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Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: child, funny, imagery, imagination,

A Donkey Spy

Meet Dorothy the donkey she has a weird googly eye, when she’s staring straight at you you will either laugh or cry. For you see, whenever she seems to be gazing ahead, her crazy googly eye is looking to her side instead! If you think she can't see you, you forgot her googly eye; hard to believe, but it's true, some say she's a donkey spy. With her googly eye, oh my! (Rhyme) 8/21/2015

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, animal, food, funny, metaphor, poetry,


There once was a donkey
He was married to a horse
Donkey was to stubborn
So the donkey got a divorce

Cleaver was the ways of the hen
She married a bucking rooster
He took her by the wing then
Tried to seduced her

Don't want no green eggs N ham
Don't want to go on the lamb
I am, I am horsey running away
Chickens can't fly they may leap and jump
Think I'm gonna have Popeye's Chicken for lunch, :) ha! ha! Ha!


Poem Details | by Viv Wigley |
Categories: humor,

Flying Donkey

I'm only supposed to eat carrots
and carry large loads for no pay,
so winching me up the Cathedral
was not in my plans for the day.
The crowd below seemed quite excited
as over their heads I shot past,
till the zip wire could bear me no longer
then it was my turn to kick ***.
To say I was grateful to those folk
who cushioned my fall, there's no doubt.
So I left them a gift for their rose beds- I hope that it all washes out.

Poem Details | by Brian Davey |
Categories: funny, humorous, imagery,

Donkey Kong

Bounced checks the world collects,
on fantasies of their own account...

Rubber necks strain to be next,
Hi Ho Silver on a Jack *** they mount...

Poem Details | by Anna Makoujy |
Categories: funny,

Dancing to the Tune of the Donkey

The once was a lass with no class.
She was the world's biggest horse's ***.
Yet the irony remains,
that the girl with all the brains, 
listened to the lass with no class.

Poem Details | by Sierra Chen |
Categories: 1st grade, for her, fun, funny, work,



Should a donkey fail to perform
set the intention to
Let Her Go

Years of training her brain
A dunce’s hat 
“Clowning Achievement”
Tethered this donkey and a horse to a tree
Mates no mule, must 

A mighty prod in the back
Shows no betterment, must 
let-her-go, set-her-free

In point of fact

Poem Details | by April Lee |
Categories: funny love,

Jenky donkey

My donkey is Jenky 

I knew from the start. 

I tried not to love him 

but he stole my heart. 

Every morning he smile, 

Gently kiss my forehead. 

Coming rite back,

Every morning he said. 

An hour'd pass by,

Then maybe two. 

No sign of my donkey,

Do what do I do?

I look out my window, text donkeys phone.

No sign of my donkey, could donkey be gone?

He gave me his word,

No reason to lie. 

But donkey don't show,

N ape starts to cry. 

My donkey Is Jenky,

He tells me sweet lies. 

Forever I'll love him. 

Til the day donkey dies.