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Poem Details | by Vincent Flannery |
Categories: funny, love,

The Grasshopper

Resting on a tall blade of grass 
As two more go meandering past
His giant eyes surveying the land
Sitting all alone on that strand

Sitting there so willing to wait
As so soon he was hit by fate
Landing on the same blade of grass
He fell off and landed on his a@#

She called out "are you alright?"
Maybe this is my shinning night
And when he looked up at her
Music played "The Way We Were"

She jumped down to the ground
As her love has now been found 
Quickly they suddenly took flight 
As a giant sneaker came into sight

Poem Details | by Margaret Okubo |
Categories: funny

Monsieur Grasshopper (Silly verse)

One leg two legs
Hop to the beat
Never mind what others say
I sometimes like to cheat

On the tree I like to stretch 
and bask in color green
Yet on a branch I simply doze 
in dismal color brown.

My puny size and fleet of foot
 confuse people’s eyes
They never know where I am at
 So illusive  I am.

I sing sweeter than  cicadas
In an octave higher too
Even birds look at me with envy
Except the cuckatoo.

Heh, heh ….. Boo.!