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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous,

Christmas Tree Fairy

She fell from the top of the Christmas tree Bumped her head and said ‘oh deary me’ With pine needles sticking in various places The Christmas tree fairy pulled funny faces Jan Allison 5th December 2014 Not for Contest

Poem Details | by Zoe Marshall |
Categories: creation, cute, emotions,

The Giggle Fairy

Hello, my name is Mary
And I'm a giggle fairy!
You will know when I am near
just listen then you'll hear...
The sound of gentle giggling
The sound of my wings wriggling
It's bound to make you smile
If you listen for a while
I arrive when you feel sad 
To make you feel less bad
I pour giggles in your heart 
but this is just the start
I steal away your fears
and dry up all your tears
Then when your giggles start
It's then I have to part
but I'll return one day
With giggles all the way

Poem Details | by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: anti bullying, fairy, humanity, humorous, murder, philosophy, integrity,

Little Men

Little Men

They speak
Before thinking
They speak 
After drinking
They speak
When silence would make them wiser
They speak
The words of little men

Sadly they know not the land of the meek
Inheritance shall never be theirs to keep

They obtained a few drops of knowledge
Yet they possess no well of wisdom
They care more the vocal of their own voice
Than the heart to whom they think they speak
They lack honor, integrity, bravery and nobility
It’s simply not in their stock
They ridicule and then they mock

On deathbeds I do wonder
If they shall ever take stock
Or shall they hold greedy
Their stupidity
Taking it with them to the grave

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: clothes, fairy, fashion, funny, gender, humorous, identity,

I Like My Body

I like my body when it's with your clothes.
With your skirts and with your hose.
Panties, bras and stilettos -
you must let me BORROW those!
Oooh, they're tight... I don't suppose
you've got these in open toes...?

Lycia Harding

For the 'Complete the Line' Contest
Line 3:  ‘I like my body when it is with your..’---e.e. cummings

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: anger, dog, humorous, irony,

The Dog Poo Fairy

Here’s a fact SOME dog owners have missed - The dog poo fairy DOESN’T exist So get out your scoop And clear up that poop Or you’ll get a big slap on the wrist! Inspired by a large poster I saw on a van 07~16~15

Poem Details | by Gail Debole |
Categories: computer, fairy, fantasy, holiday, humorous,

Leprechaun - Version 16

March 16, 2016
Written by Gail DeBole

Leprechaun - Version 16.0

A Leprechaun who would not rest
Until achieving his virtual best.
Would look for the gold
As he virtually scrolled
To find his emoji treasure chest.

Note: Illustrated in Coloring within the Limericks, available on and other retail websites.

Poem Details | by Joseph Jeremiah Naye |
Categories: allusion, dream, fairy, humor, inspirational, mystery,

Wolverine Growl

The solemn night's silence was
As needles pierces with a shrieking 
  sound bespoken.
So the growl of the wolverine breakthrough 
  the moonless night,
Waking up in a jolt, drenched in sweat,  
  what a sweet plight,
Lo, it was only a frozen case of a
  nightmare awoken.

Poem Details | by Jean Murray |
Categories: fairy, humorous, parody,

Paddy the Leprechaun

There once was a young Leprechaun Paddy,
who it's said was the spit of his Daddy.
With orange skin and red hair,
he looked really rare.
Like Trump when he was a wee caddy.

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funny

Fairy Nuff

There once was a little fairy
Who staggered down the road feeling merry
Along came a man
With a two metre wang
He bumped into her and popped her cherry

Poem Details | by Donna Golden |
Categories: funny, love, teen

Fairy Tale Flounderings

That steamy summer day
At age fourteen and three months
I stood awaiting the kiss
Of the tall, dark, handsome hunk 

My stomach was in knots
As terror snaked up my throat
Would he think it was okay?
Would he, with flowery words, emote?

His luscious lips descended
As I closed unbelieving eyes
A thrill rushed through my body
I was weak from feet to thighs

Then, suddenly, his tongue
Darted out and squished around
In a sloppy and slathering mess
My feet never left the ground

When the “kiss” was over
I couldn’t look at him the same
He was a dog; no longer a boy
And, now, I don’t recall his name

Inspired by John Heck's contest, "Egads, My First Kiss?"

Poem Details | by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
Categories: fairy,

Funny Guy

love your style
it goes for miles
here's why
you make me smile

Poem Details | by Susan Gentry |
Categories: fantasy, humorous, magic,

My Fairy Tale Story

Maybe I am pessimistic
you might say I'm not realistic

Finally my true love appeared
after waiting all these years...
it did happen
right before my eyes
yes, he was a prince in disguise

True loves
always arrive on time...
looking to be in their prime 
evident in all the rhymes

Seems my Prince Dixon
took up with Lady Vixon
on his way to me
right or not he needs fixin'
you certainly must agree

June 20, 2018

Fairy Tale Contest by Alexis Y.

Poem Details | by Gail Lewis |
Categories: fairy, garden, humorous, imagination, magic,

The Key Fairy

You will find me in the dark of night
 Laying on your floor
 My shadows will be great
 I live eternally in your door
 When will you release me
 Who will come to see
 This poor little piece of wood fairy 
 Trapped inside the key!

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: allegory, crush, fairy, fantasy, heartbreak, humor, hyperbole,

Sort of a Fairy Tale

White Knight gallantly galloped 
   swiftly 'pon his black steed
 to discernibly save the day, 
  pretty perky princess 'twas awe stricken
          with the well endowed stallion, 
they trotted abruptly into the future - -

        presumptively, the knight retired to the dark side

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: adventure, childhood, giggle,

A Fairy Tale

Looking like a tiny  princess
Her dress the palest blue
Gold dust falling round her
A happy giggle as  she flew

She laughed and then went flitting
Around the garden park
Resting on a toadstool
Listening to the golden lark

Her feet in rosy satin slippers
With shiny buckles too
I knew I must be dreaming
When she sipped the morning dew

All to soon the picture faded
As I heard a voice so  sweet
"Up my dear; its time for school"
Alas, my fairy dream complete............

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humor,

The End of a Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, the royal throne room -
buzzing with birds, bees, a princess and groom,
urinal and pot,
where they’d have a squat.
Vacated royals - posited stench-bloom.

Line Gauthier’s Funny Limerick Contest

Poem Details | by Carl Bellerose |
Categories: fairy, fantasy, halloween, horror, humorous, raven,

Night Whisper

                A vicious spell has been cast 
                into a black cauldron to boil
            Trouble and toil attempts to spoil
             The snake is beginning to uncoil

        He will keep you up late reeling in hate
        continually accepting the dangling bate
       Post twelve o’clock chime precisely timed
              his louring voice will play games 
            behind the candles flickering flames

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: cute, fairy, funny, heart, hello, home, hope,


A speck
What the heck?


Poem Details | by Jennifer Sanfilippo |
Categories: adventure, fairy, freedom, giggle, happiness, magic, wisdom,

The Faery Explorer

I am the Faery Explorer
no lives less
always the more
your path I've chosen
learning is my way
this I do many lives through
for my Family Fae

In your step
behind your eyes
upon your breath
my Faery soul lies
we sing, we laugh, we make merry
with you I hurt and cry
I am, the Explorer Faery 

Eat drink and be Faery
For tomorrow we Fly!

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 6th grade, 7th grade, fun, funny, humor, humorous, kid,

A Fairy Tale

Fairy Birth.
Fairy Laugh.
Fairy Dance.
Fairy Skips.
Fairy Hopes.
Fairy Likes.
Fairy Dream.
Fairy Loves.
Fairy Jests.
Fairy Leaps.
Fairy Falls.
Fairy Juice.

Written on 3/20/18

Poem Details | by Fred Jagenberg |
Categories: childhood, fairy, humor, imagination, suicide,

Peter Pan

Famous garb of tighty-tights In flying high a child delights To never have a crappy day He smiles and floats and flies away Propensity to lie ingrained From that moment mind constrained If only we could fly again The smile would surely follow Old and tested never tried Life a disappointing ride Until the day that I decide To be like Peter Pan

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: children, fairy, fantasy, fun, games, humorous, silly,

Jolly Ollie

Jolly Ollie, the tiddledy winks king
Jolly Ollie really mastered that thing
He's amazing to human dragon and elf
He even impressed the Pope
Who's a pretty good winker himself.

Poem Details | by John Fenn |
Categories: childhood, fantasy, children, funny

Tooth Fairy

What do the tooth fairies do with the teeth
They collect while you slumber at night
Where do they get all the money from
There’s just something that doesn’t sit right
Supposing one day there’s a shortage
Will fairies; scared of losing their job
Creep in your room while your sleeping
And steal the teeth out of your gob

(C) John W Fenn  09-10-2009

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: christmas, fairy, fantasy, food, funny, horror, silly,

Sandwich Elf

The sandwich elf, the sandwich elf
Seduces you into eating his self
Turns to jelly 
In your belly
Yet blows out whole
From your as*hole.

Poem Details | by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: funny, imagination, lost love, love, fairy, love,

Leprechauns Curse

My gold for your love my flighty flirty girl,
You spin my head in a special certain whirl.

Our love not to be allowed, forebode to succeed.
My fairy princess of my soul and heart, indeed,

Leprechaun and you, fluttering fairy to see,
Our hearts and passions will not truly ever be.

Therefore, I secure my soul offer my pot of gold.
That anyone will seek to capture me so bold.

I will trade Gold, for the magic, I seek divine.
That I become a fairy prince, and make you mine,

If my wish shall never be granted until the end of time,
I place a curse on poets, upon their labor of all rhyme.