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Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: animals, funny, nature,

Hermit Crab

a squatter or scab,

drags his house, like a shell cab,

that's the hermit crab!

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: food, funny, imagination, nature, places, seasons, visionary,

Crab Feast (Nonet)

It runs gracefully across the sand 
Feet leaving prints as it passes 
Gracefully moves its own way 
Delicacy for some 
It’s now on the run 
Dashing for hole 
Peppered spice 
It’s hot 

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: animals, funny, life,

The *** and the Crab

An *** keeps crabbing against a crab
   that has just dug a manhole nearby,
      concerned about rumors that might fly,
         tarnishing his reputation thereby,

for when folks ponder, ask in  wonder
   about that dark hollow in the ground
      and see in the vicinity only him
         and no one else around,

they'll surely wink and snicker, and rib
   each other with a question so crass:
      Prithee, what do you call that hole
         obviously belonging to that ***?

Indeed, when folks have  finally made up
   their minds and mouths about you,
      no finger-pointing will ever do,
        the damage done you can't undo !

Poem Details | by Bart Jonas |
Categories: funny,

..and the CRAB will face-the bulging FLAB!!

Stepping upon yonder SCALE
A weight,230,it means that I did  FAIL
Hunger horrors as one gets OLD
acid indigestion..from the Doritos or so i'm TOLD
Beauty school  dropout(I had never PASSED)
Fading studly looks(knowing early it could never LAST)
As we get older,our demeanor becomes mostly CRAB
becoming mortals and facing expanding FLAB