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Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, courage, cute love, dark, deep, depression, desire, destiny, devotion, dream, first love, funny love, grief, happiness, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, how i feel, i am, i love you, i miss you, innocence, irony, jealousy, lonely, longing, loss, lost, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, night, passion, psychological, romance, romantic, sad, sad love, silence, sky, sleep, solitude, sunset, true love,

Red Light

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
lonely as ever
visible at night, useless by day?

in sync with its partner next door
for a quick kiss over a few flashes only 
then arguing again and again 
night in, night out.

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
not signaling a warning to keep away
but sending a call for compassion?

using the dark pauses in between 
to yell the same name 
over and over and over
into the emptiness of each night.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
being your silent cry
only heard by your eternal love?

Poem Details | by Carrissa Whateley |
Categories: break up, confidence, courage, funny love, grief, growing up, happiness,

The Love Shock Test

why seek true love 
when even the truest love is fleeting
the thing you should desire is 
for lasting love to transpire 
take my hand and hold your breath
this is a love test
do you have a single doubt
about how it will turn out
are you afraid they will leave
and how you could possibly grieve
worry no more the stress will disappear
and just send this to your sweet dear
because it's over they never really let you near
it is fact they are being clear they don't want you here
take your love and disappear don't live in fear

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, autumn, business, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, fear, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, hate, health, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, love, on work and working, pain, parody, people, relationship, retirement, sad, satire, school, social, stress, success, sympathy, time, work,

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, dedication, desire, destiny, devotion, emotions, encouraging, funny love, girlfriend, grief, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, how i feel, i love you, i miss you, innocence, kiss, love, love hurts, math, meaningful, miss you, missing, missing you, nice, passion, recovery from, romance, romantic, sad love, senses, sensual, symbolism, together, true love, voyage, wisdom, woman, word play,

4 Love

Love is a four letter word
she whispered into his ear,

So is four, as is word
he whispered back into her fear,

Such is "you and I"
cried his heart - she could hear,

Their cheeks hugged, eyes kissed
each shedding a single tear.

Poem Details | by Anthony Scandrick Ii |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, caregiving, childhood, confusion, courage, dark, daughter, death, dedication, depression, devotion, dream, faith, fear, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, girlfriend, grief, happiness, hate, heaven, hope, humorous, imagination, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, miracle, passion, peace, relationship, romance, romantic, sorrow, sorry, stress, sympathy, uplifting, heart, hate, hate, heart,

Never Take Hate Outside

When you're hurt inside,
And there's no where to hide,
And there's no one on your side,
And it's killing your pride,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is chocking,
The heavy words never spoken,
The things that hurt you inside,
When love has died,
Never take hate outside,

When your heart is gone,
From being alone,
And it beats a solemn tone,

When you're cold inside,
It's only a short ride,
Never take hate outside

Poem Details | by Chukwuemeka Mbah |
Categories: black african american, caregiving, courage, funny, grief, humorous, inspirational, introspection,

Pointing Fingers

You are one of the reasons
Why they inflate their quote
If you had seized the seasons
Good men could have had your vote

You are one of the reasons
Why our sweet land has gone sour in waste
Here is one of your multiple treasons
You aid corruption just to suit your taste

You are one of the reasons we wedge weighty wrath
Bombs daily detonate like fickle fireworks far north
You decided to do nothing but shut your mouth
So they took our weary sail south

You are one of the reasons the land is inflicted with rape
Overflowing in abundance yet you mong like a greedy ape
Alas our land is grey and old but not due
And it hurts me to know that I am also you.

Poem Details | by Nicole Alexander |
Categories: children, confusion, dedication, environment, giggle, grief, lonely,

Broken and Torn

Broken and torn from days long gone
Not from neglect or anything wrong
A family often would sit and communicate
I tried to listen, most times I could relate

I loved that family that crawled on me
Having fun playing games or watch TV
Late into the evening the girls would date
Playing love songs, kissing, feeling great

Rough housing little ones jumped too hard
Finally my legs fell off, from being jarred
They tried to make me work by patching
All those cats hopping on and scratching

Finally, I gave up the ghost and lost the fight
They took me outside and said goodnight
They bought one new; but often would say
I loved the old couch; it was good in it's day

Poem Details | by Diane Lefebvre |
Categories: bird, farm, grief, humorous, thanksgiving,

A Tale of Two Turkeys

Poor Thomas Turkey,
Alone in his pen.
Sits solemn and scared,
For they 'did in' his hen.
They took her off Sunday,
Then snuffed out her life.
And now he's alone,
Cause they've eaten his wife.
Thanksgiving now over,
He preens with relief.
He can muster a gobble,
Along with his grief.
He pecks round his pen,
For some 'scratch' sprinkled there.
Grows quite happy again,
Not remotely aware . . 
That Christmas is coming
For family and friend,
And for Christmas, at dinner;
They'll eat turkey again.

© 2015 Diane Lefebvre

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, allusion, angel, anger, art, celebration, confusion, crazy, depression, desire, earth, emotions, fantasy, fear, feelings, freedom, god, grief, health, humanity, humorous, image, imagination, life, loneliness, love, magic, music, nonsense, peace, planet, political, poverty, power, pride, psychological, sound, space, spiritual, stars, stress, suicide, sympathy, teen, usa, wisdom, world,

An Aquarian Exposition

Take the pill
on the hill
and don't be shrill
when you see the rainbow
when you are low.
Just go with the flow
and eat the purple snow.
Chase the rabbits 
through the green field
but use my shield 
to end all of your habits.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, animal, child, childhood, confusion, courage, death, dream, fear, funny, grief, hate, hope, humorous, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, memory, metaphor, mystery, nature, nostalgia, parody, passion, people, pets, philosophy, recovery from..., sad, satire, sorrow, spiritual, stress, success,

Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

Poem Details | by Alex Klugman |
Categories: death of a friend, funny, green, grief,

About the Deceased Say Either Good Or Nothing

About the deceased say either good or nothing,
Therefore at the funeral of the deceased chief,
The subordinates  danced in full  silence,
With happy faces, but slowly with grief!

Poem Details | by Sam Ruby |
Categories: adventure, angel, angst, art, beautiful, black african american, business, butterfly, caregiving, christian, confusion, courage, dedication, devotion, dream, faith, family, fear, freedom, funny, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, history, hope, inspirational, life, lonely, love, philosophy, spiritual, visionary, world, love, money,


If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath. Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we a place that's so unreal. People are hearing but..not really hearing. Why is the world so blind. I keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionized. I am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: anxiety, beautiful, betrayal, change, cheer up, cool, creation, deep, destiny, drink, emotions, fate, feelings, first love, friend, friendship, funny love, grief, hope, how i feel, humanity, humor, humorous, i love you, i miss you, imagination, innocence, inspiration, lonely, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, passion, poetry, relationship, romance, romantic, sad love,


love walks into a bar
sees hope drinkin' it away;
what's wrong, love asks
nothing's wrong, hope replies, 
nothing is wrong...

love turns to fate the bartender
and orders two shots of everything.

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: absence, betrayal, break up, funny love, future, grief, lost love,

I Was the Better Man

His suits and empires made it so swift
from afar all you saw was his mid-rift
with me you were glowing
our future was moving
from his dark pit, you now expect a lift.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: art, assonance, celebrity, desire, grief, guitar, hair, how i feel, humorous, hyperbole, image, judgement, leaving, poets, proposal, true love, trust,

This Time


kicked to the curb and stunned,

waanning, waanning and crumbling crumbs,

dispelled as dumbed,

come backs like lakes of water aren't even fun,

toned and intonated,

17 things to endanger-
39 to reconnoiter,

there was nothing to do,

nowhere to go,

some people showed,

they were enhanced,

I was so gold-

aggrandized yet grow'd,

I couldn't even agree with the folks,

got stunned and littered as the roads,

melted plaster and recreated the last masters focused.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: emotions, funny love, grief, moving on, parents, perspective, relationship,

Tell Your Child Everything Please

What do you think happens when you die?
I asked the sobbing 7-year-old.
She could not quit though.
She was in full-blown
keening, wailing,
shoulder shaking,
lip quivering,
keening, and screaming now,
sobbing mode.

Her very caring, loving, unselfish parent
Had told her about the death of her
Great-aunt Rose, whom she had
Never met who
this morning.

It was the fifth time I had 
seen her this week as
her great-great grandfather
had passed in 1972, 74, 78,
81, and 85.

Her mother, was the best
story-telling drug addicted
parent in the world
and knew
what she
needed to
do to keep
lilttle one in

Poem Details | by Chicano Eddie |
Categories: funny love, grief, kid, marriage, mental illness, mother daughter, mother son,

Endless Fight


if they had went through 
every minute of what 
conceived my wisdom, 
they’d all be running 
back to mommy. 

if she knew there was a 
reason why I kept my 
mouth shut, she’d know 
what she went through was 
normal for the life she 
was placed in and chose 
to remain confused in. 

confusion can !@#$ up 
everything… she knows. 

wisdom can change it all… 
I show. 

does the bee in the car 
fight for it’s freedom 
move about hysterically 
enticing you to roll the 
window down in hopes 
you’ll cool off? 

the days pass, 
I stand my ground. 

they did this to me, 
I hold my ground. 

…did this to me.

By: Chicano Eddie

Poem Details | by Lew Jay |
Categories: angel, anger, friend, funny, grandfather, grief,


Here lies my old pal Michael,
His spirit set free by wind,
because the storm which kicked his bucket,
trapped the poor old git within,
A Scotsman by his name,
and a carpenter by trade,
should of built yourself s door mate,
to stop the barn which caved you in.

I love you Bic.

Poem Details | by Md Shahadat Hossain |
Categories: anger, grief, humorous, lost,


There was a man from Nilkhet,
He used to put his money into his pocket.
While he was working at his store,
He heard someone nocked on his door,
He didn't know how did he pick pocket!

Poem Details | by Trevor Mcleod |
Categories: conflict, fear, grief, humorous, nature, pain, stress,


Crack the light and spread the bugs
as bugs go zig and zagging.
Bold black bugs to cause us fear.
Our tongues afraid of dragging.

Chase them down to pinch their body
and place them in a cup.
Save them all for pest control
to prove their count is up.

Wait for them within your bed
and pray your bites are few.
Then wake up to your bloody sheets
when itching's all you do.

Have them spray when you go mad
and know they're in the wall.
Then find your faith in God above
or lose your mind to all.

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: butterfly, change, grief, humorous,


B U T T E R   F L I E S!
  -Dharga Nagar Safa

Butter flies up and up,

Like Butterflies,

The cost of Butter flies up and up,

Like Butterflies,

Beyond reach!

Poem Details | by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: beauty, grief, happy, humorous, sad,

My Glorious Seat Taken

Glory ran in my head I was soon to take the lead Made into the Queen The one to rule behind the screen Was suddenly thrust into the light The limelight shining so bright My seat was there, so shiny It all made me so preppy As I climed the stairs I was all in tears A lifetime of repairs Rang in my own ears When I froze, so stony The announcer said sorry A mistake it was, his own My name thrown on the back lawn I watched, as my seat was taken By my contestant, so gladdened No more to be the Queen I was sure to turn mean!

Poem Details | by Terry Reeves |
Categories: abuse, angst, confusion, crazy, grief, humor, introspection,

One Thing Worse

There's only one thing worse than a lawyer,
that's a failed lawyer, permanent chip, disaster,
then there's dubious sexual orientation, okay,
maybe Celtic, not capable of holding any sway.

You stayed, decided to stick things out today, 
when it would have been better if you'd gone away;
we made love in the missionary position, ole',
should have expanded our horizons so they say.
I like worrying about trivia, I'm not tall,
it's bad if you have nothing to worry about at all;
I'm away on holiday in exotic locations,
avoid an entourage with dubious relations.

Then there's you, so smart, full of diversity,
the one thing worse in all this trauma is me.

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: fantasy, funny, grief, visionary,

Sudden Impact

birds flight
ends abruptly 
sudden impact

Poem Details | by Busani Zuma |
Categories: class, cry, dark, deep, grief, humanity, humor,

Be Hold

be brave my soul, there is no hope anymore,
people have chosen the darkness instead of the light,
the world is upside down.

fear has overcome our happiness, there is no hope.
our blossoming lives have all gone bad because of the darkness,
we are all scared of the sunlight as it brings tears on our lives.

but even the darkness is not kind at us but at list we can hide from the reality.
at list we can lock the doors and hope for God to save us from us.
at list we can be together as a family just to protect one another.

our beautiful world is not safe anymore,
people get killed,
people get raped,
what happened to the humanity?