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Poem Details | by Saahil Parwez |
Categories: hindi, humorous, metaphor, missing you, pain, philosophy, simile,


Teri Yaaden Mirch Ki Tarah Teekhi Hain
Jab Bhi Aati Aankhen Nam Kar Jaati Hain

Roz Main Tumko Cheeni Kha Ke Sochta Hun.

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: food, god, hindi, humor, joy, prayer, universe,

Hymn To the Flying Spaghetti Monster

We worship the meatball-breasted
Slug-eyed One 
Who is fragrant with tomato sauce
Who nourishes us well
Liberates us from hunger 
For the sake of full bellies
Even while the cucumbers 
Ferment in the refrigerator.

Poem Details | by Abdur Rehman |
Categories: adventure, fairy, hilarious, hindi, humor, irony, pashto,


Megai Yag Yaga
Zafar zma Abba
Kharab sta jabba
Lewa mach machey
Vallay tawaif nachay?