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Poem Details | by Mary Rotman |
Categories: humor, language, parody, word play,

Homonym Catasrophe

A poem in honor of my blog. Have fun, everybody! Place tongue firmly in cheek.

They'res a buoy at the window
Smiling inn at me
But eye don't really no hymn
Wait—he's Nettie's boy, that's he!

He's got a creepy effect
And wholes all in his genes
His pants are held up by a chord
A very pore lad he seams.

Ewe be witness to this boy
A  buoy who has no wright
To bee laying their upon my sill
A disgraceful aweful site.

Sew Nettie, you come get hymn
And take him back to home
The afternoon is a-waisting
So come and get him, come.