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Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: funny,

To a Camel

To a two humped camel
She must seem really odd
For her humps are both displaced
on the front of her strange bod

They must throw her off balance
as she walks on just two feet
They're sure to get in the way
Whenever she try's to eat

It also seems distracting
As she goes about her day
They're bouncing bouncing bouncing
In a most peculiar way

Why are those fellows drooling
As they watch her walking by
I'm sure the two humped camel
He must be wondering why

Poem Details | by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: funny, happiness, lost love, passion, people, romance, i love you,

My Sweet Camel Toe, Where'D You Go

Where'd you go?
oh where did you go
my precious camel toe?

played me like a fiddle
with your bubbly middle
you're such a skanky hoe
but I love you so
camel toe
camel toe

we had magic
we had fire
purple sweatpants my desire
come back camel toe

victory! camel toe
you're the villain 
you're the winner
with your puffy 
wedgied center

camel toe
camel toe

you're my sassy hoe
you're my Christmas snow
gone like cold wind blows
with your return
my member grows

I miss my camel toe
where'd you go?
sweaty sweetie 
camel toe

Poem Details | by Carol Fillmore |
Categories: animals, funny

Camel Travel

There was an old camel from Bahrain
who sought adventures far off in Spain.
He made plans to sightsee
and ordered cups of tea
then danced the flamenco on the plane.

Poem Details | by Franklin Price |
Categories: arabic, humor,

Camel Tow

Camel Tow
By Franklin Price

Have I gotten your attention?
I have a story here to tell,
About a different camel tow;
Bet you thought I couldn't spell.

I was driving through the desert,
In a clunker called a car,
Wasn't long, it overheated,
I hadn't gotten very far.

The temperature was 105,
Glad my cell phone had four bars.
Googled for a wrecker;
One for towing broken cars.

Called the listed number,
Was Saudi Arabia you should know.
No wrecker was available
So they sent a camel tow.

If you had another thought
When you began to read this bite
I hope you found it humorous
When you found you were not right

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: animal, giggle, romantic,

Camel Went Ape For the Babes

Intrepid camel, name of ibn Shlumpf
Romantic alias ~ Abdullah Heffalumpf
  He went ape for the babes, this
  Dromedary of all trades
He just wished he could get over their humphs

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: animal, cute, funny, giggle, humorous, kiss, silly,

Kit the Camel

I had a camel named Kit.
It was smart, but liked to spit.
	I asked for a kiss.
	It gave me a hiss.
It did not want to kiss one bit!