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Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: funny,

Cockroach at the Right

A cockroach can be found on the right side of my screen. Crawling up and down, it is making quite a scene. I don’t want to see that repulsive thing anymore. What happened to the St. Ives woman who was here before? I think to display that cockroach here is very wrong. I cannot stay on this page for very long. This is a poem. Did you expect a song?

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allusion, dad, funny, insect, mom,


            Scream my desperate daughters ...
            - Mom, kill the cockroach ...!
            I ask because mom
            and not the father ...!?
            - What's the reason for not
             dad ...!?
            They answer in chorus:
            - Dad crushes ... and we
              cannot stand... !
             - Mom, kill with class,
                with insecticide ... let it
                dizzy ...!
              So, here at home,
              is she the woman who
              is the exterminator of the future!
              of cockroaches ...!

Poem Details | by Indiana Shaw |
Categories: humorous, insect, satire,

Cockroach Lovers



If: you ever come across a cockroach lover, avoid them like mad
They are either so very weird or very desperately lonely and sad

Indiana Shaw . . . ; ) 

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: conflict, humorous, insect,

Mr Cockroach vs Mr Beedle

Said Mr. Cockroach to Mr. Beedle
  My body threads the 'Insect Needle'
I'm agile, swift, and how I jump
  Mr. Beedle, you're far too plump

Replied Mr. Beedle to Mr. Cocroach
  My attributes one cannot coach
I'm sturdy, steady -- albeit slow
  My shell protects me from my foes

The debate continues
  Hot embers fanned; for 
These two rivals' return
  To 'in(ter)sectionality lands'