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Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Poem Details | by Anthony Scandrick II |
Categories: anniversary, baby, beautiful, beauty, caregiving, child, childhood, confusion, courage, dark, dedication, depression, devotion, freedom, goodbye, graduation, growing up, happiness, hope, humorous, lonely, lost love, love, mystery, passion, satire, slam, sorrow, sorry, success, suicide, teen, thank you, uplifting, write,

Dear Michelle

You almost had me,
I wanted you,
The way you stuck to me like super glue,
I was feeling you,
But I knew,
I could never have you,
But, the way you looked at me,
The way my body pleads,
We can never be,
Because I’m too old,
And your only thirteen.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: graduation, growing up, heart, history, humor, marriage, mentor, mirror, muse, myth, spiritual, spoken word, thank you,


A bulging extremity,

a feminist integrity,

a swaggering centipede,

the cops arresting me,

my dick the right size,

the bang coming out of your eye's,

the sensitivity upon demise,

the dew and dripping from the sky's,

the eagerness of eloping,

the magnitude of doping,

the honesty of groping,

scattering scorpions glowing and scoping.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: best friend, blessing, funny, graduation, humor, humorous, men,

What a Subject

Two old codgers were talking about sex And ones question popped up next This Viagra have you tried For me I can't decide Mm, that's a hard one,what a subject

Poem Details | by Paul Geiger |
Categories: education, graduation, humor, wisdom,


you won't find me changed 
from him you knew—just more sure
of all I thought true

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: fear, food, graduation, humorous,


Reading my son’s graduation dinner menu It filled me with consternation Will I make a foolish choice … I’m full of trepidation My favourite dessert is on the list It’s stiffie cockie pudding Oops – there I go I meant sticky toffee pudding If I make my spoonerism – I hope and pray it will be missed!! My first poem posted here is called ‘Just Desserts’ and is a true story. When I read my son’s graduation dinner menu I just HAVE to order this pudding – wish me luck on the day!!!! 6th June 2016

Poem Details | by brittney lopez |
Categories: absence, age, angel, april, baptism, beautiful, beauty, bible, birth, blue, boat, body, books, boyfriend, bridal shower, flower, for her, forgiveness, freedom, funny, games, garden, girlfriend, goodbye, graduation, poetry, voice, wisdom, women, words, writing, youth,


You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

Poem Details | by Harold Hunt sr |
Categories: funny, graduation,

Day after Grad

The Day after grad.
The day after you grad. You get home not knowing what to do.
Looking through the newspaper.
A butcher, a baker, a Hamburg maker.
No plans at all but just had to call. Mickey Ds or the cow king. They say jobs are 
I walk the floor I just can't do it no more. 
Dam I want to go back to school

Poem Details | by Melissa Gregg |
Categories: daughter, family, funny, happiness, life, mother, social, graduation,

Graduation Day

Her eyes dancing with excitement
The joy cannot be contained
Today is graduation day
My sanity regained!

Her red gown pressed so neatly
Cap perfectly on her head
Tears are coming to my eyes
No matter what I said!

Call her name, Come on let’s go!
Across that stage so brave
One hand open, One hand up
Tell me she’s not going to wave!

The crowd goes wild for my little girl
She blows kisses to us all
Hands are waving in the air 
Please look out for the wall!

As she disappears from my sight
Her big debut’s been made
I can’t believe it’s finally over
Here we come 1st grade!

Poem Details | by Ashley Smith |
Categories: education, funny, life, people, philosophy, teen, graduation, high school,

high sChOOL

He said, She said
That's all you seem to hear
When you walk down the hall
It's the same thing every year

Unecessary drama
That's all high school's about
You can try to avoid being trapped in it
But you'll never find a way out

Life was so simple
Before our high school days
Before we became caught up
In the 'how to be popular' craze

High school's so overrated
Ive waited 13 years to say
Im a senior so leave me out of it
I'm just here til Graduation Day

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: abuse, animal, change, dream, graduation, humorous, school,

Schooled in Oklahoma

When Len traveled to Oklahoma to obtain a ranching diploma a bull butted him hard out in the training yard and he but earned a hematoma.
July 25, 2019 State Limerick Kevin Shaw

Poem Details | by Anais vionet |
Categories: friendship, graduation, humor, school, student, teen,

I posted a new short story - seniors

I have another piece that's too long for here - so it's in "Short Storries."

It's called "Seniors" - about a High School graduation party

I know I could take things out - but then it's not what I wanted to say *shrug*

Here's the link

I hope you like it!

Poem Details | by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: graduation, humor,

For The Graduate

For the Graduate

Your school days are done;
graduation has come.
It's time to rest.

Cause a job comes tomorrow;
to pay what you borrowed,
for all those debts.

For the Occasional Poetry Poetry contest.  2/24/2020