out in Round Three. I thrust out my chest to show who was best. Said, “Yo, now who stings like a bee?” 5th Place Name Dropper Limerick Contest Sponsor: Kevin Shaw 9/14/17

Poem Details | by Arjun Jangid |
Categories: 8th grade, boxing day , childhood, courage, funny, lost love, pride,


  O! Time , time please
  Slow down your pace
  If you are very pleased.

  Grand pa , cradles ,
  Fist full of nothing
  are left behind gaps.

  I don't know when
  You put down me
  From my mother's lap.

   Dear I was too small
   to carry on my fights
   against unknown mad.

   But I was not coward
   So I fought many fights
   on their funny grounds.
   You can hardly believe
   Fighter kid named on air
   Who won all fights there.

  My mom , grant pa or ma,
  Never dared to win over me
  Felt proudy, defeat before me.

   Dad who fought bravely and
   Balanced score fifty-fifty but
   Rascals cousins not accept defeat.

Poem Details | by jennifer ewing |
Categories: funny

Beat-Boxing Barry

Beat-boxing Barry, plays all the hits,
Whilst his wife [Bendy-Babs], wows the crowds doing splits

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: christmas, funny,

Boxing Day

My love loves to knit and crochet
And she does it all her own way
She knitted a scarf
As long as a wharf
Guess what I got on Christmas Day?

Poem Details | by William Kekaula |
Categories: boxing day , character, humorous, moving on,

School Fights

Three o'clock -- time soon, the principal stopped, was clocked, signed by both winners! 2019 September 08

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: hilarious,

Kick Boxing Is Fun

Kick boxing can be fun except for the rules No kicks below the belt in a man's precious jewels You may get a warning When one ends up wailing And cursing like a trooper with naughty looks so cruel