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Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: funny, humor, humorous, november,

Black Friday At The Hospital

I have a sad story that requires music that's played by a fiddle.
I've been wounded and I'm spending Black Friday at the hospital.
Gamestop announced that they were knocking 80 percent off of Playstation 4s.
Less than one hour later, paramedics wheeled me through the hospital doors.
I tried to grab a PS4 from a woman, I thought because she was a woman, she wouldn't put up a fight.
But she stabbed, clawed, poked and she even decided to bite.
I really wanted that Playstation 4 because of how little it cost.
But when that woman was through, a lot of my blood was lost.
I'm at the hospital on Black Friday and it's a real shame.
Why did I want that PS4, I don't even like video games.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, confusion, funny, health,

An Engaging Visit To The Hospital

Last night I had a face to face confrontation with my floor.  I redecorated it in 
crimson red.  A poorly thought out medicinal cocktail, mixed with a bit too much 
wine, helped me demonstratre Issaac Newton's theory of gravity. As well as 
adding further evidential proof to the theory of entropy.  Now blue and purple have 
always been my favoite colors, so I was pleased to see my now "tie-dyed" torso.
I had a number of pleasantries in strore for the staff- like my usual red "TRAUMA"
stickers on my forehead.  And, of course, I always sign in as Randell P. McMurphy
I find  a hospital setting a good place to have some fun, well, at least if I'm not 
dying.  Sleep well, my friends.

Poem Details | by chanele therockstar lovelace |
Categories: funny,


I am sitting in this hospital bed,
pushing this medication button - that
I think is broken, and I am wearing this paper
sheet connected with a string in the back.

Hospitals aren't very warm, nor do they get HBO
or high-speed Internet.

I want to be in the real world,
drinking my Starbucks,
talking on my cell phone & looking up stocks
with my PDA

I want to grab a slice of pizza, get in  my car,
eat while I'm stuck on the Freeway.

Most of all I want my clothes back!

Poem Details | by louise nelson |
Categories: funny, health,

the hospital

lying in that bed
I'm very concerned about what's wrong
patiently waiting for the doctor
wondering what's taking so long
the nurse comes around like clockwork
to take my vitals, she  pokes and prods
despite my annoyance she says,
"I'm just simply doing my job"

they said they called a specialist
who's suppose to be the best
when all I desire is to go to sleep 
and try to get some rest
but lo and behold every hour 
the nurse returns to prod and poke
the hospital a place of rest
now ain't that a joke

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, humorous,

Hospital Sleeping

Like a caged animal
I hear the nurses laughing again
What is so dagnabbed funny at 2:18 in the morning?

Diabolical laughter echoes through the hallway.
Slapping its body into my room loudly and proudly
A nurse will be in here to take vitals in a minute.

I cannot believe they have to wake me up for this.
Hello. Let’s take our blood pressure.
Hi! Let’s go to the potty.
My name is Lola. I will be your night nurse.

Who the bellsl cares?
I sit and fume
But no one comes.
Maybe I have had my quota of being bothered today?
I fall into a tiny sleep.
2:22 the clock says.

Some idiot wakes me up at 2:35.
Hi! My name is Dotty.
You can say that again.

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: birth, humorous,

A Hospital Hoot

A Hospital Hoot!

Twas a freezing winter that year!
Drove in a fright that dark, starless night.
Car sliding all over slick, Chicago ice.
Was having labor pains, please hurry!

Stood at intake desk, big as a house.
Question they asked, oh,why this winner?
"Why are you here?"
Panagiota:  "To deliver!"

It only got worse,as, no kidding,
The dunce really asked: "Deliver what?
I gave that witless  wench, an answer most
" Why, a boatload of bananas, what else"
Panagiota Romios

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: hilarious,

Hospital Gowns

Hospital gowns are so damn attractive Parading down Main Street here where I live Gathering a crowd Screaming out loud Well, it's a lot better than bare naked skin

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: children, cute, giggle, happiness, hilarious, insect,

Little Bee in Hospital

Little Bee in Hospital Terrible news. Nurse says I’m not getting any the better. The doctor doesn’t know why. Says need to watch what I eat, “clinically obese” patients need to diet. I’m stuck in hospital. While People bring me all these gifts of food. Thank you for the cupcake, crisps and coke. Sure, to get better really quickly