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Poem Details | by Samantha Margetts |
Categories: funny, women,


"I'm fat"
"I'm ugly"
"I hate my job"
"I've got no friends"

"you don't love me any more"
"we are drifting apart"
when will these feelings ever end?

yes you guessed it, its "that" time of the month.
its the time that fills most guys with dread.

The time of the month that every woman knows.
this time of the month is red.

my hubby doesn't do anything wrong
he helps in lot of ways.

its just that my hormones are upside down, and they will be for a couple of days.

I'm such a hormonal woman right now, i hate you all and feel like giving everybody a punch.

All i would say,  its best you stay out of my way when it happens again next month.