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Poem Details | by Samuel Lee |
Categories: abuse, addiction, allegory, death, funny, metaphor, water,

To You, Crocodile

The river dragon of crimson streams
Swiftly swimming to bring my end
As I’m standing alone at the silent shore
The beast from this murk suddenly ascends.
Gripping my face in her flawless jaws
The teeth latched efficiently into flesh
Pulling me quickly into the depths
Dragging me into the shallow grave.
Surrounded in filth, drowning in the banks
The apex predator’s grip never relenting
All I can do is break, bleed and decompose
Hoping for some relief in the pending death.
I find some comfort in this prolonged pain,
Because I haven’t felt a thing in ages.    

Poem Details | by John Trusty |
Categories: humorous, travel,

Sweet or Salty Crocodile

Here’s the best thing you should know,
if ever to Australia you go.
Don’t ever wind up as a feast,
for this voracious reptilian beast.
For your reasoning surely would be faulty,
if you ever “muck about” with a “SALTY”.
And don’t think he was born with a tooth that’s “SWEET”.
To him you are just another piece of meat.
So if you must visit his polluted “Billabong” retreat,
 make sure the only thing he swallows is what you excrete!

For the Sweet or Salty contest

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

In A While Crocodile

Been writing Limericks in the last while In my own inimitable quite naughty style Hope I get by those censors Nothing gained, nothing ventured Might be singing “in a while crocodile” © Jack Ellison 2013

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: dark, humor,

Crocodile Tears

He made her life a living hell.
Her heart immune to the death knell
She breaks down and cries
Tears spring from her eyes
Her acting days now serve her well.


Contest: Open Poetry 
Sponsor: Charlotte Puddifoot
11th July, 2015
Placed 7th

Poem Details | by BRIAN EATHERTON |
Categories: funny


See you later alligator
In the Nile crocodile.

Poem Details | by MC MC |
Categories: funny


He would go the extra mile with a smile;
He could do it too. cause he's a crocodile!

Poem Details | by john wilmore |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, child, childhood, children, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous, nonsense, silly,

Carol Crocodile

Carol is a crocodile with big long pointy teeth,
She likes to hide in lakes under the surface, just beneath.
She doesn’t want to bite your legs or eat you in one chew,
She only wants to sneak up close behind you and shout “Boo!”

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: animal, humor,

Pet Crocodile

My boy, I've bought you a crocodile,
it's swimming in the pool.
He'll eat you and you'll die of course,
that's usually the rule.

Funny Poem for a 7-Year Old

Poem Details | by Jim Slaughter |
Categories: animal, humor,

Critterature: The Crocodile or Who's Afraid of Louis Vuitton

Don't be fooled by the smile of a crocodile
Who appears to be happy to meet you.
For though his grin is beguiling,
In his head he's compiling
Various ways he is planning to eat you.
A croc's disposition is hard to predict,
It's quixotic and largely a moot case.
The main thing he most often worries about,
And what keeps him for poachers upon the lookout,
Is becoming a handbag or suitcase.

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: funny love,

In A While Crocodile

Writing Limericks in the last wee while In my own inimitable quite naughty style Hope I get by those censors Nothing gained nothing ventured Might be singing “in a while crocodile”