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Poem Details | by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: humorous, nonsense, silly,

Catch That Ghazal

Please catch me a Ghazal
And don't even ask me why
It's something I've just wanted
someday before I die

More docile than a lion
More graceful than a giraffe 
More sleek than a hippo
Let me see you ply your craft

Not as crazy as a monkey
or as slow as a sloth
not as high strung as a zebra
now please give me your oath

That you'll catch me a Ghazal
It matters not in what condition
as long as you write it 
in the pure Persian tradition

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, music, sad, me,

Ghazal-The Spell In the Potion

Incited by her Allure Sensuelle...
a vulnerable man is noticed by all.

Quite by nature, I rarely frequent clubs...
loud music turns me into a demon from hell.

She brought me so many Martinis on the Rocks...
I drank them too quickly and took a bad fall.

The spell in the potion must have acted too slowly...
I showed her respect, but she became too sensual.

Discovering the foul play, I was dismayed by her madnesss...
she left in a hurry and disappeared down the crowded hall.

Entered in Jared Pickett's contest, " The Ghazal "

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: dream, humorous, life, moon, sleep, sun, today,


Life is a great dream         
What a first rate dream      


Sleep now not a scream   
Slip into a dream              


My coffee and cream                                                                             
Today have a dream      


Sun is filled with gleam    
Life comes with a dream          


Moon shines with a beam                                                                   
Shining on my dream


Date Written 9/4/2020

Note: 5 Syllables-Rhyme

Poem Details | by Carolyn Sears |
Categories: funny, lost love, urdu,

Always and Forever

Always and forever, I think
Of you..

Every morning I raise its like
The dawn golden light..

You are in my mind

My heart..

My soul..

I carry you where ever my
Mind decide to go..

You are like a special rose

Growing to perfection..

So pure and true..

You sit upon my heart.

Like super glue..

You are the air I breath..

You the very soul of me..

Your memory locked 
Within my mind my

You are my pass my present
My future..

You are..

Woven so softly within my
Spirit that flies so free..

You will be..

Always and forever my love
So true..

Poem Details | by Aniruddha Pathak |
Categories: cat, humor,

She Came In Life, Bend I Had To

It’s not my wont ever to yield,
To understand her I had to.

A few things are not in one’s hand,
Spoil this pushy friend I had to.

She came as if from nowhere-land,
My set ways to bend I had to.

I had always walked my own ways,
But the way she wend I had to.

I never liked cats in my life,
On seeing her mend I had to.
Ghazal |25.01.2023| humour, she
Poet’s note: When a pussy cat became a pushy pat in my house.