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Poem Details | by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: halloween, humor,

Cat Possessd

Cat Possessed
Mrs. River got a black cat named Mr. Right The day her husband disappeared from sight Now neighbors all shiver Is Mr. Right—Mr. River? And what spell might she cast Halloween night? 10/13/22

Poem Details | by Jeanne Mcgee |
Categories: funny, halloween,


Beware     on Halloween             a Witches brew
        As into the night her frosty breath               grew
            Whispering you to her door
         And played you a trick galore
                 You gave her your candy and off                      she flew

copyright protected 2019 
Jeanne McGee

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, funny, giggle, halloween, humor, humorous, october, silly,

Witch Bakery

there once was an old witch whose pies

were unique in flavor and size

she delighted her covens

when she opened her ovens

with dozens of old crusty guys.

Poem Details | by Cecilia Macfarlane |
Categories: friendship, funny, halloween,

Sexy Nun

Sister, sister sitting there so sweet
Looking so virtuous, acting discreet.
Any male would eagerly bow at your feet
You have no idea of your allure, you're without conceit
Are you offering up a trick or a treat?
Only then will this Halloween finally be complete
Ready your answers to God when you do meet
For nuns of your stature are becoming obsolete!

For my girlfriend who dressed up as a sexy nun.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: car, friend, friendship, funny, giggle, halloween, humorous,

Tim and His Kelly Green Mustang

I have a friend by the name of Tim, He keeps in shape when frequents the gym. His Kelly green Mustang he drove And smack'd it into a cove. The witches got him and ate one of his limbs! Dorian Petersen aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 October,5,2014

Poem Details | by Kash Poet |
Categories: funny, halloween,

Halloween Haiku

on halloween eve
apple bobbing with grandma......
false teeth on apple

smiling carved pumpkin
advertisement of toothpaste......
grandma's false teeth

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: halloween, humorous, political,

Trumpkin Pumpkin

Folks held a contest to carve a pumpkin The winner was this one of Donald Trumpkin He claims he will make Halloween great again When he makes a mess you know who to blame! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA – SHE NEEDS ALL THE HELP SHE CAN GET THIS ELECTION TIME. Many thanks again to Mama Bear for sending me this funny picture which inspired the poem. 10~22~16

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: halloween, humorous,

Oh How I Love Halloween - For Ghost Contest

I hear the doorbell ring and I rush to answer it The heavy wooden door creaks and squeaks and groans My face is a ghostly white, you can only just see my eyes and mouth The children scream loudly and drop their bags of sweets in fright Terrified they flee down the path not pausing to look back I grab their sweets and quickly slam the door I dash to the bathroom Twenty minutes is up and its time to wash off my face pack Hee hee hee it works every year 5th October 2014

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: funny, giggle, humor, lust, passion, sexy, woman,

Jan's Halloween Dream

Jan's spouse said she's gilding the lilies
For treating herself to new frillies
All the neighbours got hot
When they saw what she bought
And that really gave Jan the willies!

Poem Details | by Paige Kostyniuk |
Categories: autumn, fun, funny, halloween, holiday, humor, october,

Vlad the Vampire

There was a vampire named Vlad. 7
The Village all thought he was bad. 7
But the true story. 5
Just wasn't gory. 5
It turns out Vlad was just sad. 7

October 23. 2019

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: celebration, fantasy, halloween, holiday, humor, silly,

Now You Know Jack

There once was a cool guy named Jack
Jack o’ lanterns attacked his back 
	Witch Cate blew straight through
	Umbrella askew
She saved the famed wizard Jack Black

*The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: candy, children, funny, halloween,

The Witches of Halloween

Face to face with the witches of Halloween
curse black jellybeans

Zombie doctors, unbeating hearts out of whack
raisins giving back

Mad scientists, green goggles, double helix
rejecting trail mix

Undead bug blasters, squishing out eight-legged lice
No to apple slice

String cheese does not bring
Candy's following
Face to face with the witches of Halloween...


Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: humor,

Halloween Law

A Wookiee, the Wolfman and Jaws
Broke all of the Halloween laws
The shark got first bite
And was not contrite
His friends crawled away on their paws

*Written October 24, 2019.
For Tania’s Halloween-Inspired Limerick Contest
88558 -

Poem Details | by Quoth Theraven |
Categories: halloween, humor, muse,

Charlie Brown's Luck

Charlie Brown got rocks
In his Halloween treat sack...
Snoopy made them friends

Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: halloween, humorous, parody,

Walking Dead On Halloween

On Halloween night, the walking dead clones
Shuffle around with mumbled grunts and groans
But have no fear
When they come near
They would rather die, than turn off their phones!

Poem Details | by Edward Schmitz |
Categories: halloween, horror, humorous, word play,

A Crafty Invitation

A Crafty invitation Cut him open, just go nuts Reach inside and pull out his guts Cut out his eyes, cut out his nose Work your way down as you go Use a little ingenuity And cut him good for all to see Don’t be afraid to make a mess Join the pumpkin carving contest

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: dance, fun, giggle, halloween, silly,

Witches' Ring

Pumpkin party was in full swing
the ghosts and ghouls began to sing
	they sang off key
	it tickled me
 as I danced ‘round the witches’ ring.

Poem Details | by Joe Dimino |
Categories: gothic, grave, halloween, humor, irony, nonsense, silly,

Old Friends

The Ghost denied
he was a Ghost,

though clearly
I saw through -- 

Someone I knew
in life, back then
quite pink, substantial
with lots 
and lots to do – 

tried and tried
convincing him
all to no avail,
myself even now
more pale

till recognized he

dear friend, himself

who had

read my eulogy….

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: funny,

A Halloween Haunt

Pulchritudinous looks, unscrupulous ways hook 
Junoesque one apart, pneumatic in mouthpart

Those coconut-like callipygian haunts cull
Leave alone howling wolves, despite being ourselves!

Poem Details | by Joe Dimino |
Categories: blue, cheer up, gothic, halloween, humorous, silly, wisdom,

The Little Ghost

There once was a sad little Ghost, 
teased for his fright-less boo -- 
unable to scare anyone, in fact,
attracting many a bull 
(sounded like an amorous moo) 

Oh, that poor little ghost! -- his white sheet always blue; 
Maytag man suggested bleach: agitated back and forth~ 
Screech! Screech! Screech!…

(The saga of the Sad Little Ghost. Add to the saga in your comment: for example, the boo to the owl sounded like he showed up with his Plagiarism lawyer~ etc.... The Witch heard the call as brew, or stew, so she got off her broom to prepare more gloom....)

Poem Details | by Skat A |
Categories: funny,

Halloween 'Elf'


On October 31st!
dress up is a curse
No costume to fit my chest size
However,  I won a prize
My 'Elf' shirt was about to burst


Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, funny, history, imagination, passion, halloween,

Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman { Cinquain }

                                              Cape crusader
                                         Batcave Batmobile Pole
                                  Zapping Banging Powing Action

Happy Halloween All
Boooooooo       LOL

         Tribute To
Batman And  Robin
  Adam West  Burt Ward

Poem Details | by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: giggle, halloween,


H aunting continues within the dilapidated old house on the hill

    A  long winding tree lined path may be followed to it's entrance

    U ntil last season the house lay quiet and still

    N ow one can see strange lights and hear faint voices coming from the manor

    T omorrow is "All Hallow's Eve" and the town's children have decided to climb the hill
       following the treacherous path

    I  nnocence and curiosity go hand and hand within the young

    N o one was prepared for what waited for the children beyond the iron gates

    G hostly ghouls and goblins anxious to take their place!


Poem Details | by Marie Harrison |
Categories: fantasy, children, funny, happiness, holiday, imagination, mother, nostalgia, people, seasons, upliftinghalloween,

Last Minute Halloween Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costume
Toilet paper wraps;
Costs less to dress as mummy,
Mom thinks it’s funny!

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: halloween, humorous,

Monster Mash

When Frankenstein’s bride was created
The monster was surely elated
He asked her to dance
As he sought romance
To screams his poor ego deflated

Count Dracula surveyed the dance floor
He sought a mate sporting great pallor
“Morticia” stood out
He gave her a shout
But she brushed him off for the Centaur

Incredible Hulk had more luck though
A jolly green lady crooned, “Tango!”
Her gigantic Dad 
Seemed perfectly glad
As he tossed green beans at the floor show

The evening sped by and all mated
No monster was sad or frustrated
The underworld king
Let his decree ring:
“May music play on unabated"

October 20, 2016