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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: change, humorous, poetry,


I’m straying away from the norm

It’s stressing me out to conform

A fave form I must adjust -

The last line’s bitten the dust!

Sweet Nina is causing mischief

I’m sobbing, she’s causing me grief

Limerick’s are divine -

This one’s missing a line!

My chosen form now has mutated

It’s modern, the old ones outdated

Will my new form catch on

Now the last line has gone!

I’ve invented the ‘slimerick’ it’s a traditional limerick form but with the final line missing!

Mischief Contest Sponsor Nina Parmenter


Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: change, humorous, irony, nursery rhyme,

21st Century Re-Write of Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty fell off the top of the wall He got on the phone and gave his lawyer a call With help from the lawyer and litigation men Humpty is rich and won’t have to work again! 09~30~16 Inspired by Three blind mice poem by Ilene Bauer

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: change, humorous, relationship,

All Change

When Mandy met Randy Oh boy her legs went bandy She began to walk like John Wayne … Looked like she was in a lot of pain But Mandy had a huge smile on her face And her nights with Randy kept that smile in place They have the most incredible sex life - Randy has stopped sleeping with his wife Randy’s wife her name is Brandy Met Mandy’s hubby his name is Sandy So Mandy and Randy and Brandy and Sandy Have done a partner swap, oh isn’t that handy! 11~26~16

Poem Details | by Susan Jeavons |
Categories: 2nd grade, butterfly, change, humorous, imagery, insect,

Why Caterpillars Do Not Wear Shoes

I watched a little caterpillar
walking up a tree
and wondered how 
that worm would look
if he were dressed like me.
I think his mother would complain
if she had shoes to buy,
cause by the time she tied them all
he’d be a butterfly!

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: body, humorous, me,

Sex Change

Folks know me as ‘poetry Jan’ But soupers I once was a man … In a very long op My male bits got the chop And I altered my name from Stan! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY SOUPERS!!!! 1st April 2018

Poem Details | by Vickie Hurtt - Thayer |
Categories: change, conflict, giggle, life,

A Visit From Karma

Life has a funny way of smacking you,
not that I'm laughing,
at the sting of redness, 
left on my other cheek.

It is said that karma is,
a word they call a sarcastic woman,
the word that rhymes with,
and almost has the same meaning as witch.

I have waited for karma,
and all her craftiness,
she seems to be taking her good old time,
she is after all, 
always threatening to come around.

Maybe it would be better,
if I stopped wishing,
and just realized, 
it's not beyond the realms of possibilities,

That karma has already done her job,
been paid,
and is now on a sabbatical,
I think my red cheek has healed.

~Vickie Thayer~Poetry To Ponder~

Poem Details | by John Lawless |
Categories: change, humor, planet,



Let’s get rid of all the people
starting with the old
no one will suspect
we could be so bold.

We’ll track their every movement
wouldn’t that be neat
then we’ll go and target
the one’s still eating meat.

Convince them they’re all different
inclusion was a bust
and other than the demi-gods
there’s no one you can trust.

By the time they catch on
claim they’re purely woke
they’ll be but the punchline
to this planetary joke.

So, wear your masks, walk your dogs
pick up after them
knowing all would be just fine
if it hadn’t been for H I M 


Global reset 21 Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Joe Dimino |
Categories: bird, change, environment, fish, future, humorous, wisdom,

The Windmills of Babel

Build them wider, taller
let us reach for the sky

when we run out of bird's 
we'll clip angels on the fly

90,000 lb. sperm whale
wandering, searching for 
his misplaced tail...

but elite global outlets will 
never fail....only us commoners
stuck in the dark, our vehicles
needing, only one gear~ Park!

Poem Details | by Hilo Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, change, drink, humor, international, music,

True Blue Music Lovers

True Blue Music Lovers Eyes squeezed, ears held shut, When the Koto is plucked, and Kimono girl shrieks in league, After much sake, The Zither is fined tuned, and The Soprano is well dressed. 2019 April 29 *3rd Place* Best Sedoka - 577-577 ~~Lu Loo

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: humorous, sea,

I'Ve Solved One Climate Change Issue

About climate change and its effects there has been a lot of chatter.

One concern is that the sea-level is rising and I think I know the matter.

My research reveals that there is a dearth of sea sponges, (that is my notion).

We need to increase the growth of sponges to soak up the water in the ocean!

(Concocted with considerable tongue in cheek!)

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: age, angel, beautiful, beauty, body, boyfriend, celebration, celebrity, change, character, creation, desire, emotions, children, friendship, girl, girlfriend, hero, humorous, i love you, image, life, memorial day, memory, middle school, relationship, romantic, school, society, student, teen, teenage, truth, wisdom, woman, women, words, world, youth,

Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

Poem Details | by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: funny, on writing and words, people, satire, urban,

Souper Sex Change

This Lil' poem
had to change it's name
With a title so lame 
nearly got sent
to Soup's Hall of Shame!

Never fear
dude's on the poetic rise
silky set a' verses
new curves in them thighs

you bet
boys'll be 
rubber neckin'
new flow's strapped
like an automatic weapon

Yep she's got new features
but didn't cost six grand
with a new set a' headlights
give the new girl a hand!

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, change, cheer up, confidence, cool, courage, cute love, deep, destiny, emotions, environment, fantasy, fear, feelings, first love, for her, funny love, happiness, happy, how i feel, humanity, hyperbole, i am, i love you, inspiration, journey, joy, life, lost love, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, ocean, paradise, philosophy, pride, romance, romantic, senses, smile, spring, sunshine, travel, uplifting, wind,


imagine the rainbow being
the dark tunnel 
you've been stuck in for years

the lighthouse on the horizon,
the beam 
that gets brighter as it nears

get soaked in the rain,
feel the sun in your heart,
let go of all your fears.

Poem Details | by Bhavna Khemlani |
Categories: age, change, character, conflict, hilarious, identity, imagery,

Mobile Phone

The mobile phone
          away peace . . .

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: angst, change, childhood, confusion, depression, fear, feelings, children, kids, funny, growing up, home, homework, humor, inspiration, lonely, me, miss you, moving on, nature, pain, poetry, school, self, sorrow, stress, teen, time, writing, youth,

My Boredom Disease

Like sick allergies, 
Boredom can be passed around

Like a horrid storm,
Boredom can catch you off guard
Hold on for DEAR LIFE!

Like the whooping cough,
Boredom can be serious
If I were you, I’d
Get a vaccination !

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: candy, change, desire, food, kids, funny, house, husband, imagination, mystery, poems, senses, sweet,

Sweet Carmel

The taste of homemade Carmel so sweet/ everyone I know desires the treat.

After one night in the kitchen covered/ half the pan gone, next morning discovered. 

 Is it my beagle Lily whom loves any food? / she seems in a hyper beagle mood.

 I know I heard a squeak in the night / a dream ? No, for low was the kitchen light.
 T'was my husband, for he can't resist/ soft , buttered brown sugar , a Vanilla twist.

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: angst, change, giggle, happy, how i feel, humorous, journey, judgement, life, philosophy, self, simple, success, truth, wisdom,

A Better Way

There must have been a better way.
There's just no way around it.
Family and friends kept saying so;
But, somehow, I've never found it.

Honestly, I really never looked,
Thought life was treating me well;
But to hear those folks tell it,
My life's a living Hell

Always fraught with bad decisions...
In their opinions, I should say.
I'm sure they all wonder how
I make it through each day.

They could by right, I guess;
Although I must say,
If they were all as happy as I,
They would think they'd found a better way.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: betrayal, boat, change, computer, confusion, cool, crazy, cute love, emotions, fantasy, funny, funny love, heart, heartbroken, hello, irony, light, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, love hurts, parody, relationship, river, romantic, sad love, satire, soulmate, voyage, wisdom,


I had my heart put on auto-pilot,
set to navigate towards you; 

the low-battery signal just came on,
I don't know what to do.

Poem Details | by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: beautiful, change, character, chocolate, food, fun, growing up, happy, heaven, humorous, i love you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, joy, life, light, love, metaphor, philosophy, self, simple, strength, success, thank you, thanks, thanksgiving, time, today, truth, uplifting, visionary, wisdom, words,

Cookies-Food For Thought

Cookies -
Why can’t I have the chocolate one
I want more
She took my cookie
Hers is bigger than mine
I want to trade
That’s not fair

Cookies +
Thank you for the cookie
I love you
Thanks for all you do for me
I am satisfied
This is good
I am loved
Written By  Deborah Finneran :)  2013

Poem Details | by Peter Dome |
Categories: change, fantasy, fun, funny, muse, silly,

If Women Rule the World

If women ruled the world
I'd have a sex change and be a girl
If you can't beat em
Join em.

Peter Dome. Copyright.2015.May.

Poem Details | by Chris Hagy |
Categories: anger, change, funny, how i feel, march, sun, voice,

Slap In the Face

Just a cold, hard slap in the face
Is Daylight Savings Time to morning place

Winter’s drive is dark and cold
Headlights searching for deer in the road

But March brings the sun like golden ripe fruit
To brighten my chores and morning commute

For just a while I pretend it will last
Try to keep winter’s veil in the past

But then the inevitable Monday comes
Because someone decided this silly thing should be done

I’ve changed the clock the night before
So once again only darkness awaits out my door

For another month
I keep the dark pace
Whoever thought of this needs a slap in the face!

Poem Details | by John Trusty |
Categories: dedication, funny

Some Kings Never Change

Here I am sitting on my little throne.

Someone help, I’m not used to wiping my own!

*For a couple of lines contest and dedicated to the entitled.

Poem Details | by Paul Schneiter |
Categories: humor,

Sex Change

There was a gigolo who swallowed a bee
It pained him from stomach to knee.
But with a shout and curse
He saw things get worse.
It buzzed him from a he to a she.

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: break up, change, cheer up, divorce, family, funny, goodbye,

My Mother In Law Is Poisoning Me


I think my mother-in-law is poisoning me.
The electric range is smelling strange,
She tests the smoke detector by cooking everyday....
Now the entire kitchen is acting deranged.
Semolina at 3:30,
Mercury hits 120 degrees!
Nausea and stomach cramps are rising in me,
Red-sauced tripe is afflicting me.
Outside it's now Celsius 43 degrees.
Now Bulimia is what I see,
I have to stay for tea,
Yes, my mother-in-law is poisoning me,
There's much to said for ...

Poem Details | by Kevin Leake |
Categories: change, computer, conflict, humorous,

Firefox - Firefox

Firefox, Firefox
Why don’t you behave
You’re my latest browser
And I’d like you to stay

But some of these add ons
Just concave
They make you crash 
And misbehave

But I must admit
You’re the best so far
I’ve tried a few
And you’re a star 

You don’t like Java
I think, I can tell
It’s red in my plug ins
Why do you rebel

So before I ditch you
I’ll give you a chance
If you crash again
It will be your last

Firefox, Firefox
Let’s get on together
You do the browsing
And I’ll check the weather

© Copyright KC.Leake
1st April 2015
All Rights Reserved