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Poem Details | by Jacob Cra |
Categories: funny,

Flounder From the Little Mermaid

I am Flounder, wild and young.
I flap my fins and love to have fun.
And sometimes when I eat bad algae,
I make the water a little bit bubbly!

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: kids, humor,

I Found a Flounder

I found a flounder, 

   fifty pounder! 

iin my vegetable stew.

   He ate my carrots.
   He ate my peas.

And he ate my broccoli, too.

   I like my flounder, 
   my sixty pounder!

I think you'd like him, too.

   He ate my tatters.
   He ate my beans.

And now he weighs seventy-two!

So if you hate to eat your vegetables,

    look closely in your stew.

there just might be a flounder there,

    eating your veggies for you.