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Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: funny, life

TRANSFORMATION - a weird Choka

TRANSFORMATION – a weird Choka

Our dear Uncle Claude
He loved us kids    we loved him
He always brought us candy
Called him Santa Claude
Strange thing though    this steady change
Now he’s called Aunt Claudia

This is not a true story

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: humorous,

Dinner on the Wall

begone spider now
creeping dark teeny shadow
into my bed do not fall

cat's eyes open wide
she wants you to be dinner
yum now she shan't be thinner

Choka  poetry is 5,7,7. 5,7,7.

June 24, 2019
2:30pm PST

Poem Details | by William Masonis |
Categories: daughter, funny, life

The Bulldog's Car Wars

She and vehicles,
Adversaries forever,
No quarter given
And none asked on either side.
The metal beasts smell money,
Wound themselves to devour it.

It doesn't matter
How she tries to hide her cash -
Spitefully they sniff it out
And die gleefully,
Knowing she must resurrect
Their thankless, thieving thick hides.

O you willful ones,
You steelclad dromedaries,
Do you think you can defeat
The Mighty Bulldog?
She never wants Will - just Ways.
Once found - you're dispensible.

Poem Details | by Corinne Curcio |
Categories: funny, nature

City Sounds

Gritty city sounds
Nature’s sweet music abounds
So come on guys- lend an ear

Plump pigeons cooing
Fire escape a-wooing 
The notes of amour ring clear

What’s that? A “Squeak! Squeak!”
Poor mouse has begun to speak
Stuck to one of my glue traps

Surly gulls squawking
Their raucous way of talking
While dining on pizza scraps

Screeching love defines
Some caterwauling felines
With clamorous, catty glee

Such melodies soar
Though some of you may abhor
My tenement symphony

For The Sounds of Nature contest

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: giggle, youth,

The Virgin

undress her slowly
be gentle it's her first time
a temple yet unexplored
pain leads to pleasure
if only you take your time
yet young men can be anxious
moment ends prematurely

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: funny, seasons, teen,

Full Moon Thugs

punk kids sagging pants
no belt needed tonight guys
gonna be a full moon bright
fools showing off jewels
khakis fall past crack of Don
wave of cops demand "PANTS UP"

*this poem was written for Russell Sivey's Contest--- What Happens During A Full Moon? and is a special ode to all the youngsters who feel the need to express themselves by wearing pants 3 times too large that sag around the crest of their buttocks in public*----by~ JSLAMBERT

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: funny, people

All Hail King Kelly

All Hail King Kelly
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

A footle a day
Keeps melancholy away.
And I just must say.
Sean Kelly, today,
You are what I’ve been missin’
Your words have risen.
Life’s fun to new heights-
Hail now, oh king of footles.
Thy great wit brought forth.
Bestowed on the world.
Unhidden humor: thy pearl.
Those chitty short writes.
Great images sprout.
From your words, there is no doubt.
All hail to thee, friend.
The footle king speaks.
All ears listening say, “Wow!”
Yes, he is the king.

(Of footless and how-)

Written as a Tribute Poem to Sean Kelly.

Poem Details | by chris yarnell |
Categories: food, funny

the ice cream truck

Driving down the road
Giving ice cream to the kids
Four wheels of deliciousness

Really catchy tune
I dont no how much it is
Depends on what kind you get

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funny, love

Woman is precious

Woman is precious
Spend love and admiration
Give compassion and loyalty
Cherish the quality time
And your rewards will be endless
She might give you a good tasty meal

Poem Details | by Jo Bien |
Categories: funny, love

kissed a lot of frogs

waiting for my prince charming
you fell from heaven
frogs a waste of time

Poem Details | by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: fun, humor, husband,

Why no poems

He asks me often
Why I did not write poems
When I fell in love with him

Dazed under your spell
I sure lost my footing like
A ball rolling down a slope

Words abandoned me
A thick cloud covered my brain
You think insane folks can write? 

I’m sorry, he said
A klutz I am to forget
All things wrong always my fault

Written on :07/19/2016
Contest:'Compose a Choka' by Janis Thompson

Poem Details | by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: funny

The Way We Say It!

didga see da nous?
yup! all dose cars in da ditch?
dose fancy cars hey!
dattel teech 'im, eh? betcha
can uh pop dey put dose chains
on dem weels now, yup!
...for Deb's contest! .....dialect is "Snoose"....of Norwegian and Swedish Ancestry, most likely first heard near the Iron-Range towns off Lake- Superior in the 19th. century....

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humorous,



the meringue explodes
squishes twixt heroes bare toes
and the pieman laughs

lemon gel hits cop
on the crusty street down low
“join the party, pal”

Christmas is a time
to pie hard, “yippee ki yay”
with model wise guys

bad apples at large
the hero’s jotting down names
for a half-baked plot

temperature rising
the elevator opens
Macintosh is dead

momentum of pie
thief loses his grip...forfeits
a victory slice

SPONSOR - Michelle Faulkner
Snippets loosely based on “Die Hard”

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: funny, nature

Oh Woe Is Me

Mighty wind blowing
Bringing with him tragedy!
Lines down trees on ground!
Mighty snow falling.
Digging out is hard to do!
Jared shovel that snow!!!!!!!!!

Poem Details | by Jo Bien |
Categories: funny, introspection

my life is an

independent film
where even the leading role
is not played by me

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: dedication, fantasy, funny, inspirational, nature

Even Great Contrasts Depend on Faith

A grain of mustard
Smaller than the eye can see,
With faith as, can move mountains.
Revered for all time,
Mighty redwood warriors grow.
Attaining great age and size.
Rabbits with great speed,
Could win a race if challenged.
Usually stop and nibble.
Slow moving turtles,
With all odds against their win,
Use that grain of mustard seed!

Poem Details | by Tirzah Conway |
Categories: funny

Why am I waiting?

Why am I waiting?
I’m tired of holding back;
ready to let go;
I will not delay!
I will tell you how I feel!
Maybe tomorrow?

Poem Details | by karen croft |
Categories: funny,

what happens during a full moon

the moon emerges

the clouds linger in limbo

peoples moods begin to change

i am lost for words

my husband begins to bite

i fall victim at full moon

karen croft
what happens during a full moon?
october 15,2011

Poem Details | by Indiana Shaw |
Categories: cool, humorous, perspective, psychological, recovery from,

Positively Negative


Negative Nellie
Positively negative
Casts nowt, but gloom
No matter how bright the sun
Gave her some sunshades
And told her the world was black
Her black became white
Where then she surprised us all
With a huge smile on her face

Indiana Shaw . . .  

"Reversed psychology" . . . ; )