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Poem Details | by Laura Hannan |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, parody, passion, teen,

A Brutally Honest Valentine's

My darling enigma, my dove   
You’re the epitome of my love
Your smile shines at me pearly white      
Pale skin shines and glints in the light       
Silken locks, obsidian flow
Eyes just like ice, crystalline glow        
Peals of laughter ring like a bell            
Enchant me; I’m under your spell    
You walk with a musical flow
Tiptoeing with softness through snow

But, alas, you open your mouth
Utter tripe spilling out
If only you’d keep your mouth shut.

(Love from Anonymous) 

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: humorous,

The Honest Truth

I know my darling how hard you try
But I’m still partial to mama’s pie!

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© 26th September 2021 

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: funny

The Honest Poet

I am the honest poet
Okay maybe I'm not
I probably lie a little
Okay maybe I lie a lot

I mean does it really matter
If what I say is true?
It shouldn't matter at all
If I'm not talking to you

I often even lie to myself
I can't believe a word I say
I'm not very trustworthy
Maybe it's better that way

I lie and say I'm joking
Tho it was really a lie
Try and figure that on out
If you really wanna try

I'm not really a liar
See, I lied once more
No, I'm only kidding
Remember what I said before?

Okay, I guess I'll end this poem
Or maybe I might be lying
Okay I'm doin' the best I can
Okay, I'm not, but I'm trying

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: friend, friendship, humor, irony, life, lust, relationship,

''When Best Friends Are Tempted'': an Honest Look at Modern Relationships

A woman friend, of gorgeous pulchritude,
presents a man with an experience
of tantalizingly erotic mood:—
to him it is a most pleasant "hindrance."
A guy friend of strong, chiseled, sexy good looks
makes a woman self-conscious, and confused,
when reading, "Fifty Shades of Grey" (soft-**** books),
and thinking of him while fully aroused. 
They both may think of the possibilities,
and then wonder: "What can it hurt...if I cross 
that line?" But is it worth the realities
and risks (and the very real, potential loss
     of a friendship)? Best friends may be real fine,
     but is it worth a hay roll (on Cloud Nine)?

Poem Details | by Nitesh Aggarwal |
Categories: funny

The Honest Merchant

My friend is shy, ‘cause we call her ‘Pumpkin’.
With great trepidation, she enters the gym
A look at her behind;
And the instructor declined.
“By the time ‘YOU’ are thin, fat will be ‘IN’”

Poem Details | by Margarita Lillico |
Categories: humorous, identity, truth,

An Honest Revelation

Good morals can't be traded, bought or sold, But virtue check’s easier said than done; I truly want to be an honest man, Yet more so filthy rich, the truth be told. February 18, 2022

Poem Details | by michelle reaume |
Categories: funny, philosophy, song-


A woman's like a cat,
coniving and keen.
One minute purring,
the next minute mean.
She'll slice open your heart,
with her sharp claws.
And as you know a woman,
she has no flaws.
So don't bother trying,
to put up a fight,
Cause no matter the man,
the woman's always right.

Poem Details | by john mcgrath |
Categories: funny,


While i watched in awe at the size and shape!
a vast shiplike torpedo with indents deep.
i smiled expectantly the Chinese were here!
then stumbled at the speed it disappeared.
My pals were all swimming and laughing around!
now squeals of fighting all over the ground!
Made to act like drunken fools!
in the mornings light,they,d forgotten the thrill!

footnote.Was i the only witness just because im mad?

Poem Details | by Simon Hamill |
Categories: animal, fun, funny, imagination,

All true honest

I took my fish for a walk
Then suddenly it just died.
I always tell the truth you see,
I'm sorry if I lied.
I got a dog to replace the fish,
We both sat down and cried,
When the cat,ate the fish
With chips on the side.
Off I went to the butcher's shop
To get my dog a bone,
When I got back,he was sat on my chair,
Playing on his phone.
Then the cat came through the flap,
The dog was like a rocket.
He just had time to Don his coat,
And put his phone back in his pocket.

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