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Poem Details | by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: adventure, funny, nonsense,

Orangutan and the Chimpanzee

An Orangutan said to the Chimpanzee,
“I’m bored and tired, hanging in this tree.”
Going to pack my bag and move to the States,
Live with Gus Gorilla, and hang out with his mates.

The Chimpanzee thought hey, that’s a good idea,
I know a Spider Monkey who lives in South Korea.
Owns a posh apartment, he keeps as a timeshare
Sent me a text, “come over, I’ve a room to spare”


Neither liked the city and soon realised their mistake,
Noisy, brash and crowded, somehow rather fake.
They moved back to the jungle and so began to see,
Home is where the heart is; 
and that’s where you should be.