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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: appreciation, giving, humorous, poetry, thanks,

A Gift of a Lifetime - To End On Saturday March 20th 2077

I’ve received an incredible gift It has given my heart such a lift But the date that I see Is what now concerns me – It’s the date I no longer exist!!! Today I was gifted a 'lifetime' premium membership but it is somewhat disconcerting to see it ends on 3/20/2077. I hope TPS aren't psychic!!!! My mother's great great aunt lived to 111 and 121 days and was in the Guinness book of records - I hope I am around a long long time to make full use of this incredible gift. 14th October 2016

Poem Details | by Rob Carmack |
Categories: giving, humor, humorous, lust, passion, sexy, tribute,

Spitters Are Quitters

Always salty and usually bitter
help encourage the spitter —
still better than the wonts
and those dreaded donts —
saved by the tolerable quitter.

Written: 05.08.21
Contest: Quitters Never Win
Sponsor: Margarita Lillico

Poem Details | by Victor Nwakanma |
Categories: brother, freedom, giving, happy, humorous,

One Race

The firmament above, beneath we exist,
This diversity in divine artistry
Same eyes divers sizes
Different skin same sin
Different color same honor
Same human same humor
Why try to sort out maize from corn? They are all same
Cus just one shot, your race wont spare you

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: age, angel, baseball, beauty, butterfly, caregiving, celebration, character, child, father daughter, feelings, film, fishing, flower, football, children, for her, friend, fun, funny, gender, girl, girlfriend, giving, graduation, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, growing up, growth, hair, happiness, happy, health, heart, hero,


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Poem Details | by Cona Adams |
Categories: anniversary, fun, giving, green, humor, money,

Money Chain

My parents’ repeated refrain -
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
In my dreams, a lush tree grew
with leaves of high numbers,
nothing under a twenty.

On our 25th Anniversary,
our church threw
a surprise party.

After the pot-luck dinner,
a gaily wrapped gift box
sported a top slit, waving
a bit of green. As we pulled,
a chain of bills roped up
through the slot, coiling
ribbons of green.

I had seen “Money Trees” 
as special occasion gifts,
but for the one and only
time, we experienced the gift
of “Money in a Box.”

Poem Details | by Weeping Willow |
Categories: allusion, crush, flower, for her, giving, humorous,

Flower Power

@   @   @
             @      W      @
            @  h    o    u  @
              @      y      @
                 @  @  @
                          n'        i 
                            t    n    c
                             g     e 
                       m e   f l o w e r s ?

Poem Details | by Clifford Villalon |
Categories: dream, giving, humor, prayer,

Santa's Visit

Santa paid you a visit
  Asking your wish not licit
    Wishes come true in surprises
      Dream simple, present comes double
        Dream more, gifts granted like bubble
          Dreams in cloud nine, waft in grubble
            Riding on Santa's sleigh of comprises

Poem Details | by John Hamilton |
Categories: happiness, humorous, riddle, word play, words,

Giving Is Better Than Getting

Giving is better than getting.
Why you may ask?
Because giving makes you feel good,
you actually get happiness,
when you give.
When you get, it feels good,
but that feeling is temporary.
After you get, you feel,
like you owe a debt,
at least a debt of gratitude.
It's like an itch that needs to be scratched
always there reminding you.
Problem is you need two to tango.
The giver needs a getter,
after giving he feels better,
but the getter feels like a debtor...
see the problem?

Anyway Jesus says it best
"there is more happiness in giving than receiving".

Enjoy giving all year long!

John Derek Hamilton  November 29,2015

Poem Details | by Chris Hagy |
Categories: candy, chocolate, february, funny, giving, valentines day,

A Proper Valentine

A picnic for two would be so quaint
And cards of sentiment are high on the rank
Expensive jewelry that sparkles the eye
To most girls is the biggest prize

Flowers are lovely
Balloons divine
Teddy bears cuddly
And dinner is fine
But if you really want to see me smile
There’s only one proper Valentine
Make it Dove dark chocolates…everytime!

Poem Details | by Howard Kerr |
Categories: crazy, family, fun, funny, giving, grandparents, smart,

Oh That Will - Tb

Our big happy 
family, since 
granny left will!

NB Wills can be divisive in a wry humorous way.

Date created and submitted : 30 November 2020

Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: funny

Gift Giving

The festive season is here again
The buying has in earnest begun
Bargains, bargains I look for
In the morning rush towards the door
I enter the race of giving gifts
To climb the social ladder swift
Then on to buy some old stuff
Dressed in rich festive puff
For nephews and nieces
Some colourful pieces
With decorative labels
Though bought cheap under the table
For Uncles and Aunts
I visit some notorious haunts
To buy budget deals
Though horrible I feel

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: funny, giving, money, prayer,

Abc Money

Another day another dollar I pray.
Blow the dollars and you will pay.
Count your pennies or do a giveaway.
Dollars could be at bay.
E-banks were all the trend until they went away.
Funny money no more payday.
Gosh what more can I say. 

Date Written: 5/6/2020 
ABC Rhyme

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: christmas, food, giving, humor, smile, stress, uplifting,

Christmas Comes With Planning

Christmas comes with planning,
who are you buying gifts for.
What to get them,
what to eat.
Oh well I took the batteries out of my scale,
one problem solved, hooray!!!

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: fun, funny, giving, humor, humorous, smile,


There once was a derelict named Hank
his show was just an outrageous prank
	he took their money
	thinking it funny 
and he laughed all the way to the bank

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny, nostalgia, giving,

Jive Talk of the 1940's

The honey was very well aware
As she went flitting by
That all the goof-offs hanging out
Were giving her the eye.

She didn’t mind they stole a gander
As she saw them standing there
Admiring her newly shortened skirts
And giving her gams a stare.

As long as she wasn’t a real armpit
And hadn’t been around the block
They would try to out do each other
In cornering her stock.

She knew if a hot dog made a pass
She could hail the black and white
And he would do some small time
In the town joint, over night.

Joyce Johnson 01/12/12 For Craig Cornish’s “Talk That Way” contest.

Won a 3rd in contest

Poem Details | by Karen Croft |
Categories: funny,

Giving Thanks

to all the young men who stare me down-
i give you my thanks
your curvey smiles as i walk by-
i give you my thanks
i'm losing weight and loving it-
i give myself a pat on the back and say thanks!

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, internet,

His Wife Is Giving Him the Silent Tweetment

My neighbour’s addicted to Twitter He’ll tweet when he’s doing a ‘sitter’ When he squats for a dump He tweets more than Don Trump No wonder his wife feels so bitter The whole world knows what Fred is doing He’s tweeting whilst weeing and poohing Is nothing sacred For tweet obsessed Fred I wonder if divorce is now brewing! 1/16/20

Poem Details | by David Drowley |
Categories: food, giving, humor, life, love, music,

Good Neighbor

As we sat for a quick evening snack A knock on our door came with a smack. A thoughtful lady whom we adore, Our sweet grey-haired neighbor from next door, Brought dinner, dessert, and candlelight, With a string quartet for our delight. Living as a pair in a hurry We forgot our anniversary!

Poem Details | by Joseph Szalinski |
Categories: film, giggle, giving, humor, memory, money, summer,

Eric Says Relax

Killing time before a movie,
an ex and I 
rifles thru what the nearby shoppes had to offer,
hoping to be aroused by some 
remarkable deal.
I was making a Facebook post in
the first row of used clothes
when Eric sent me a text:
“Got some extra muscle relaxers 
laying around.
Would you be interested?
I know you and your buddies like to
get into all kinds of shenanigans.
Told him that I’d 
“keep him posted”
while I used the movie 
to consider his offer. 
Anecdotes of friends were recalled,
and even though
it would’ve been fun to
mix with something else,
I decided the money would be 
better spent on something 
that could get me
ed up instead.

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: funny, giving, money,

A Million Changes a Heart

Pardon me, did you just hand me a million bucks
For doing nothing at all
Or will you demand
With some command
To have me at your beck and call?

Ok, sure a mill would be handy
But will you have the gall
To make me your slave?
If that’s what you crave
Then of course I’m very appalled

I’m always asked to return favors
No matter how large or small
They may throw me a smile
Or a super large pile
Wait a minute, a millions’ quite a haul!

Pardon me, but if I get to keep the money
I will certainly not forestall
I’ll do whatever you ask
And be up to the task
I’ll even get on my knees and crawl

For Pardon Me, Did You Just... contest

Poem Details | by Volodymyr Knyr |
Categories: creation, giving, humorous, people, science,

An and the Aims

To invent something,
that's just AN aim,
but THE aim is to
give it your name.

Volodymyr Knyr

Poem Details | by Jerry Wells |
Categories: best friend, christian, funny, giving, happy, hello, sleep,

B8-Poem 23 Big Papa World










Poem Details | by David Drowley |
Categories: earth, giving, humor, journey, travel,


Jolly Santa boarded his magic sleigh 
And told his reindeer, “Up, up and away.”
They hauled his round jellied girth
Many times around the earth
Without gifts to bring - supply chain delay.


Poem Details | by Kewayne Wadley |
Categories: black african american, funny love, giving, silly,

Red Ribbon

Today I brought a card and a red satin ribbon.

Upon checkout I looked around in case I saw anything else that might

brighten your day.

I told myself that when I saw you.

That I would give you the card first.

And if that didn't work.

Then, and only then would I take the red ribbon, tie it around my head.

And do the first silly thing that comes to mind.

Just because

Poem Details | by Brittney Rhoda-Goode |
Categories: angst, funny, philosophy, giving,

Compromise On Aisle Three

I've been wondering
what's easier
Giving up?
Or giving in?
I want to do a little of
I need to weigh the cost
Want to get my moneys worth
after all.
But wait,
it seems
Giving up
and giving in
are really the same
Looks like compromise 
is on sale this week.
Too good a deal to 
pass up
if you ask me.