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Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: animal, funny,

Oy Vey, Another Groundhog Day

“Let go your hold
Your hands are cold
And it’s getting old
When I am un-holed
My soul’s been sold
So they can behold
That a marmot’s found gold
Since they think I’ve foretold

And cast a dark spot
Or maybe not
Coz all I got
Is a long shot
See my nerves are shot
Since I don’t know squat
And danger is fraught
If I show what is naught

Yet they still seek
Punx Phil’s mystique
And ask that I speak
But I only squeak
Then they’ll all peek
At my chubby physique
Of which they’ll critique
Plus there’s still six more weeks”

Poem Details | by Donald Reith |
Categories: animals, children, funny, nature, parody, satire,

Groundhog Day

A groundbreaking weather struggle has evolved today 

over the length of this Year,s chill

Early Spring said Staten Island Chuck 

forecasting through the muck

 whilst he was disparaged as a quack 

by Puxstawney Phil

 Whichever rodents predictions fits you best

it might be time to second-guess

 whether Puxstawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck 

need to take a new meteorologist test!

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: funny, life, day, day,

Truth Behind the Movie Groundhog Day

"THE whole truth and nothing but the truth" My wife Abby loves And loves again and again To watch a good show over And over again Once the movie groundhog day Was our constantly viewed show We saw it day in Day out, seen once and again Each day for thirty days straight Keeping track of days Watching a movie about Living days over, over A constant barrage Of going each day to day Repeating itself singly Over and over The movie plays by Abby Hope I keep my sanity
Russell Sivey Entrant into PD's "Truth!! OR Dare!!" contest 2/26/2012