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Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
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Sex Education For Kids

A day at the zoo can be tough
As animals tend to play rough
So mom said, "Whoa!
Its time to go!"
When bull elephants did some stuff

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
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Funny House Pets for Kids


First you got an alligator.

Next came a giraffe.

Lions ride your elevator,

bears hide in your bath.



       (a duck?),


             run amok through all your rooms!

Soon, if you don't set them free - there will be no room for me!


Poem Details | by Rita A. Simmonds |
Categories: beach, child,

Funny Beach Poem for Kids

I saw you playing on the beach,
the sky so blue but out-of-reach.
You started throwing sand so high
it hit the sun right in the eye!
He pulled the clouds around his head
like fluffy pillows from a bed.
Then rain poured down from darkened sky;
You didn’t mean to make him cry.

Poem Details | by Rizo Ale |
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Fuuny Cat Poem For Kids

Here kitty kitty,
let's play hide and seek.
Hey, kitty?
Oh, you are asleep.

Come kitty, 
give me a hug.
Where are you, kitty?
Oh, you are taking a nap.

Good night my kitty.
Now, you are up?
Listen my kitty,
Don't be such a cat.

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
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Funny story Sammy Snake with a cold for kids

Sammy snake had a cold
with a nose that was always runny
now where could he keep a hanky
no pockets in his skin life wasn't funny

he tried to spear it on a twig
carried it with his tail
but when he sneezed it shot out
so many times a fail

got his friend hissing Sid
to tie it round his neck
he sneezed  tried to grab it
ended up in such a mess

so decided to let it run
use the leaves to wipe it clean
yuck a Ssssnake with a cold
thank goodness leaves are green.

penned 15 October 2015.

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: fun,

Funny haikus for kids

Funny haikus for kids

monkey snatches purse
you throw banana to him
he throws back your purse..

saddle a wild horse
to jump on its back swiftly 
else it rides on you ..

tree that offers shade
also might be nesting birds
blesses with droppings ..

playing in puddles
and muddy clothes by day end
how will you face mom ...

big zeroes in the notebook
is there any use ..

Written April 21st, 2016
Sponsor- Team PoetrySoup

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
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Funny haikus for kids

Funny haikus for kids

croaking sounds calling
as you jump into puddles
frogs leap on your feet....

little sparrows chirp
fly together as you tease
droppings on your head....

giant elephant 
trumpets and shakes its big ears
roller coaster ride....

giraffe eats high leaves
wish they soon reach the stomach
stuck in the long neck....

cartoons the whole day
animals play in jungle
as you watch tv.....

Written Oct 30th, 2015
For contest " Funny haikus for kids"
Sponsor- Team poetrysoup

Poem Details | by Arielle Williams |
Categories: animal, funny, giggle,

a funny rhyme for kids

ruby the ram
met larry the lamb
to frolic in the fields 
as they would hop
they came to a stop
because they met some eels
they slithered and scurried
and the two friends hurried
because they didn't want to get shocked
they pounced and ran
screamed as fast as they can
and all of the eels flocked

Poem Details | by Dan Cwiak |
Categories: child, memory, remember,


Art Linkletter said,
"Kids will say the darndest things".
Who's he?  Google time.

Poem Details | by Xihluke mlangeni |
Categories: africa, imagery,

The funny comedian for kids

She's the funniest comedian who doesn't
make jokes
But always there as a clown
Her words are like golden Crown

When your mouth is closed with pains 
sHe shall be there to open it with Gains
She's the same comedian
who will kiss you in front of your friends 

Have you ever heard about the Puppy in 
the neighborhood?
>>>Yes that is you<<<
You are Mummy favourite Pet
Always there to feed your little tummy