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Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: crazy, humorous, hyperbole,


There's a place whence children dwell amid fairy stories, popcorn rainbows & candied unicorns, which is fine & dandy except when you're supposed to be a grown-*** adult, some people live 'round La-La landscapes without a hint of reality's woefulness, unable to read skywriting on the cosmos If you believe in miracles or that nothing ever changes and love lasts forever and a day or just say, you got a damn ticket because your unicorn was inconveniently double-parked, rest assured thine meter is delusional

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: allegory, analogy, drink, funny love, humorous, hyperbole, romance,

Essential Spirits

She was like Bordeaux,
a tall drink of spirit
He was more a hopped
pale lager like Pilsner, 
both gorgeous and
super gingered flavors,
although clashing mid
respective savored aplomb,
one so refined the other
rowdy after hours,
yet they complimented
each other in the way
they blended their
drunken demeanors, 
intoxicated by mere
existence of nature's
essential complexities

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: cat, funny,

Shark, Cat Contortionist

Shark, the cat, is sitting catty-wampus today.  He is a contortionist. His head is to the north,
His tail to the west, paws to the east, crossed in a southwesterly way, except for one which is
Somehow sticking up in the air like a lone feather.  He is licking his Neverland region, as I step
Over him. At first when I noticed him on the porch, with all these extensions, I thought he was a 
Fat, giant spider.  Shark is an older cat, there is no way he should have this kind of agility, but
He does, and I am in awe.

Poem Details | by Ginger Marie |
Categories: funny,


Snatching them by their head
Pinning them to the ground
Tearing off their limbs
Pouring water on their wounds
Standing up and carrying them inside
Showing them to your mother 
She stares and says:
“What did you do to those poor ants?”

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: graduation, growing up, heart, history, humor, marriage, mentor, mirror, muse, myth, spiritual, spoken word, thank you,


A bulging extremity,

a feminist integrity,

a swaggering centipede,

the cops arresting me,

my dick the right size,

the bang coming out of your eye's,

the sensitivity upon demise,

the dew and dripping from the sky's,

the eagerness of eloping,

the magnitude of doping,

the honesty of groping,

scattering scorpions glowing and scoping.

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: color, community, confusion, humorous, men,

Black Ink

Snow like my skin,

In white paper black ink!

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: allegory, drink, humor, imagery, imagination,

Drunken Pink Elephants Allegory

Intoxicated pinkish elephants electrified in splendiferous drunkenness surmised surrealistic playgrounds of surround sound echoing laughter & expansivly lit hot air balloons merrily drifting to embrace star-dusted skies' kaleidoscopic enchantment ever wonder, do intoxicated pink elephants hallucinate the same as our own alcoholic delirium

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: hilarious, hyperbole,


I stroked his little ego 'til his head literally exploded.

Inspired by the Seeker's Little Blue Pill

for Silent's funny one liner contest 

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: analogy, desire, happiness, humor, imagination, life, love,

Handful Handkerchief


I have a rainbow color of like this..
Few things which helps me to be at peace..
It is not that much valuable nor at lease..
Yet, it comes always to graze my hands and cheeks..

I like it with flower prints..
Or even my initials or my name imprint..
I'm one of the few who uses it..
Sure you will find it pass on our genes..

I use it to cover my nose from dust..
I use to gently dry tears falling in my eyes..
Can be use to apply manual pressure..
Can also be use to take away sweatdrops..

My Handkerchief...
Soothes me..
Comforts me..

BY: olive_eloi, aug. 20, 2013 @8pm
note: i couldn't sleep holding a handkerchief.. :) lols

Poem Details | by Bahram Sediqi |
Categories: funny, political,

Boots On the Ground

A mosquito wanted to bite Deborah Lee James
The victim push the blanket and covered her upper body
But her feet were uncovered  Suddenly the mosquito heard a soft voice from under the blanket    It said:Attacking from the air may be effective  but you need boots on the ground

Poem Details | by Girisha Suneja |
Categories: best friend, december, funny, future, girl, green, student,

Dont Tell

don’t ask! don’t tell!
Daddies in the well.
Its ok you wont go to hell,
don’t ask ,don’t tell !
Never kiss and tell,
don’t tell lies ,go into your shell,
I asked ,I told ,
Now am in a hole.
Living like a hermit,
Washing off the scabs of shame,
Believing I’ am to blame.
don’t ask! don’t tell I’ am drowning in the well.
Sinking into the depths of hell,
Floating all alone.

Poem Details | by Joshua Lacey |
Categories: funny,

Beware Chair

Miss chair Joke beware! Meet floor Hurt forevermore!

Poem Details | by Ashley Poort |
Categories: funny,


I hope you turn magenta and hyperventilate
over the lines I wrote for you.
They’re delightfully exotic
and delectably erotic,
and I swear, I only mention
your name a time or two.

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: cute love, funny, happiness, how i feel, imagery, life, love,

Thirty Minute Hug

Up the stairs, You are there
All around your smell bathes the room
You and me really feel we care
In instant spark and warmth booms

Each minute counts important
Each running second we all warmth
Not anymore to make a nowhere haunt
Rather to go somewhere stay be adamant

I look stare direct to your eyes 
You do the same
You hold your hind apart
I did too and we fall to Hug

No words came to our lips
All we did is to swim in that hug
Hug.. hug.. hug so tight..
so tight wanting not to depart....

by: olive_eloi

Poem Details | by Carl (Pontiak) Chong |
Categories: fantasy, humor, image, imagination, lust, muse, word play,

Tight Squeeze

I posed up and took
a good long look,
Darn it seemed so
warm that nook.
Eased forward slowly
lining up carefully,
Scared of doing
damage, I entered
Slipped in slowly as
things got a bit
Took my time, sizing
up the tightness,
Backed up a bit in
my timid
Proceeded on in now
as it seemed huge,
Squeezed in as the
wetness became a
Went in deep to the
welcoming warmness,
Opened the door to
such sweet hotness.
One foot on the
floor as I leaned
over the back,
Jammed my fingers
thru the wired
Pressed all the
right buttons no
real stress,
Damn garage door was
stuck open to my


Poem Details | by Rob Carson |
Categories: funny, parody,

Your Entrance Versus Pompeii

(A Variation of: Your Departure Versus the Hindenburg by Kenneth Koch)

Every time you enter the room
I see it as an extension of 
That great 76 A.D. volcano erupting
In molten lava like a 2-liter of soda exploding
     after it has been shaken.
When you enter a room, 
people run in fear to
     hide from your presence.

Poem Details | by Alana Tye |
Categories: funny, life, memory, memory,

Land of Sorrow

Come go with me to the land of Sorrow
We'll check in the Heartbreak Hotel
Then, we'll take a stroll through Pain City
Throw a memory in Misery Well
Let's take a swim in Teardrop River
And take a ride on the Lonesome Train
Hike on up to Lover's Leap
No more to walk down Memory Lane

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: children, funny

Summer Fair

Marionettes are manipulated by strings

the red curtain falls down, children laugh

Copyright 2010 by Andrew Crisci

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: allegory, crush, fairy, fantasy, heartbreak, humor, hyperbole,

Sort of a Fairy Tale

White Knight gallantly galloped 
   swiftly 'pon his black steed
 to discernibly save the day, 
  pretty perky princess 'twas awe stricken
          with the well endowed stallion, 
they trotted abruptly into the future - -

        presumptively, the knight retired to the dark side

Poem Details | by Amanda Lytton |
Categories: funny

This Is Just To Say

I have entered your room, in search 
for something classy and new.
For when I saw your golden 
bracelet, I knew exactly what to do.

Forgive me,
for I have taken it.
It was just so pretty and shiny.

Poem Details | by Melody Coster |
Categories: animals, fantasy, funny, imagination, pets,

Little Rock Hooty Owl

Little rock hooty owl
sits stoically poised
his roost, the computer tower
atop my desk.
Mr. C.W. Hoots is his name
though he never gives a hoot
least none that I can hear
but please, just call him "Hoots"
for this is what he prefers.
His eyebrows arch perpetually
in that usual scowl
that all good owls it seems
favor among their many faces.
Atop his perch he roosts
a starring contest between us
I will most assuredly lose
for those steely black eyes of his
get me every time.
Most oft times he seems so sad
perhaps a bit lonely too
I do believe that now is the time
to find this Mr. his Mrs. 
for no one should be alone
and most assuredly not a pet rock.

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: funny

Well Excuse Me

“Honey, did you lock the garage door?”
I really didn’t know how to answer. 
But a “wise” husband never lets one like this go. 
“Well, technically, the latch is thrown
so the knob will not turn,
but the door is standing wide open”.

Her reply:

“Well, technically, one with one’s 
head up that narrow passage,
means the same as an ostrich
burrowing its head in the sand.
But untechnically, I don’t think 
the ostrich would agree.”


Nov. 08 2010  Charles Henderson 3 rd
in Thvia's Shetley's "analogy" contest

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: absence, death, earth, grave, humorous,


"Grave mistake"

"Grave is not mistake-

Nobody can miss it and everybody to take"

Poem Details | by Sonnet Mondal World Poet |
Categories: adventure, funny, happiness, life, social, song-snow, snow,

An Innocent Dream

Last night I saw a dream-
I was in the midst of a brown gleam;
The spot was like a land of cream;
Lakes and ponds were full with it -upto the brim.

Beautiful blossoms were everywhere,
The fragrance were for everyone to share ,
The snow flakes seemed most fair,
It seemed that Nature has created them with great care.

Chocolate creams made up the seesaw,
There was cno one to guide me under law,
There was no signs of fears and flaws,
And there was a cream cat with snow white claws.

What a dream it was just like the beauty of a rose-
But all were shattered when the light of dawn fell on the tip of my nose.

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: humorous, marriage, satire,

I Know Four Spouses Types