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Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: food, funny, nature


apples overhang the orchard wall,
sun-kissed drapes now about to fall.

hedgerows ablaze with succulent sweets
will-power melts in a crumble

inspired by Constance's contest

Poem Details | by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: funny, nostalgia,

Snow Flake

summer snowflake...the ice cream man drifts by

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: education, funny, science


Intrals lying on the table
Shark disection, parasites exposed

Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: funny, imagination,

Multicoloured Tutu

multicoloured new tutu
a favourite headgear for the prince's ball

Poem Details | by Malcolm Carr |
Categories: funny


I'm sorry I don't like coffee
It's just not my cup of tea

Poem Details | by Shane Solomon |
Categories: funny, political,

Vote Or Die Or Just Vote

Standing at the White house today
Making riots.... Here comes C I A!

Poem Details | by A Rambling Righting Riley - Shauna Riley |
Categories: funny

I Stand By My Quote

This just might be a deal breaker,
But I do sound smarter on paper!

A Rambling Righting Riley (Shauna Riley Morrison)

For Linda-Marie's "Quote Me" Contest

Poem Details | by Molly Cooper |
Categories: funny, happiness

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

~Silent Laughter, laughter with style

 It hurts to smile, oh once in a while~

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: fun, green, humor, march, uplifting,

Lucky Pockets

wow ~ luck now fills all my pockets
overflowing with four leaf clovers
Date Written: 2/26/2023
"4 Place"
Note: St Patrick's Day will be here soon.

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: humor,

Planning For Retirement

I will not go for collagen,
I'll just stay away from halogen.

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: funny, life


After seasoned hours in the kitchen the cook hates to hear.."please pass the salt"
For the PASS contest....

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: character, cute, funny, girl, humorous, woman, women,

Alpha Woman

She's cute, but also a beaut who's such
A brute she'll give you the boot.

Poem Details | by Jeff Kyser |
Categories: humorous, space,

It's Cold In Space

On the ISS, seems sex is banned;
    The situation's well in hand...

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: giggle, identity, kid,

Un-Eclectic Preference

How would you like to be named 'Scratchy?'
       ~ Well, I'd prefer it to 'Latch-key'

Poem Details | by John Lawless |
Categories: humor, valentines day,

Two For One

I gave my Valentine's heart to you
now I have none and you have two.


A Valentine Crystalline Poetry Contest
Kim Rodrigues - sponsor

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: god, humor,

God and I

I do ponder what He must think.
Of my addiction to quill and ink!

July 29, 2019
7:30 pm PST

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: drink, humor,

Bottle of Cooler

Split splat against my nose it goes, 
Nothing I can do about that though.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: addiction, allusion, crazy, drug, funny, mental illness, psychological,

High Stakes

Trippy hippie likes risky frisky.
Doing gambles of one's living.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humorous,

We All Need a Three D Mirror

Too bad practically no one these days has a three-dimensional mirror.
She would not wear those form-fitting pants if she could see her rear.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: addiction, drug, funny, health, humor, humorous, mental illness,


Love my folks, moreso love my tokes.
Although I ought to stop my jokes.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: addiction, drug, humor,


Holding up this lit cigarette,
Like tiny trumpet in fingertips.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: humor, irony, poetess, poetry, poets, write, writing,

Poet's Policy

I use names unironically,
So save yourself the flattery.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: food, funny, humor, humorous,

No Use Crying Over Spilt Jam

Jams and jams gather all around
As I shatter glass jars on the ground.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: friendship, friendship love, funny,

The Power Of Suggestion

Everyone thought we were more than bros,
But really we're hopeless hoes.

Poem Details | by Marissa Faries |
Categories: funny, humor, humorous,

Grandpa's Shoes

Never able to fill grandpa's shoes.
Not with all of my screws so loose.