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Poem Details | by Nick Trim |
Categories: children, humorous, kid,


what's a man to do
when he meets a kangaroo
and the kangeroo's called Andrew

he said how do you do
can you help me out I'm new
I'm a kangaroo called Andrew

is it really true
you're a talking kangeroo
and your name is somehow Andrew

he said yes sir it is true
and you can't spell kangeroo
now can you

No Andrew, 
can you?
No I'm a kangaroo
(called Andrew)


Poem Details | by Ronald D Thompson |
Categories: humorous, silly,

The Hippo and the Kangaroo

A hippo and a kangaroo
were in a bar in Kathmandu. 
The hippo ordered a cold beer,
let us make that very clear.
The kangaroo on the other hand
was clever enough to understand
that getting drunk in Katmandu
is not the wisest thing to do!

Poem Details | by John Williams |
Categories: children, funny,

Kangaroo To the Rescue

A young cyclist called Jimmy Pike,
Famous for riding his cross-country bike,
Hit an echidna, his tire went flat,
Stopping his long trek,there he sat,
I think he might have to hitch-hike.

 A kangaroo came jumping strong,
 Paused, then asked, "What is wrong?" 
" A wayward echidna with bad eyesight,
got in the way and stopped my bike,"
Now the pair are bouncing along.

Poem Details | by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: fun, funny, nonsense,

I Married a Kangaroo At Queensland

I married a kangaroo at Queensland
                            And bought paparazzi  milled chilled and canned
                                             When they were all served 
                                                With apples preserved
                              They stalked in ," dudes, Kang is not so bland"

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

A Hopping Kangaroo

A Hopping Kangaroo

What on top of home is attached;
How about a roof that is thatched?
And was always hard when I drew
A picture of a hopping kangaroo.

Not only that, it is very true
If someone can do it, how about you.

If with you I were to have a bout,
I wonder how the picture would turn out 
Or should it be done outside in, 
And off my nose, would never take any skin.

Finally, if of a poem made a double entry
What would it be that is elementary
To remove one which will be no more
And write another, what am I waiting for.

How do I remove a double entry of a poem?
Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: humor,

Kangaroo Court

Pursued by a kangaroo click
The girl jumped on her pogo stick
Flashing her tush
Out in the bush
It was over pretty damn quick!