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Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, career, change, confidence, courage, humanity, humor,

Self Control

Self control 
When a man lacks
Self control 
He lacks 
Self pride 

So start from here 
If you ever think of 

Poem Details | by Nato Calubiran |
Categories: crazy, kids, humor,

Captcha Codes : a Nonsense Poem

tedtiAn against
from ommosav
student folhom
alkaline temesis
Let ioCgov
ttaburg has
astunict because
out cisioSC
oaxpre document
was ntituxp

Captcha, Captcha, Captcha
Nobody needs ya.
Everybody doesn't want ya.
One day I'm gonna hack ya.

Poem Details | by Joyce Wolayo |
Categories: allusion, boyfriend, desire, devotion, funny love,

Zain My Love

Zebras gallop in the distance reminding me of your love
Always on my mind when I need you
Inside my heart and body like a gallant giraffe
Nothing and no one could love me like you.

Zest doesn’t catch a fly but I would catch you
All around me it is a heaven you created
Impenetrable with no illusions, it’s us, you and me
Never looking back, your smile is a kiss Zain.

Zoom in like a camera, always and I will always say;
Amen with me and let it be forever, always my love
Inseparable as the sky and the moon
No one could change these feelings in a billion years.

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, encouraging, good morning, humor, power,

Am Alive Again

Am alive again
Am alive again

Here we go

Believe me

I swear 

If not

Am alive again.

Poem Details | by William Darnell Sr. |
Categories: february, humor, journey, literature, me, muse, poetry, success, word play, words, writing,

Who I Am

Who Am I;
Who I am!

may know me? 
But you have no idea: 
who I am?

See me?

I'm there; 
Inside you now.

- Look?

See me again;
Right here, it's me!

- Who am I
- Who I am


Ha! Ha! 

who was he? 


Revised Edition: August 23, 2021, 8:17 AM (EST)

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: anti bullying, cheer up, faith, giggle, god, ireland, irony, word play, world,

This Starts

Clip art,

dancing stars,
dictionary wars,
semblance starx,
solitary parts,
 Clip art...

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, humanity, humor, inspirational, lost love, love, truth,

Simple Yet Complicated

Simple yet complicated
Life is not hard 
Is so simple 
To live with love 
Yet so complicated 
Among humans of today

Poem Details | by Suraj Singh |
Categories: goodbye, humor, i am, sorrow, sorry, strength, suicide,

Questions For You

One day I'll be gone
I guess I'm not wrong. 
I have few questions for you
Answer them when you have time
But without a single crime this time. 
Would you cry? 
Would you even try? 
Would you ever ask yourself why? 
Would you say its such a waste? 
Would you wonder at the haste?

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, break up, cheer up, divorce, for her, humanity, humor,

The Last Word

The last word

For every end times
Too bad 
The heart bleeds
When goodbye 
The last word!

Poem Details | by Dave Gregg |
Categories: funny, giggle,

C U B I T a L S

Whose concerns are elbow germs?
The bugs we cannot see?
We wash our face and scour both hands
But hinge joint ligaments
Receive no such sentiment
Soaps' a stranger to our winged tips
Located somewhere between the hips
Fractures, aches, arthritis
Funny bones, bumps and bursitis
But elbow germs invite no press
Which is why arm colds are such distress!

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, america, confidence, courage, humanity, humor,

Life Is Deep

life is deep
yet you are 

life is deep
yet you are 
in the hole of life
and the hole 
can't be available
with out you 
in it 

life is deep
so dig 

life is deep 
well how 
deep can 
you go 

life is deep 
yet in
it mysteries
lies the source
of our growth

life is deep
but we could 
be it deepness

life is deep
yet our soul
lives along 
with it energy

life is deep
yet the 
deepest part 
is yet to be 
a new beginning
in our creativity
on moral values
no wonder yet still
life is deep

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: environment, home, house, humorous, image,

Wealth Unclaimed

Compulsory contentment shown by this man above whose temple a large bridge passes and his spacious serenity glorified by highways and his dwelling in a direct romance with the skies. Cars uncountable, his sight delights while people visit and pass but with no attraction. Cleaners and sanitary officers in government clothing; who are his usual unofficial employees. Struggling with busy-faced and fast paced individuals becoming his live event without a screen. But when the rains begin and the sun scorches he’ll hide in his rags and face the challenge of homelessness.

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, courage, freedom, humanity, humor, strength, writing,

Let Your Heart Speak

Let your heart speak
Poets are the eyes
Of the world

A poet hearts
Is too large
Some times heavy 
Some times light 

Poetry is an act 
Of humanity
For those who are 
Of love

Poetry is my song
Poetry is my life
Poetry is my soul
Poetry is my spirit 

I love the gift of nature
When the pen 
Pens what the heart bleeds

So on poetry oh poets
Let your heart speak

Poem Details | by Eitak Nella |
Categories: funny,

The Rain

It's raining pitchforks I say,
Always in the middle of May,
O! The day in May,
When pitchforks come nay.

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, blessing, courage, humanity, humor, motivation, world,

Let's Make the World Great Again

Lets make the world great again

If we must live in peace
We must learn 
How to move along
Together with 
One another

So instead to make just
An empire great again

Lets Together 
great and small

Lets make the world great again

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, desire, hope, humanity, humor,

One Vision One Mission One Goal

One vission one mission one goal

How wonderful it will be 
If the world could be lead
By one vission in truth

How beautiful the world 
Will look like 
If we all live to survive 
By one mission in honesty 

How great it will be 
When we live 
With love
Just to achieve 
One goal called

Poem Details | by John Robert Bones |
Categories: funny, words,

Writers Block

From  pen to paper my words will not flow,
oh how frustrating, I want to shout. How
I wish  I could think of some lyric, or line
to  put on  paper that would look so fine.

What Iv`e got is common enough, It`s
called writers block you see It happens
to the best of us you  know. 

It can  last a day, a month, or a year
brings misery instead of cheer. Knowing 
I have words to share, doesnt  help, 
or improve things at all. I might 
as well throw my pen away and
go up the wall.

Poem Details | by Sidney Beck |
Categories: funny

Beowolf Or Boewelf


Tho werld weould romain tho samo
Mon weuld  levo wemon  - a damo  !
Tolophenos  weould bo noodod
Swoot werds weuld bo hoodod
Meroevor levo ceuld ond up as moro 
Ometienal  mossagos botwoon boings.
Semotimos wo might smeko  wood
If wo folt tho roal nood
Peots weuld continuo  te writo  se :
“Wheso weeds thoso aro I think I knew” 
If yeu livod in Ourepo  or Now Yerk
Maybo yeu weuldn’t havo to  werk 
All wook for  a rost at tho wookond
And a boor with cleso frionds.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


I replaced each   o  with   e ,  and each   e   with   o .
The result is reminiscent of early English

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: abuse, africa, cheer up, dedication, deep, humanity, humor,

The War Against Ourselves

The war against ourselves 
The profit of wars 
Is a shame to humanity 

The out come of wars 
Is a wound to mankind 

The brutality of wars 
Is a calamity to nature

The wars that destroys nature
The war against ourselves

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, change, corruption, courage, humanity, humor, motivation,

Where the Dieing World Exist

Where the dieing world exist 
Devalued lifes
Full of shadows 
Of slaves
Where poverty live 
With out evacuation

So if you ever care 

Help preserve the third world where 
The dieing world exist

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: abuse, africa, change, confusion, freedom, humor,

A Step Too Far

a step too far
breaking news 
on my TV 

I was surprise to see 
my president again 

as he utter his speech
I was interested and happy 
to listen 

I was full of hopes 
not until my right was 
seen as a step too far 

what a shame 
what a word 
what a president

 after 3months
away from the country 
this was his message 

but am sorry 
my right is my right 
our right is our right 

the country is a mess 
our economy is falling
speedily down 

the people are disunity
as much as we claim united

our business are in closed 
our wages are zero 
and when we fight for

oh God I get confused
our President 
say is 
a step too far!

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: abuse, africa, courage, fear, humor, motivation,

Call a Spade a Spade

Call a spade a spade 

Take no chance 
Of intimidation 

Except your right 
dont mean nothing 
To you 

So when you are been 
Moved around like 
A sheep 
Stand up for your 
Self and 
Call a spade a spade

Poem Details | by John E Wordslinger |
Categories: epic

No Humor In Heaven/Helleitte and the Zabracazebra (Part6)

I would like to thank you for your visit.
I have removed these poems for a distant future book publication.
I believe we poets, can make a difference
in this world. We live in the 21st century,
we have tools( technology), we have our past,  and imagination.
We just don't have the courage, because
I guess most are afraid to fail, to loose money.
All I have to say is we can't take money with us,
when we die. I also say hasn't mankind failed enough,
and isn't mankind worth the effort, our children is worth the effort..

Thank you, and my your God Bless you

John E WordSlinger

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, courage, freedom, growth, humanity, humor, inspiration,

Everyone Got a Reason

everyone got a reason
every one is struggling
one way or the other 

we are need to survive
one way or the other 

everyone need to be free
freedom is need in every soul 
one way or the orther

everyone is fighting
we all got a fight 
one way or the other 

everyone need focus 
cos nowadays 
we are out of focus 
one way or the other 

everyone need to win
we need prove 
one thing some how 
that thing that brings 
 us a sense of  belonging
one way or the other

we are all victims of live 
one way or the other

every one need love
it helps in if
everyone got a reason

Poem Details | by Mario Perez |
Categories: epic

Its Funny

It's funny when good turns to 
Happy turns to sad.
Beautiful turns to ugly.
You love me turns to you hate 
Love turns to hate.
Real turns to fake.
Strong turns to weak.
Days turns to weeks.
Good people turns to freaks.
Best friends turn to enemies.
Locks turns to keys.
Fiction turn to true.
Me living with you turns to 
living without you.
Not knowing what to do turns 
to something to do-Mario Perez