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Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: funny, gender, hair, silly,

All's Fair In Love and Hair

There was a man from you-know-where
Who liked his ladies bare, down there
He met a bald gal
Who said, 'Call me Al'
Showing more, down there, than just hair!


Poem Details | by Alunamda Yokwe |
Categories: funny, gender, humorous,



Those 4 letters hold the key,
They’re the fundamental difference between you and me.
For you are not woman,
You are a man.
You try to fix things,
 I throw toys out the pram.
No solution is needed for every problem that's made,
Offer an ear and listen to my mad tirade.
Then when I am done my peace it returns,
For venting is essential to all womanly concerns!

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: age, angel, baseball, beauty, butterfly, caregiving, celebration, character, child, father daughter, feelings, film, fishing, flower, football, children, for her, friend, fun, funny, gender, girl, girlfriend, giving, graduation, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, growing up, growth, hair, happiness, happy, health, heart, hero,


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Poem Details | by Bill Lindsay |
Categories: funny, gender, women,

Respect Her Always

Never treat a woman 
like an object.
It hates

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: clothes, fairy, fashion, funny, gender, humorous, identity,

I Like My Body

I like my body when it's with your clothes.
With your skirts and with your hose.
Panties, bras and stilettos -
you must let me BORROW those!
Oooh, they're tight... I don't suppose
you've got these in open toes...?

Lycia Harding

For the 'Complete the Line' Contest
Line 3:  ‘I like my body when it is with your..’---e.e. cummings

Poem Details | by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: gender, humor,

Question of Gender

Popeye has said
I am what I am
why weren't you happy Bruce?

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: beach, gender, humorous, sad love,

I Found No Joy - She's a Ladyboy

In Asia I met a cute gal named Mai Tai She sure stole the heart of this old guy On the soft sand we kissed and caressed Mai’s absolutely stunning, I feel so blessed I sense there’ll be fireworks under the moon Our passion is rising when we start to spoon Her perfect pert body I begin to kiss and caress One thing leads to another, we start to undress Alas, when Mai Tai removes her lacy thong I’m stunned when she reveals a pink dong I back away disgust, for ‘she’s’ a ladyboy With this he/she I sure won’t find any joy! So when looking for love, I’d advise you all to beware The truth of one's gender’s hidden in their underwear! 6/24/18

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: baptism, beauty, city, eve, first love, funny, gender, god, history, independence day, mystery, mythology, night, obituary, raven, sea, silly, summer, sweet, teacher, world, yellow,

Roll On

Lauren Hill slow songs thrill,

they pop like a fast moving pill,

I am flopped on top of a junk food bill,

and running with a skunk who tells me to take in my fill-

like leading um' on into my dream,
I create a festering lean,

I rank every thought in order of how I like it,

and prep for a long time that's gonna break all the cycles.

Striding with my shrine,

as I shock a spine,

revitalize and prime-

as I preen and primp and chimp-

as I act like a pimp,

I black out and gimp,

skimp out on my dying moment because death is no shrimp!

Poem Details | by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: emotions, for her, gender, humor, woman,

A Woman

A woman is fire, love, adventure;
A cigar is only a smoke.

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: cute love, funny love, gender, humor, humorous, nonsense, sweet,

A Drag Queen

A distinguish old gent picked up tricks.
      On Halloween, he went for a treat.
Laughing outlandishly
      He staggered up the street.
Hips swaying g-stringed a drag queen!
Penned on May 05, 2014.

Poem Details | by Shadow Hamilton |
Categories: funny love, gender,

Mistaken Identity

Down around ankles were his trousers
as he caressed her he said wowzers
finding there no lady
it was all so shady
as he always seemed to pick posers

written 05/22/2014

contest Bawdy, Bawdy Bawdy Miss Clawdy

Poem Details | by Kate Sparks |
Categories: funny, gender, humorous,


A little blue pill called Viagra
helps horny old men in Niagra.
So women beware,
anyone with a pair
is thinking of how he can shag ya.

Poem Details | by John Trusty |
Categories: funny, introspection, new year,

Introspection By Gender

Resolving with age,
the conflict “hard versus dark.”
‘Twill be “dark” all night!

Haiku for a New Year Resolution.
For many, this may well become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Poem Details | by Dan Cwiak |
Categories: crush, fun, gender, high school, humor, youth,

Flash and Go

Their eyes give away their youth
Smiles that shoot the room as girls appear.
What can they do to impress?

Turn on the charm as best they can
Girls will test their limits.
Silliness is not yet beyond their scope.

Speaking in tongues that only youth can understand
Girls acknowledge their existence.
Perhaps they have a chance...

Quickly they move from subject to subject
Girls will giggle their secret approval.
All the while...protesting.

Life is difficult in the Flash and Go.
Girls to be attended
Youth, the true Aphrodisiac.

Poem Details | by Peter Dome |
Categories: fun, funny, gender,

Quotes By Peter Dome


 '' People do change. their never the same person again''.


 ''who ever said you only get what you put in.
   must have been talking about their bank account''.


''The further away from God, the closer to the Devil''.


''I look pretty in pink. until I put my clothes on''.


'' I'm the most unlucky person in the world, but does that make me a 


'' All my girlfriends were insane ,do you think it's catching? ''..

All written by Peter Dome. Peter Dome copyright.2014. Aug.

Poem Details | by Jerica Sanchez |
Categories: boyfriend, care, dedication, devotion, faith, first love, for her, for him, gender, girlfriend, happiness, happy, heart, heaven, home, house, how i feel, humor, husband, i love you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, kiss, longing, love, marriage, miss you, missing, poems, poetry, romance, romantic, together, words,


When I hear your name
My heart beats faster than usual
It's not that I am ashame
But It's just your name is too special..

Can't control the feelings
When I am with you
Can't stop smiling
When you hold me like you do

When you hug me then
I feel like I'm in heaven
You are a blessing from above
And you are the reason why I loved

I'll promise to love you FOREVERMORE..
And I will cherish you until the end of my borrowed life
And I will keep our precious memories as long as
we see each other in our next life..

Poem Details | by Cynthia Buhain-Baello |
Categories: conflict, funny, gender, identity, psychological,

Sadly Confused

He said he was a "woman",

Just trapped in a wrong body.

When time came he had to pee-

Used the room.... for "Men".
All rights reserved~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~05.28.15

The Dodoitsu is a fixed folk song form of Japanese origin 
and is often about LOVE  or HUMOR. It has 26 syllables, 
four lines of 7, 7, 7, 5 syllables respectively. 
It is unrhymed and non-metrical.

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: gender, humorous,

I Wish - Not For Contest

I wish that I was a born a man I‘d drink beer straight out of a can I’d play football and darts Laugh about smelly farts And not bother about a spray tan My motor would be very flash A Ferrari would cost lots of cash I would not have a care About my balding hair I’m loaded, can afford to be brash I’d develop a really cool swagger Strut about like singer Mick Jagger With my huge beer belly I’d lounge by the telly If wifey moaned then I’d just bag er! Fiction write Inspired by I wish I was a Contest Sponsored by Viv Wigley 3/5/18

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: gender, humorous, math, peace,

Cheer Leading

Social justice She's the One
to give a call
for a whole lotta' fun!

Social justice She is One
if She can't do it
EcoGenitor can.

Eco-Echo he's our Groom
born of not-not EcoWomb,
and He can't do without Her;
He can't Be without Becomely's Community.

EcoEcho their this One
if They can't do it
no-not Polynomial can.

Peace with Justice
they Be One
to give Earth call
for this whole lotta' fun.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: fate, gender, heaven, humor, identity, language,

They Speak Australian In Heaven

There I was standing at the Pearly Gates
I was so excited to learn my fate
   First, they sat me down
   On my head a crown
Then the question ~ What are your pronouns, mate?!

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: analogy, gender, humor, nature, political, race, seasons,

Second Bites

Only female mosquitas bite,
she said.
So what do your male mosquitoes eat?
he asked.
Whatever we inbite them,
s/he said.

So who's in control?
he asked.
We are,
she said.
Why not the mosquito?
he somewhat sexistly asked.

We are
includes both mosquito and mosquita
s/he regeneratively explained
her unfolding engenderfication
of bilateral time,
in racingly integrative space.

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Wyler |
Categories: anger, gender, humor, light,

Potty Parity

Potty Parity

I sadly think when I have to go badly
that perhaps it’s petty, but were I a man
then I would already be in the can!
When Freud enjoyed his heavy levy
that women have toyed with “***** envy”,
maybe he meant these frequent lines we resent!
If annoyed women employed their un-“suppressed” quest
against the rarity of “potty parity”,
we could befuddle Freud in his zest to muddle
through women’s very best “protest puddle”!

-	E. V. Wyler    -

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: culture, earth, gender, health, humor, integrity, love,

Fascism's Uncertain Patriotic Ring

Fascism has grown cancerous maturity
to pathologically enforce
what mere nationalistic military-industrialized supremacy
would patriotically endorse.

Supremacists of race or gender
or metaphysical systems of personal as political investment,
mistake allegiance to icons and idols and pledges
of national privilege
for personal passion and investment in gratitudes of love
for EarthTribe's WinWin Lands with blessing waters,
Gaian Principles 
of Organic Health Co-Governing Procedures.

Against fascist growing cancers
degeneratively erasing
what EarthTribe optimal regenerators
are more matriotically embracing.

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: age, gender, humor, imagination, sports, , cute,


I have invented a sport called Yogates,
What, indeed, is this, if you please?
Why, for you, it is inertia, you see,
You lie under a blanket, only breathe,
You wear what you like in Yogates,
A steady state of not doing,
No, you are not doing Yoga or jogging,
In cute couture, like shorties,
You are not swimming in pool or sea,
No chlorination fever for thee or me,
No lycra or spandex triathletes,
No marathons for fluoro funnies,
So, this is multi age or gender, see,
Yes, all you do is lie there and breathe,
Now you can opt to do Yogates,
Or not, it is not compulsory!

Poem Details | by Kenna Johnson |
Categories: fire, flower, for her, friend, funny, gender, giggle,


Flaws.  And the flush of speckled skin. 
My throat closes off and I break.  
Dead men keep breathing.
Mourners heal quickly. 
Eyes open, reset, and we begin.