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Poem Details | by Lisa Costigan |
Categories: drink, funny love, humorous, violence,

Your having a giraffe

Just a normal Sunday sitting on my chair
When all of sudden in walked my auntie uncle Claire

What the hell you doing barging in like that??
He said your not going fu**ing believe it? I just ran over your Cat

I said the only pussy in this house is my other half,
We played a few drinking games and i beat him at charades
He soon ad enough of that tho so i  pulled out deck cards then he stared moaning reckon the games i play are hard.

Well i had enough of his lip i couldn't take no more
so rubbed his face on cheese grater and now hes bloody sore.

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: funny, hilarious, humor,

My Giraffe Neck

I have a long neck like a giraffe.
When people see me, they laugh.
My neck makes me twelve feet tall.
I actually make Goliath look small.

People's laughter no longer bothers me.
But I do get mad when people think that I eat the leaves on trees.
As I walk down the street, everybody always takes a peek.
I've kicked people's asses because they called me a freak.

I demand respect because I'm a member of the Human Race.
My neck is so damn long that it can be seen from outer space.
Some people actually think that I am a giraffe, you may too.
Just remember that I'll kick your *** if you try to put me in a zoo.

(This is a fictional poem)

Poem Details | by Brenda McGrath |
Categories: birth, funny, humorous,

April the Giraffe

April the giraffe’s live feed is all the rage,
Every day we hope to see the birth engaged.
Where oh where can the new baby be?
Is this a fake pregnancy that we see?

A new baby giraffe is what we all want,
But April is in no hurry and nonchalant.
Maybe the blessed event will be this week.
The world is all dying for that first peek.

Written 3/31/17

Poem Details | by Jeanne McGee |
Categories: 1st grade, funny,

Gimini Giraffe

           I once dreamed I had a pet named Mr. Gimini Giraffe
                 When I tickled his belly he let out a huge laugh
           We shared cookies and cocoa from a tall red carafe

           One day the mayor made me his Giraffe Chief of Staff
                  And Mr. Gimini Giraffe and I posed for our photograph
           The next thing we knew everyone wanted our autograph

           So we trotted to the town to send friends a telegraph
                  And got chased by all the giraffes who were rival riffraff
           When I woke up in the morning, I was standing bent over in half

copyright protected 2019

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal, humor,

Just a Little Kiss the Giraffe Said

Just a little kiss the giraffe said.
The donkey screeched no.
The monkey backed off.
The hyena fell on his back and laughed.

Just a little kiss the giraffe said.
The lion roared his disapproval.
The grizzly bear hid in the cave.
The tiger rolled her eyes and licked her cub.

Just a little kiss the giraffe said.
I stepped up for a kiss.
It was slurpy and amazing.
I loved it actually.

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allegory, allusion, animal, extended metaphor, humorous,


elegance  in parts
that complete and combine...
even in greatness...
so much beauty,
torticollis to sight
 is price
that's what we pay for ..

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allegory, allusion, animal, creation, funny, humorous, metaphor,


 i am an elephant
 my name is singular
 thus it's not weird
 that I play guitar

 and i say i'm a giraffe
 I reach the height of the sky
 maybe in a short time
 can grow up sky high

 I elephant eat leaves
 as if it were caviar
 and so i'm living
 with my style, particular

 I feed on leaves and fruits
 that I find high in the trees
  and people applaud delighted
 I feel euphoric I can't disagree