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Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: best friend, funny, missing,

- Feelings of Guilt -

Hold back the tears of sorrow

                   Imprisoned in this torment bounded by guilt

                          As I write your name on the wall

                        I miss the days when you were here

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Charlie Knowlton |
Categories: animal, best friend, dog, funny, humor, pets, silly,

Top 10 Things My Dogs Have Never Said To Me

Top 10 things my dogs have never said to me.   Ever!

Number 10…"Can we get a cat?"

Number 9…"No,…As a matter of fact I`m not happy to see you."

Number 8…"That`s ok, you eat the rest of that rib eye."

Number 7…"Sorry about your friends leg, and of course i`ll pay for the pillow."

Number 6…"Do I need a mint?"

Number 5…"And where have you been?"

Number 4…"Is there a 12 step group for butt sniffing?"

Number 3…"Please!…Do not rub my belly or scratch my ears. "

Number 2…" You threw it…You go get it."

And the number 1 answer is!

"That`s your third beer ya know."

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: best friend, cool, giggle, humor,

- of Similarities -

All the slightest detais that make us so far apart, but so alike

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Jannie Breedt |
Categories: best friend, funny, grandfather, old,

Old Man Time

Redeployed in an ugly skin
Pleated and spotted and grumpy within
What I call walking ,they call shuffling
I'm bending down to tie my shoe
While Im down here what else can I do?

When driving down my lip protrudes
Only for the dentist will I open mouth
Okay , Ill wave at you but I wont smile
The dog and the toilet are my only true friends
You get up to go and then you go again

Memories are yesterday
Forgetfulness is all over today
Ill tell you what it is
But forgot what I was going to say

Got to buy dogfood
Where are my glasses?
Who am I talking to?
They've all gone away

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: friend, humorous, poetess,

Limburger Cheese Poetess


Sometimes I feel like a hunk of Limburger cheese!
Poets pass my poetry as if it had the great aroma 
of unwashed toes and knees.
These poets are the ones who pretend to be my 
PS friends?
But off in the distance, they live in Big Ego City, 
just beyond the bend.
They avoid better poets than I,and tis no surprise!
Prancing about the soup with guile and smiling disguise!
So,it's a damaging, unkind game they play.
My knowing Karma is coming their way.

                   January 3, 2020
                      11:45 pm PST

Poem Details | by Volodymyr Knyr |
Categories: betrayal, friend, humorous, rap,

A Friend

Who else, if not a friend,
turns up to rap and rend?

Volodymyr Knyr

Poem Details | by Rob Carmack |
Categories: animal, best friend, dog, humorous, love, pets, thanks,

Sonnet Chiweenie Boo

Your dad, a Dachshund once stuck in Chihuahua.
The best of both in you, with that expectant
Confusing carpets for the lawn enigma.
I know….the raining….getting wet….you can’t.

As coldness chills the room, a sheet for you.
The perfect tucking of in, but you moved!
I ponder, just how crazy is my Boo?
The sheet’s thread count too low to be approved?

Your dance in circles, spinning on the floor.
Rewards and treasures known upon the racks.
Induced by meals and that one pantry door.   
In such a fury, choking on the snacks.

I know what God’s book says, I’ve searched it whole.
But still, I hope you have a little soul.


Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: friend, funny,

And She's Not Bad Lookin Either

Her Soup name we know as PD
Her REAL name is Linda you see
And Irma as well
Trevino! I yell
From my rooftop...Can’t hear me? (Poor me)

For a very special and loyal friend...

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: car, friend, friendship, funny, giggle, halloween, humorous,

Tim and His Kelly Green Mustang

I have a friend by the name of Tim, He keeps in shape when frequents the gym. His Kelly green Mustang he drove And smack'd it into a cove. The witches got him and ate one of his limbs! Dorian Petersen aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 October,5,2014

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: best friend, bird, flying, giggle, humor, humorous, sound,

unfortunate singer

my friend quigley likes to sing

really almost any thing

till once a high note

caused a bird to float

back down to earth less one wing.

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: appreciation, death of a friend, humor,

Death of a Friend

There were no tears of sorrow when she passed
No suffering or pain, a quiet death
Though many questioned just how long she'd last
Few noticed when she took her final breath

So many photographs and memories
With family and friends while she was here
She shared her time and warmth so willingly
Forever will we hold her days so dear

Though she has passed we will continue on
There will be many gloomy days ahead
Some days her memory will flash at dawn
And some nights when we crawl into our bed

For now let's raise our glass at summer's wake
Cause soon it will be autumn's leaves we'll rake

     original poem by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by Shane Cooper |
Categories: friend, fun, giggle, smile,

The Queen of Laughter

Delight and laughter are your stock and trade,
With rhyme you carry our worries away,
You’re much more fun than a penny arcade.
Words sparkle like an egg by Faberge,
Dancing across poems like a cabaret.

A footle on poop, you’re back in the loop,
With words tastier than alphabet soup.
The limericks you write are out of sight,
Leaving us soupers no time to regroup,
Before the next poem gives pure delight.

Written 07/07/2015 for my dear friend Jan. 
"When you smile all Soupers smile with you"

Poem Details | by Davina Browne |
Categories: best friend, cute love, funny love, giggle,

Stand By Me

Stand by me in the fields of dreams,
Where the clouds part and the sunset light beams,
Hear the river as it streams,
Down to where it redeems
Stand by me where the flowers blooms,
Where the sun does not loom,
Out of sight is where the fairies zoom,
This is where the animals groom,
Stand by me under the willow tree,
Where we once fell and grazed our knees,
Here is where the grass made us sneeze
Where we lied and cuddled and squeezed

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: appreciation, friend, funny, tribute,

A Great Community Builder

She's funny, pretty, and smart
Personality off the chart
Supportive, knowledgeable, and kind
Her comments are a treasure to find
She hehe's like a fool
I think she's perfectly cool
You've probably guessed from the clues
Community friend Susan Woo:)

    October 24 2016

Poem Details | by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, friend, funny, giggle, humorous, poets, woman,

Waiting For Any Woman

Be patient
be very very patient
after that
add more patience
then wait
and wait
and wait and wait and wait
become a waiter
at least you will be paid to wait

When she finally finally arrives
give her the biggest smile you possibly possess
tell her, "Hello love, you are early and
looking very majestically beautiful my sweet!
what have you done to your hair love?"
since you have waited a century or two or three
it's a safe gamble she has, and you my friend
will be a big winner.

Therefore when you wait and wait and wait
be a winner
even skeletons

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: adventure, best friend, cat, crazy, cute love, friendship, funny,

Staircase Race

March 21, 2015

you shan't win
not this day my furry friend
watch me run

head start - yeah!
close to end he leaps down ledge
watch him fly

staircase race 
wins and rubs it in my face
prissy proud prance

Poem Details | by Theresa Cw |
Categories: friend, fun, humor,

Cheers and Beers For Jan

Cheers and Beer for Jan

Anyone knows if Jan drinks beer
Maybe we all should sing her cheer
She is funny and hip
Lets give her a big tip
She is our dazzling queen so dear

Written: 03/05/16

Poem Details | by Theresa Cw |
Categories: friend, fun, funny, humor,

Jan Allison

Jan Allison

Jan Allison gave me a grinning big chuckle
Only wish she met my quirky Uncle Buckle
She might have to fend off
Then she may have to cough
A mighty big yowl to scare a honey suckle

Written: 2/19/15
Theresa Marie W-C

Poem Details | by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, bullying, friend, friendship, happy, humorous,

Tech Time With Tim Collab

Do you have:
  a broken phone?
  faulty drone?
  apple with worms?
  broken windows?

Call for Tim
and in a whim

he delivers
tech support at its best
you drink
while he tests

He delivers
version 2.2
And all he asks
is that YOU
are happy when all
is brandnew!

Happy hour
drinks two for one
cheers for Tim
Repairs all but done

More tequila and gin!

Poem Details | by Warren Doll |
Categories: friend, fun, humor,


There is a young lady named Jan
She lives on the Isle of Man
Her limericks top rate
She’s back from a break
Can’t wait to read them again

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: friend, funny,

Delicious Delysia

*Comely n’ curvy
*Riddled wit’ scurvy
Good lord my oh me
She surly do be:

bawdy and bold
prancing and preening
shameful and shameless
spicy and spiteful
willful and witty
jaded and jammin’
funky and funny

Bitter with sweet
Sweet with sour
Knock me to my knees
Have mercy on me

the woman got know
the woman got show
the woman got soul…

For Delysia Hendricks

Poem Details | by Bill Baker |
Categories: friend, funny, heart, love, relationship, romance, romantic love,

Looking For Love

looking for love, in all the wrong places
don’t just look at all the pretty faces
look at their heart, make sure they’re real
sometimes a friend is the best deal
quit trying so hard to round the bases

Poem Details | by Moonbee Canady |
Categories: friendship, funny, introspection, life, people, philosophy, satire, social

' Friend To Friend ... '

A Friend:
One, Who Helps You Get Out Of A Jam

               A Partner:
… Is Usually In The  Jam With You

                   A Pal:
Is The One, Who Usually Gets You In The Jam

           An Acquaintance:
Someone, Who Heard About The Jam

                 A Buddy:
Says … Its Your Own Jam Fault …

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: friend, humorous, inspiration,

Well Endowed Inspired By Mike Gentile

Mike Gentile claims he's well endowed, How lucky, no wonder he's proud My poor neighbour Rodger - he's got a small todger, oops sorry I said that out loud! Inspired by Mike Gentiles poem 'well endowed' Poem posted with kind permission of Mike 6/22/18

Poem Details | by Virginia Waters |
Categories: friend, humor,

Friend - a Gift To Self

A friend I'd like - someone like me
Fun and cheeky, full of integrity.
Gardening lover, nature attuned
of life's useless baggage pruned
perhaps also a crafter of words
Enjoying too, the flight of birds
A hawk winding a spiral on the wing
is a particularly magical thing.

So here be a quirky, crazy, active sort
Uses gift of the gab in glowing retort.
Nature guardian and explorer of seaside pools
Crafty proponent for reading the rules!

Written 15 June 2018 for Contest: Qualities you admire in Friends