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Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: childhood, family, children, funny, mother, sleep,



So sorry…..
I can’t spend the night--
Would give my daddy jitter fright.
My mother would not sleep at all,
If I don’t kill bugs as they crawl.

If I ‘m not there to scrub the sink,
Neither one would sleep a wink.
I can’t spend the night---
Nightmares will chase them left to right.
If I don’t stay with mom and dad,
Who’ll keep my dog from getting sad?

I can’t spend the night.
I would like to,
But isn’t right.
Must tuck my daddy safe in bed,
Listen to the prayers he’s said.
Kiss my mother on her face--
So she knows I’m in my place.

I would love to stay with you,
But my parents need me too!