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Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: dog, humorous,


Some folks call me a sausage dog I think they couldn’t be meaner It’s not my fault I’m long and short And look like a misshapen wiener I’ve got four stumpy little legs So my tummy is near to the ground My owner’s take me for a drag not a walk Guess that's why they named me Cigarette! 01~16~15 Contest: Dachshunds – Rob Carmack ~awarded 9th place~ Premiere Contest #13 sponsored by SKAT

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: dog, humor,

My Neighbor's Dachshund

My next door neighbor has a little dog
Who lives his life close to the ground
They laughingly call him "Stretch"
A  much sweeter dog cannot be found

Stretch has an" I can do it" attitude
He tries and tries to jump the fence
Now really, its just my own opinion
But I think he's more than a little dense

He tries to bring in the morning paper
Between his legs he lets it drag along
Almost every day he trips and falls
Never able to figure out what's wrong

He brings a bit of fun to the neighborhood
We gladly doggie- sit when they're away
This goofy little dog with six inch legs
Has a  way of brightening up our day

Poem Details | by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: humor,

Confused Dachshund

There's a dachshund from Key Biscay
saving ice cubes for a sweltery day
He buries them deep
hoping they'll keep
and wonders how they get away