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Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 8th grade, endurance, feelings, funny, humorous, school, teacher,

Limerick To Honor a Calm Teacher

Know you are the absolute best,
The new kid has given a test.
You stayed calm cool, and collected,
So completely unaffected,
His childish behavior a test

We are watching you here at the school
Your resistance makes some of us drool.
He is almost on our last nerve,
Taking some around the last curve,
Yet, your calmness surrounds like a pool.

We implore you to please teach us your way,
It seems he is here and going to stay,
I think it is totally true,
Because his mother is new too,
His mother, superintendent, Miss Kay.

Poem Details | by Lena Townsend |
Categories: funny, holiday

Guest of Honor

Tonight I will be the special guest
I’ll be dressed in my very best
With a brown coat and golden fluff
A tiny tie, I will be stuffed

I’ll wear the perfect cologne for me
A spicy mixture of earth and sea
The aroma will fill the air
All my friends will be there

We will laugh and pray
Mom will work the entire day
I will be honored with a special toast
Everyone will admire my coat

It will be my finest hour
As all my friends will devour
This is what I was brought here for
This turkey could not ask for more

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

For the "Turkey Tribute" Contest

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: funny

A Fleas Life(In Honor of Sh)

My dog had a flea infestation and we gave her a flea bath and all the fleas ran up her 
tail to high ground. Me and my son were laughing about the fleas saying --there was 
no rain in the forecast...where did the hurricaine come from?? run to high 
ground...hang on martha!! We lost junior, hang on everyone!! bluup bluup bluup 
swirling down the drain--iiiiieeeeee!