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Poem Details | by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: allegory, angst, dark, funny, life,

Hopelessly Awaiting For Laundry Day

I hide 
In my splintered wicker laundry hamper
Under last weeks soiled cloths
Sheltered within a warm wooden box

At first the cloths smelled of me 
And later I of them 
And soon hereafter 
We of we

I lay there
Still and cold
In the soiled
Hopelessly Awaiting For Laundry Day

Poem Details | by Frances King |
Categories: animals, devotion, funny, pets, cat,

Undeserving (For Trudy's Hopelessly Devoted Contest)

She is the most demanding cat who ever shared my home.
She stares at me so balefully till I do what she wants, 
And yet I love her more than any other cat I’ve owned.

She tramples on my feelings as she tramples on my plants
Then stalks away with nothing more than a disdainful glance.

Some people say of pussies, that you can’t tell them apart … 
I treat all mine as equals … but Pandora has my heart ...