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Poem Details | by Sm Koval |
Categories: humorous, imagination,

The Eagle and the Wind

His eyes soar through me,
The wind at his back as he
Swiftly passes me by.
I am still with wonder,
As I watch this creature
Glide through the air.
Romance is my only thought.
I imagine how much the wind 
Must enjoy feeling 
The feathery soft touch of his wings.
And I begin to wonder
Does it tickle?

I hear the buzzing of the breeze.
Is the wind singing or laughing?
I wonder, what might they say,
The Eagle and the Wind,
If we could speak to each other?
And inside I laugh at my demise
As I holler out my question
Into the wind.

Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: bird, confusion, humorous,

The Amorous Eagle

An eagle was amorous one day
wanted a little bit you might say,
a hen he could not find
a duck will do he whined 
I’m a Drake said duck but that’s okay,

realised he had made a mistake
by trying to make love to a drake
thinking it was a duck
our eagle was dumbstruck 
his prey was suffering from backache.