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Poem Details | by JENNIFER PROXENOS |
Categories: age, humorous, life,

Hormone Exchange

Ice, I must find and crush, to sooth this
 Intermittent flush, 
 No, it’s not a blush,
It’s not my cup of hot tea,
Or our holiday by the sea,
It’s just what happening to me my darling Bee!
I must undress, but yes
 I must confess, that was a sweet caress,
Let’s put it to the test,
And let the hormones do the rest!
I feel depressed and low,
I really love you Joe,
I’m soaking wet,
And so are you with sweat,
If we were to place a bet,
I’m sure that Doctor Sage,
Would agree with us, that
 We have reached that stage
When our hormones, have come of age!