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Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: fishing, funny, humor, humorous,

Be Careful What You Hook

I once heard of a fisher Luciano,
  who sang bass as he played on his piano.
  Once he fished and cast his line
  by mistake hooked his behind
  since that day, when he plays he sings soprano.

  How many
  11, 11, 7, 7, 11
  Sponsor Roy Jerden
  Limericks Clean and Clever

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny, sea

Hook, Line and Sinker

The fishing of Scotland's coast
To be honest I have to boast
Please come take a look 
And dangle your hook
And join me in traditional toast

My favourite place is called Dunnet Head
With many species it has to be said
One just dangles their line
Hey presto! see what you find
It's a bite, not the weight of your lead

But sadly there has been some stinkers
When the fish must have been thinkers
For many times we did try
In us they espied
Wasting our time dropping our sinkers

Poem Details | by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: anger, car, conflict, funny,

Right Hook


And the beat goes on
pounding on ribs
temples pulsing
words clenched keeping
explosions inside
adrenaline lines ripping
subcutaneous quakes raging
and as I fiercely pedal away
all I manage is

"Have A Nice Day!"


Composed for Lewis Raynes'
"Emotional anger, hurt, rage"

Poem Details | by John Lawless |
Categories: fishing, humor, marriage,

Hook Line and Sinker

If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day.
                       If you teach a man to fish his wife will soon leave him.