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Poem Details | by Donald J Bennett |
Categories: fantasy, funny, old,

A Sad Old Flea

A sad old flea and a silly old gnat
were boogieing it down
on the neck of an aristocrat
When suddenly Splat
they're flat
And that was that

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: adventure, bullying, dog, giggle, humor, humorous, moving on,

Resentful Flea

hear about the angry flea

flitting about crabbily

well it hopped a dog

who fell in a bog

and they floated out to sea.

Poem Details | by James Ray Morris |
Categories: funny, happiness, life, on work and working, people, places

A Day At the Flea Market

Dealers arriving
Merchandise appearing.
Bargain hunters searching
Treasures departing.
Dealers exiting
with pockets a-jingling.

Poem Details | by Ned Flanders |
Categories: funny

The Flea and the Fly

The Flea and the Fly.

"You have an attitude at altitude." 
Said the Fly as he flew, 
to the Flea as he jumped 
in the air as they bumped. 

"Swearing like that". 

"An attitude at altitude". 
Said the Flea as he fell, 
to the Fly flying by. 
"I think you surly jest 
you flypast pest". 

Said the Fly faraway. 

"I"ve gone and hurt my knee "said the Flea 
groaning on the ground. 
"Blooming Fly I hope you die 
and all I can say at the end of the day 
is I had the Height of way"!

Poem Details | by Rockman Pritts |
Categories: funny

Flea Limerick

Is that a flea on me?
Get off of me you flea
'Cause I'll crush your crust
And I'll flick your dust
Then You'll see I don't like fleas

Rockman  :-)

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: funny

Flea Circus

Who said that money doesn't grow on trees
You can't pick it anytime that you please
But throughout this recession
My dog's in depression
For to a circus I'm selling his fleas

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: funny

Flea Dip

One appointment I'd like to forget
A place that always makes me sweat
A simple doctor's exam
He doesn't know who I am
I took a wrong turn and went to the vet

Poem Details | by John Fenn |
Categories: animals, funny

Tick Tick Tick Tick Flea

Tick, tick, tick tick flea
Said the sheep as she did her ablution
These pesky things get everywhere
Is there really no final solution
With just one haircut in the spring
Followed close, by our annual wash
We’re girls you know, it’s not the thing
How on earth can we ever be posh
If only we were human, we
Could bathe when we wanted, what bliss
We’d have bath time, spring, summer and autumn
But in winter we’d give it a miss

© John W Fenn  18-09-2009

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

Male Flea Bags

Horse drawn carriages were at the will of the stag What if he had a scrap with his nagging old nag Must be the same In the equestrian game It's a universal complaint for us male fleabags