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Poem Details | by Melody Coster |
Categories: animals, fantasy, funny, imagination, pets,

Little Rock Hooty Owl

Little rock hooty owl
sits stoically poised
his roost, the computer tower
atop my desk.
Mr. C.W. Hoots is his name
though he never gives a hoot
least none that I can hear
but please, just call him "Hoots"
for this is what he prefers.
His eyebrows arch perpetually
in that usual scowl
that all good owls it seems
favor among their many faces.
Atop his perch he roosts
a starring contest between us
I will most assuredly lose
for those steely black eyes of his
get me every time.
Most oft times he seems so sad
perhaps a bit lonely too
I do believe that now is the time
to find this Mr. his Mrs. 
for no one should be alone
and most assuredly not a pet rock.