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Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, dream, emotions, funny, growth, nature, water,

Bill's Cucumbers

There once was a Nun who knew Bill For his cucumbers gave her a thrill Off to sleep she went, dreamt Her thoughts heavenly sent All sweating she woke up with a shrill Now embarrassed she's off to confess That a cucumbers left her distressed To the Father she cries Would they be Bill's he replied I've dreamt, now let us totally repent < came to me after reading Jan Allison's 'Limerick' about Bill's Cucumbers >

Poem Details | by Aby M'Baye |
Categories: africa, anxiety, desire, growth, humor, love, remember,

Feel Free

Make as you feel it 
In the sense of your feel
Without forgetting sense

Fais comme tu le sens 
Dans le sens de tes sens 
Sans oublier le sens 

Aby M.

Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: animal, growth, humor, word play,

My Willie's Not Small Anymore

I once won a lucky drawing
When at the local county fair
I won a small calf of my own
A prize like that, they say is rare

He was so small, I was worried
Will he live or will he not
So I decided to name him Willie
And though small, he ate a lot!

My Willie's not small anymore
He's so big he's hard to pull
And now he weighs four hundred pounds
I think that is a lot of bull!

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: anger, childhood, class, confusion, crazy, dedication, children, kids, funny, growing up, growth, high school, how i feel, innocence, inspiration, life, middle school, people, rights, school, social, stress, student, teacher, teen, teenage, time, today, truth, words, writing, youth,

Bladder Problems In Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: age, angel, baseball, beauty, butterfly, caregiving, celebration, character, child, father daughter, feelings, film, fishing, flower, football, children, for her, friend, fun, funny, gender, girl, girlfriend, giving, graduation, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, growing up, growth, hair, happiness, happy, health, heart, hero,


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: career, computer, education, growth, humorous, rude, slam,

Learn Something

Do you feel like each day is the same? 
Do all things, every person,  each glitch 
you encounter seem boring and lame?  
Is the rut you're in more like a ditch? 

When you want to rekindle the flame, 
let the internet help you enrich  
your existence and soon you'll reclaim 
that old joy you felt filling your niche. 

If you yearn to get back in the game
learn to use the new tools that exist.
If you don't, you'll be solely to blame.
So, log on now and Google it, b&tch!

Poem Details | by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: age, funny, growth, life,

Rudolph Jon Rinaldi



Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: cheer up, fun, funny, giggle, growth, hilarious, humorous,

Sitting Awkwardly So They Don'T See the Evidence


Poem Details | by Gerry Mattia |
Categories: beauty, community, earth, environment, growth, identity, introspection, memory, summer,

Funny Thing About the Yard

It’s always behind or in front

seems it needs a door to get to

never complains when it rains

pleasantly, pets poop & pee

friends & family cross to hug me

my connect out there

in the back and front

it’s what I have now for all the hard

that stretch out there

the yard

Poem Details | by Edgar R. Eslit |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, growth, happy, heart, hero, hilarious,

Walking Through the Sunset Boulevard

If I can pull the sunset back to its hidden closet

Usher the storm in its concealed abode

And blanket the silhouette of sunrise before the tilting

Shadow of that leaning mountain.

In silent prayer

I swear

That your love

Will remain

Soaking in the canvas

Of my mourning, gripping and grappling

But praying heart.

Poem Details | by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: computer, funny, future, growth, life,

Super Box

look up in the sky information in the air able to leap over tall buildings information everywhere more speed than a locomotive more bytes than a mosquito stuffing my box
cramming my brain hope it will rain to slow it down for a nano-second so that I can take a 
breath knowing that the machine can’t breathe           yet!

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: beauty, color, garden, growth, humor, joy, uplifting,


pretty, colorful
looking, standing, swaying
vase, pot, yard, garden
spreading, growing, multiplying
ugly, bothersome
Date Written 8/5/2022

Poem Details | by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: abuse, environment, funny, growth, life,

Castles In My Sink

I like Arthur 
stack my dishes 
high in mounds of glass and steel 
like castles in the sink they rise
until the very top 
when wet they slip  
to their and my demise

Poem Details | by Ann Peck |
Categories: absence, children, emotions, first love, giggle, growth, heartbroken,


Ghosts of moments from our past
     linger just beyond reach.
Those we once held most dearly,
     now we silently beseech.

Silver secrets of first love--
     now but sighs upon the wind,
near a  place where, long ago,
     broken hearts would soon begin.

Ghosts of a love, once captured 
      but escaped in the quiet.
Childrens' whispers, their giggles
      fade to echoes in the night.

Ghosts hold the secret stories
      of our lives now almost spent-- 
ghosts of memories that remain
     where, once, only dreams were sent.

Originally submitted October, 2021
Reworked and submitted January 23,2022
for A Brian Strand (1058) Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Karen Jones |
Categories: age, funny, growth, how i feel, humanity, humor, irony,


Aging is not for the faint of heart
smile lines bags and cellulite sags
Your butt begins to fall apart
As your mind matures wisdom hacks.

Poem Details | by Dave Collins |
Categories: dance, flower, funny love, growth, insect, nature, sweet,

Flower Power

White seas of clover
seduce armies of honeys
sweet summer of love

Poem Details | by Trey Hamner |
Categories: change, growth, happy, humor, imagery, introspection, november,

Five Fabulous Fun Footles For Contest

Bless you
Mrs. spew

That sneeze
Bent trees

Wipe your
Nose more

That cold

You blast
Spreads fast

Poem Details | by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: growth, hair, humor,

A Cure For Baldness

If I had a cure for baldness.
I'd grow lots and lots of hair.
I'd want to look like Cousin ITT..
Or possibly Sonny and Cher..
I'd grow it to my ankles.
I'd grow it to my knees.
Comb it, and braid it, and tease it..
Then laugh until I sneeze.

If I had a cure for baldness.
I'd make sure I had a brush.
I'd brush my hair in the morning air.
I'd brush it from dawn till dusk..

If I had a cure for baldness.
I'd be a millionaire.
I'd make lots and lots of money.
I'd sit in a barber's chair.
I'd want to look like Cousin ITT..
Or possibly Sonny and Cher..

If I had a cure for baldness...

Humorous Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2009,2014..
ALL rights reserved..

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: change, childhood, courage, dream, funny, growth,

Maybe In May

Maybe I'll get an iPhone for my birthday 
Ah...on the other hand, I'd like to get an iced coffee
Yeah - I'll just accept my water 
Be honest, David - I'm a brat and a smarty pants 
Enjoy your break time and kick back...chill for a time ...

I'm a little nervous - I feel that my writing's are
Not that impressive - maybe in May, 

May I ask him for a free lemonade? 
And yes - I get a free lemonade 
Yes!! Maybe in May, I might get a part-time job or I might be a famous poet - someday...someday...

Poem Details | by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: age, funny, growth, life, loss, natural disasters, old,

The Size of My Ears

it appears
with the passing 
of the years 
that the pouring out 
of my tears 
seems to grow 
in proportion 
to the size 
and hair of my ears

it appears
with the passing 
of the years 
that the size 
and hair of my ears
seems to grow 
in proportion 
to the increases
in my fears

It also appears
with the passing 
of the years 
that the increase 
in my fears 
is proportional to the increases
in my tears  
the size and hair of
the ears
and in reverse proportion
to what I hear

Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: growth, humor, mystery,

Shadow Surprise

Daily at dusk he couldn't refute
a mystery showing up taking root
it didn't ever knock
arrived at five o'clock
shadow surprise making him hirsute


Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: funny, health, imagination, life

Growth Pains


I definitely am not getting older but younger 
Reaching the age of growth pains now the bridger..

Poem Details | by Brady Harness |
Categories: change, culture, growth, hope, humor, meaningful, wisdom,

Auto, Plane and Omnibus


Auto, Plane and Omnibus-
what a marvelous fuss,
that stupor'd man creates with you.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Nom De Plumes-
what frolic,
just yesterday unknown;
is reality tomorrow ?

That which is up, that which is down,
how can we tell right from wrong-
when covered with technology ?

It takes the roses essence
and be-little it to nothingness-
until Poet and Philosopher,
re-erects it on a citadel of Love !

Poem Details | by Richard Nnoli |
Categories: africa, courage, freedom, growth, humanity, humor, inspiration,

Everyone Got a Reason

everyone got a reason
every one is struggling
one way or the other 

we are need to survive
one way or the other 

everyone need to be free
freedom is need in every soul 
one way or the orther

everyone is fighting
we all got a fight 
one way or the other 

everyone need focus 
cos nowadays 
we are out of focus 
one way or the other 

everyone need to win
we need prove 
one thing some how 
that thing that brings 
 us a sense of  belonging
one way or the other

we are all victims of live 
one way or the other

every one need love
it helps in if
everyone got a reason

Poem Details | by Wilbert Webb |
Categories: culture, education, funny, growth,


A Conversant has little to say.  
Not quite, what I would acknowledge as true,
Some of us have little to do.
Being conversant is to offer knowledge.
Being conversant is to share.
I have nothing more to say.